260 lbs ➡️ 150 lbs.
The picture on the left almost brought me to tears. It was the day of my sisters wedding. You can see the depression in my eyes. You can see my unhappiness, insecurities, utter hate for my body. I remember that day so clearly… I couldn’t wait for it to be over. Seeing family members and friends I hadn’t seen in years. Taking tons of pictures that would be framed, put on facebook. And there I was… Hating myself. The body I lived in. I didn’t want to see anyone. Yet alone people I hadn’t seen in so long. And take pictures? It was pretty much a nightmare for me. I remember avoiding shopping for a dress for weeks. My sister literally had to make me. I was convinced I could “lose a few pounds” before her wedding.. And I refused to go dress shopping until I had done so. Well as the day crept up on me… I had actually gained weight rather than lost it. And so there I was…. Unhappy, depressed, disgusted, angry, bitter. Thinking why is this happening to me? How did my life get to this point…

People ask me everyday how I did it. & especially how I kept going… even on the bad days.

‘Success is moving from failure to failure without losing enthusiasm. ’
THIS quote. Throughout my weight loss journey.. and even now.. I continually reminded myself of these words. Why? Because there WILL be failure. It’s apart of the process… the difference is what you chose to do with it. You have to want it badly enough to push through the failures and endure the pain of change. Which there will be pain. And you have to be willing at any given moment… to give up temporary satisfaction for long term success.
Weight loss isn’t just about your physical self, it’s about changing your mind as well. If you can change your mind you can change your body.
I made up my mind ✔
Changed my mindset on how I viewed food and ultimately how I viewed myself✔
Stopped making excuses ✔
and NEVER let the failures keep me down ✔

My take on the cheat day

Ok maybe a cheat day seems absolutely crazy. Maybe a cheat meal.

To many, taking a cheat meal every once in a while is a good thing because it allows us to satisfy other cravings without feeling too guilty about ourselves.

To me, I don’t very much advocate for the cheat meal. Though it might help people who lack proper discipline, I say that if you can avoid it altogether, do it. There’s no point in cheating and working your way back when you can simply stay on track and not feel guilty about it.

What happens when you do cheat though? Live with it and move on. Don’t dwell. The more you dwell the more your life just gets miserable.

Stay disciplined.

Paleo On The Go Week 9! Healthy, Paleo Meal Plan

Hi All. Here’s our menu for week 9. Ah, can’t believe it’s been that long. I hope everyone is having a happy and healthy Sunday.  Check out our meal plan for 2 below, and I hope you have a wonderful week.

Breakfast: Egg Sausage Spinach and Bacon Scramble  

This is one of my go-to breakfasts’. Easy to make, and you can add just about any type of ingredient.


  • One pack spinach-blended in a food processor
  • 40 eggs
  • 1 lb Breakfast Sausage
  • 1 pack Bacon- uncured

Cook the sausage in a  large skillet, we used a wok. In a separate skillet, at the same time cook the bacon. While the meat cooks, crack and beat eggs- we used 25 for the week. Once both meats are cooked, add bacon, eggs, and blended spinach to the sausage. Cook until eggs are done. Once cooled, the mixture can be easily cut, and divided out for the week.

Snack:  Mixed Fruit

We bought an assortment of fruit for a snack this week, and plan to vary what we have each day. We’ll have a mix of cantaloupe, strawberries, plums, and bananas. Tomorrow we will have strawberries and cantaloupe.

Lunch: Chicken basil meatloaf (Doubled)- This Recipe is from  the ‘Paleo OMG’ cookbook. My friend, Kylie, lent it to me. Thanks. It was so easy to make, seriously, only 5 mins of prep and then you toss it in the oven.


  • 4lbs ground chicken 
  • 4 eggs, whisked
  • 2 cups almond flour
  • 2 cups fresh basil
  • 2 tablespoons garlic powder
  • 2 tablespoons onion powder
  • 2 teaspoons dried parsley to taste
  • Salt and pepper, to taste

Pre-heat the oven to 375 degrees. Mix all the ingredients for meatloaf in a bowl. Place ingredients into two bread loaf pans. Bake for 25-30 minutes or until there is no pink remaining in the loaf.

Snack: Bacon Wrapped Dates


  • 3 packs pitted dates- Sun maid brand works great
  • 3 packs bacon

These little carb bombs made it back into our life this week. I’d been missing them. I think Mark and I have managed to get a couple non-paleo friends at work hooked too.  Cut the pack of bacon in half, wrap the dates with half a piece of bacon and put in the oven for 25 minutes at 400 degrees.

I’ll have 7 for a snack and Mark will have 9.

Dinner:  Slow Cooked Rump Roast  - This recipe is again from the ‘Paleo OMG’ cookbook. Thanks again Kylie for letting me borrow it. You’re the best.

  • 3lbs beef rump roast
  • 4-5 cups chicken broth-no sugar added
  • 3 medium size onions, chopped
  • 5-6 garlic cloves-peeled
  • 1, 8 ounce container of mushrooms, slice
  • Salt and pepper to taste
  • 1 teaspoon garlic powder
  • 1 teaspoon onion powder
  • ½ teaspoon paprika
  • ½ cup full fat coconut milk, canned

Make sure your crock pot is on the counter, ready to go. Add the broth, coconut milk, onions, garlic, mushrooms, and spice to your slow cooker and mix together. Make a little room in your slow cooker around the mushroom mix and place the roast into the slow cooker. Make sure to cover the top of the roast with some of the mixture. Turn on low for 6-8 hours.

This can be paired with rice… yes, rice. I know… but, as we mentioned in our previous blog, we are adding a little bit of rice back into our diet. Just during this strength phase, and only a night or two during the week. It can also be paired with some leafy, yummy green like spinach or kale.

Enjoy <3

Put in the time, form the habits, and you will be successful!

So, I did a Whole 30

Oh my god I can’t believe you actually did a whole Whole 30! Wasn’t it HARD?

SO hard. 


It was easy. It was almost effortless. I expected it to be difficult, but really, all I had to do was remove dark chocolate, white rice, potato chips, and Pepsi Max from my diet and up the vegetables a bit. After the first two weeks, eating this way felt like the most natural thing in the world. I guess if you’re not already eating paleo it’d be harder, but for me it was just a couple of tweaks.

Yes but what about cravings? Didn’t you have cravings?

You know, I never thought I had any sorts of problems with cravings, or sugar, but it turns out I kinda did. I would read posts on the Whole9 forum and bits on the site about killing the Sugar Dragon and was like, “Yeah right, whatever!”, but then found myself becoming a vacuum with apricots and bananas. Almonds too. Oops. I put a stop to that in week two and feel better for it. 

Now, on Day 30, I have no desire to eat bread, chocolate, or potato chips at all, ever again. If the factories that made these things all blew up overnight I would be sad for the loss of lives but would just keep eating salmon. That said, I do want to eat tonkatsu and tempura (because Japanese food is the best) so I’m going to reintroduce gluten and see how I go. I’ll give rice and corn a whirl next week, though I suspect I’m fine with them. Soy sauce, meh. I’ve never been a fan and there’s coconut aminos anyway. 

So you’re going to reintroduce gluten and grains. Tell me more about reintroducing stuff.

The plan is to introduce dairy tomorrow, gluten (so, bread) a few days after, and non-gluten grains a few days after that. I am out-of-my-mind scared of introducing dairy, especially as I haven’t had any for the past two years. While I know heavy cream can be beneficial for those who don’t have a dairy thing, I can’t see myself ever eating it. Yes, I know, “If you don’t miss it, don’t introduce it,” but I’m considering introducing it mostly for social reasons; I want to know if I can get away with ice cream or hot chocolates, or pizza and cheeseburgers when with friends (more on this below). That said, I can almost feel my skin breaking out at the thought. 

What about the nice health benefits? Everyone talks about the nice health benefits. I bet you lost a ton of weight.

Yeah. The most obvious thing is that it’s cleared up my skin a lot. For years I’ve had a persistently red nose - even while eating strictish paleo - and this seems to have gone for the most part. It’ll still pink up when the temperature changes, but not like it did before. I don’t know what exactly it was that fixed the skin, though I suspect removal of added sugar did it. Or maybe it was getting rid of the nightshades. Whatever it was, it’s a good thing. I figure lasers will take care of the rest.

Body-wise, yeah, I lost some fat. Specifically, I lost three inches around my waist; it now measures 29 inches. Two more and I’ll have the same waist measurement as Prince. That isn’t the goal but it would be a fun piece of trivia. 

My abs are now out full-time. This is cool. I now also have some nice veins happening down around that V section, as well as on my arms, and sometimes near my collarbones. A side effect of this is that I now realise that I’m actually quite small. My whole life I’ve considered myself big (despite being kind of short), and this rearrangement in body image will take some adjustment. It’s weird to think that I really should put on some size. My chest needs work, and my ribs are a bit too sticky-outy when I stretch. I never thought I’d say that.

I know you went out because you have a huge and varied social life. What did you do when you ate out with friends?

Oh, yeah. That part actually was tough. I went out once or twice a week, and drank water/black coffee and ate very carefully each time. Being compliant wasn’t easy; not because I wanted to go off-plan, but rather because everyone everywhere uses rubbish oils even on otherwise perfectly good food. That’s frustrating. I’ve heard of more than one person saying “Fuck it!” and ditching the Whole 30 because of this, saying the stress wasn’t worth it. I didn’t find it that bad; I fast anyway, so just skipped a meal and had black coffee if I had to. 

Wait, you fasted? What?

Yeah, I’ve been fasting for a couple years now, and I still fasted through the Whole 30 for the most part, eating twice a day. I did eat more though, and found myself wanting to eat more the more I ate, so if I wanted to eat, I just did. Towards the end I was eating regularly spaced meals like a normal person; whether this was due to psychological, I’m-at-the-end reasons or metabolic (or whatever) ones I’m not sure. I’ll probably go back to fasting though, because it suits my lifestyle. I’ll see how I go.

Did you work out? Exercise is important you know.

Oh right, working out. I don’t really work out. I do a lot of body weight stuff: push-ups, pull-ups, leg raises, squats…but I don’t go to a gym. I “worked out” a couple times a week as usual: just a few sets here and there when I felt like it. I bought a skipping rope fully intending to use it every other day, but used it once. I didn’t like it that much. 

Something to note is that pull-ups are a hell of a lot easier than they were last month and I doubt I gained that much strength, so I’m putting that down to me losing a few kilos of fat.

Anything else?

I wish I had taken before shots. What a wasted opportunity. To my eyes I don’t think I look THAT different, especially in clothes. Though a friend did tell me I now have a face with angles that would cut diamonds. So I guess I’ve lost some face fat, too.

That’s it! If you have more questions you can ask in the ask box thingy.


RECIPE: Gluten-free “Oopsie Pizza.”

When the Huzz and I first went paleo, I stumbled across this great recipe for   low-carb pizza.  I have spent the past two years, working to perfect it.  It is one of the strangest dishes I have ever made, BUT it is delicious. It really tastes like pizza!  Since the recipe does include cheese this dish is not 100% primal.


  • (6) eggs - separate the whites and the yolks
  • ¼ c cream cheese
  • Pizza toppings: cheese, meat, VEG, herbs, spices…your call.


  • Place your pizza tray in the oven and preheat it to 350 degrees
  • Separate the eggs into two separate bowls (see FIG 1)
  • Prepare your toppings (see FIG 2)
  • Combine the yolks with the cream cheese, herbs/spices, and a small handful of cheese
  • Blend the whites with a mixer until stiff peaks form in the bowl.
  • Gently, fold the egg yolk mixture into the fluffy egg whites (see FIG 3)
  • Remove the heated pizza tray from your oven and thorough grease it with butter/fat
  • Immediately pour the combined egg mixture onto the pan and spread it out as even as possible
  • Return the pizza tray to the oven and bake for 20 minutes, until golden (see FIG 4)
  • Remove the golden crust from the oven and apply your toppings: pizza sauce, then whatever else you like
  • Bake for another 10-12 minutes
  • Remove and cool for 5-10 minutes (see FIG 5)
  • Slice and enjoy!

Try it…it is weird and AWESOME!


Carrot-pulp Crackers and ‘Roasted’ Red Pepper Dip

Ingredients for Crackers

1 cup              carrot pulp (or grated carrot)

1 ½ cup          raw walnuts (soaked)

2 Tbsp.           Liquid aminos (or tsp. sea salt)

1 bulb             garlic, peeled (approx. 8 cloves, less to taste)

1                      small onion

2 Tbsp.           fresh lemon juice

1 Tbsp.           extra virgin olive oil 

1 Tbsp.           chili flakes and cracked pepper

½ cup             flaxseeds, ground

1 Tbsp.           water, more as needed

Pulse all ingredients in food processor. When dough-like consistency is achieved, spread evenly in approx. 6x6” squares (~1 cm. thick) on parchment paper. Score with knife if desired. Place on dehydrator screens and dehydrate at 115 degrees. After 8 hours, flip crackers. Dehydrate for 4 more hours, or until crackers are crisp. Times can be adjusted for desired crunch. 100% raw!

Dip Ingredients

½ cup             nutritional yeast

2 cup              raw slice almonds

2 tsp.               smoked paprika

1 Tbsp.           honey (or 1 date)

½ tsp.             sea salt and cracked pepper, to taste

¾ cup             marinated* red bell peppers, or raw

1 Tbsp.           water, more as needed

Pulse all ingredients in food processor until dip-like consistency is achieved. Also great as a dressing on kale chips or cauliflower popcorn (recipes to come).

*Marinated Bell Peppers:

2 cup              raw bell peppers, diced

1 Tbsp.           fresh cayenne peppers, diced (optional)

1 cup              extra virgin olive oil

3 Tbsp.           apple cider vinegar

1 Tbsp.           favorite dried herbs (like oregano)

½ tsp.             sea salt

Place all ingredients in a mason jar. Close lid, shake, coating all peppers evenly. Let jar sit in fridge, overturning daily. Ready in two days. Marinade can be saved for salad dressings!

Open-face Sandwich:



Fresh tomatoes


Spring greens

Sweet basil or dill

Post your favorite taste combinations here!


Excuse my presentation, but for lunch. 

Flatbread Calzone. Eat healthy, the fun and delicious way!

All you need is:

Flatbread = only 90 calories 

Any stuffing just make sure its healthy and seasoned the way you like; I used chopped zucchini and chicken.

Spread salsa or flatbread, top it with the stuffing, sprinkle a little bit of cheese, fold, press the edges with a fork and bake for 10 minutes, 5 minutes each side if you want. 

Altogether this meal is about 150 - 200 calories. Guilt-free isn’t it?!

There you have it! :) Enjoy.