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[I have Celiac Disease, which means that I have a severe gluten allergy (so I can’t have anything with wheat or barley in it) and minor allergies to corn and rice. Because of this, ALL of my recipes are grain-free, and most of them are paleo-friendly.]


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“spaghetti comes from a pumpkin?!” probably the easiest and quickest paleo dinner staple. the spaghetti squash
spaghetti from a squash probably sounds far from the real thing, and it sort of is (let’s be honest). but the fact that it’s easy to make, fun for your little monsters to help fork out with, and can be served up the same way that any other pasta dish can be makes up for it. i promise. it’s good.

1 spaghetti squash
melted coconut oil
these paleo meatballs (or any topping of your choice)
any great and fresh pasta sauce you can find or make (i buy this one, because if you have itty bitty kiddos running around, you probably don’t have time to make your own. or you do, so get on it!)

- cut spaghetti squash in half long ways. have the kids help to scoop out all the seeds and veins (think, pumpkin carving)
- place both halves cut side up in a microwave safe dish, and brush with coconut oil til every bit of the flesh is coated in it. don’t be shy. we love our fats, remember!
- pop in microwave and cook on high for 12 minutes. shorter for a more ‘al dente’ style noodle, longer for a softer one
- remove from microwave when all done, give the kids some forks, and tell them to scoop out the insides. if you’ve never made spaghetti squash before, just trust me and stick a fork in it. it’s like magic getting the noodles out
- top with anything you’d usually put on your pasta. get creative…. and get ready…. this stuff is yummy.

one whole spaghetti squash easily feeds two hungry big people (parents) and two littles. or a bunch of littles -this is an easy kids party menu item, who doesn’t like a bowl of pasta!? leftovers can be kept in fridge and reheated later. if there are any leftovers.</p