Facing violence, Nabi Saleh maintains its resistance against the Israeli occupation

Around 100 people among them Palestinians of all ages, in addition to Israeli and international activists, participated in the village’s weekly march. The peaceful protest headed from the center of the village to the top of the hill that leads to the valley where there is a small water spring, named al-Kaws, which was previously used by the Nabi Saleh inhabitants. Since 2009 however, the settlers from the adjacent illegal settlement of Halamish built on Nabi Saleh lands have expropriated the spring, and the goal of the Friday demonstrations is to reach this point as a symbolic act in the face of the larger action of rejection the Israeli occupation in its entirety…

Palestinians: Why Our Leaders Are Hypocrites and Liars

Palestinians: Why Our Leaders Are Hypocrites and Liars

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We contaminate our mosques with our own hands and feet, and then blame Jews for desecrating Islamic holy sites. If anyone is desecrating Islamic holy sites, it is those who bring explosives, stones and firebombs into Al-Aqsa Mosque. The Jews who visit Source: Palestinians: Why Our Leaders Are Hypocrites and Liars

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Palestinian Wall of Lies

Debating The UN Bid For Palestinian Statehood

“Al Jazeera spoke to stakeholders, academics, analysts, and activists asking them what they thought of the upcoming bid. What is the Palestinian Liberation Organisation’s [PLO’s] statehood strategy at the UN, and what are the possible repercussions for all those concerned?”

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