As world marks 25 years since the fall of the Berlin Wall, Israel’s Wall has become a new global icon for oppression

Symbolically, the wall in Palestine is this century’s Berlin Wall, albeit four times as long as that hated Cold War icon and more than twice as high. Under construction since 2002, it is expected to eventually extend for 709 kilometers through the West Bank. A series of concrete slabs, barbed-wire “buffer zones”, trenches, electrified fences, watchtowers, thermal-imaging video cameras, sniper towers, military checkpoints and roads for patrol vehicles have dismembered the cities of the West Bank and segregated them from occupied East Jerusalem.

The wall defies international law as well as United Nations Security Council resolutions, and deviates considerably from the original boundaries demarcating land captured by Israel during the 1967 War. It is more than twice the length of the Green Line, Israel’s recognized border with the West Bank. Israel maintains that it is intended as a defense against terrorist attacks; Palestinians view it as a cynical, long-term maneuver aimed at annexing more land to Israel and inhibiting Palestinian movement within the Occupied Territories.

“A country is not only what it does, it is also what it tolerates" 


dostlarım başkaldırmıyorsa,nedir ki şiir? azgınları ve azışları devirmiyorsa,nedir ki şiir? 

zamanda ve mekanda sarsıntı yapmıyorsa, nedir ki şiir? kisra nuşirevan'ın başındaki tacı yere çalmıyorsa, nedir ki şiir? 


Görsel : A young Palestinian throws stones at the Israeli army, at Qalandia check point, near Ramallah, Palestine.
One soldier shoots three terrorists in nine days
News: A 19-year-old soldier who started serving in March, foiled two recent attempted stabbing attacks in nine days.

One soldier shoots three terrorists in nine days

A 19-year-old soldier who started serving in March, foiled two recent attempted stabbing attacks in nine days.

Elisha Ben Kimon and Yoav Zitun

Published: 11.05.15, 19:22 / Israel News

A soldier who foiled an attempted terror attack at a Gush Etzion hitchhiking station on Thursday evening had also stopped two terrorists during an attempted attack about a week ago. He shot three terrorists attempting to kill Israelis within nine days.

Corporal T’, 19, began his service in March 2015, and already won praise from his officers for his coolheaded and speedy response to a previous incident last week, during which he shot and killed two terrorists.

Photo: IDF Spokesman

According to the officers, his alert and accurate response during the incidents was even more impressive given the fact that he is a “regular”, young soldier who has only been serving in the IDF for eight months – with only less than two months of operational activity.

The Shimshon Battalion to which the soldier belongs has been over the past month facing a large portion of the terror attacks north of Hebron.

“As we guarded the junction, we noticed the suspect, told him to cross the road to us and when he reached us he pulled out a knife with the intention of stabbing the friend who was with me,” the soldier recalled in a conversation with ynet.  "At that moment I cocked my weapon and shot him. During another stabbing attempt a week ago, I shot two terrorists in order to remove the threat.“

The Proper Response To J Street

Posted by: Varda Epstein in Varda November 24, 2014

When I was a little girl, sometimes I wanted things I could not have. Candy before dinner, for instance. And no matter how much I wanted it, my mother said no.

Still, I never walked into a synagogue and hacked anyone to death with a meat cleaver.

According to J Street however, if I had, my mother’s denial to grant me my wish would have, by all accounts, been a contributory factor. By the same token, J Street would have us believe that you don’t have to think it’s a good idea for a little girl to spoil her appetite with candy in order to see that my mother went WAY too far saying no to me.

Of course, my mother and I are just stuck. I’ve been demanding that candy for too long, my mother saying no for too long, for either of us to see the other’s side.

J Street’s immediate response following the Har Nof Massacre was this quote Boston Globe reporter Michael Cohen (The Mike Report)

Imagine a rape, if you will. Is it an act of aggression? Or is it the victim’s fault for wearing tight or revealing clothing?

According to J Street, the rapist cannot be excused for his actions. At the same time, we can understand how his lust got the better of him as he watched beautiful young girls walking by him, for years on end. Anyone would snap.

By the same token, the victim should understand that if she is going to be beautiful, someone will desire her. If she would just offer herself to the rapist, he wouldn’t have to force himself on her.

But both sides are still stuck in their own, self-centered ideologies. The rape victim can only think that she doesn’t want to be raped. While the rapist can only rape.

No wonder that rape continues. Until both sides are ready to compromise, more of the same is to be expected.

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