Syria became home to the refugees who fled the armies of Ibrahim Basha in 1839
Syria became home to the Circassian refugees in 1860
Syria became home to the Armenian refugees in 1914
Syria became home to the Palestinian refugees in 1948
Syria became home once again to Palestinian refugees in 1967
Syria became home to the refugees from Kuwait in 1990
Syria became home to refugees from Lebanon in 1996
Syria became home to the refugees from Iraq in 2003
Syria became home to the refugees from Lebanon in 2006
It will be written in the history books and generations will remember, that Syria never closed it’s borders for those who fled their homes seeking safety and refuge.
Syria has never asked any Arab for a visa to enter it’s lands whether it was a visit or permanent stay.
In Syria not a single tent was put up on the borders to accommodate for refugees across the years, houses were opened, streets were vacated and cities were renamed to allow for refugees to feel at home.
Let it be written in the history books and let the generations remember, that when a Syrian needed help and refuge; borders were closed and the world looked away.
~ Yaman Birawi

Good morning! Here's what happened while you were asleep...

Hey, so it’s 4:45 and I haven’t slept because I’ve been endlessly scrolling through updates on the situation in Ferguson. After huge groups of protestors came together to protest against the unjust killing of Michael Brown, things got wild. Riot cops started throwing smoke bombs, tear gas, and shot rubber bullets at protestors. Since then, Palestenians from Gaza have tweeted to advise people in Ferguson with how to handle the tear gas, so that made me cry. In all, twitter has blown up and Obama has been briefed on the events that took place over night. He’s supposedly going to make a statement today, and I can’t wait because someone in a position of authority needs to speak up and bring attention to how embarrassing and tragic this whole situation is. It’s ridiculous that Twitter is the only way information has been communicated about the extreme and abusive behavior of Ferguson’s Police Department. Someone needs to go arrest them. Oh and speaking of arrest–go look up Wesley Lowery, a black news reporter from the Washington Post who was arrested last night. He tweeted through the whole process and he won’t be able to press charges because the cops refused to give him their names. What the hell is happening? Educate yourself on what has taken place over the past several hours and draw attention to it to others because people need to know.

m-i-n-a-m-i-deactivated20150416  asked:

I'm just wondering why you would say there need to be "more" people like Joan Rivers, who said that innocent Palestenian citizens, including hundreds of children, "had very low IQs" and "deserve to be dead". I'm not saying you should be shitting on her after she's dead if you admired some aspect of her character, but why highlight the "problematic bitch" part, when a huge chunk of that "problem" people had with her recently was her endorsement of genocide? What part of that do you approve of?

Because so much of the PC-policing is based on the sexist notion that women have to be good and sweet and kind and never offend anyone- fuck that.  Women, especially get held accountable for every little thing they say and when they inevitably say something that’s problematic it’s used again and again as a way to shut them down and dismiss them, and one little thing will be used to completely dismiss the incredible advances she made for women in comedy and entertainment.  It’s not a coincidence that female celebrities vastly outnumber male celebrities on sites like yourfaveisproblematic and on the laundry lists of offenses that get reblogged.  And don’t give many any excuse like “oh there are just more female celebrities out there!” because there are just sooooo maaaaaany great, compelling leading roles for ladies out there in Hollywood.  In the end, it’s another reason for someone to their eyes and say “ugh I hate that bitch.”  I don’t stand with everything she ever said, but I have to admire her for the fact that she said what she believed and offered no apologies for it.  I can aspire to be like her and still recognize her faults and try to be better than that.