The Most Yummy (Paleo) Pulled Pork -with a Mexican flair

The slow cooker aka crockpot has got to be one of the most under utilized cooking tools out there. Especially for younger people. It shouldn’t be! It’s so easy to use. You just throw a bunch of ingredients in, wait a few hours, and voilà!


5-6 lbs of Pork Shoulder (Costco sells it cheap, like $1.79/lb cheap)

2.5 Tbsp Sea Salt

1.5 Tbsp Ground Pepper

¾ Tbsp Onion Powder

1.5 Tbsp Mexican Oregano (or regular Oregano)

¾ Tbsp Cayenne

1 Onion (chopped, and quartered)

1 head of garlic 

(optional) your choice of dried red spicy peppers, 

(optional) 3-4  Thai chilis, cut into quarters


Cut off as much fat from the pork as you can or want. Don’t worry, once it cooks for a while, most of it will be easy to pull apart. In a small bowl mix dry ingredients (salt, pepper, onion powder, cayenne, and ground dried peppers) so they are well blended together. You can always add more or less of an ingredient if you like it more or less spicy.

Rinse the pork and pat dry. My slow cooker is small and the pork shoulder came in a large cut, so I had to cut up some of the pieces. No matter, this will make for easy shredding later. 

Now you are going to rub the pork with the salt/spice mixture. Make sure the pork has a nice light coat of the mixture all the way around. This will help tenderize and give it delicious flavor. 

Chop up half of the onion and put it at the bottom of your slow cooker. Also put your peeled garlic cloves there. Once you have a nice onion and garlic layer add the pork. In between layers of pork add the remaining half of the chopped up onion (and you can optionally add the Thai chilis). 

Put the lid on, and let it cook for 8-10 hours on ‘Low’. You can also set it on 'High’ for a couple hours, then set it to low for 6 hours. You will know when it’s done because you can easily pull it appart with a a fork or your hands, once it has cooled. Definitely let it sit for a little while, if you can bear to wait :)

Then.. Enjoy with veggies or on top of a nice salad. The juices are really good too.