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American Conservatism: A movement of Weakness

By The Imperial Autocrat.

It seems the Republican Party, much like its rivals The Democrats, promise much, yet never achieve anything beneficial to the public.

In Washington D.C., Republicans are the majority party and could pass all those “sweeping” bills they’ve been telling voters about for years.

Yet they haven’t.

On all of the major issues, Republicans claim one thing, yet haven’t made any headway on anything. Healthcare, Muddled, Foreign Policy reform, Not happening, Immigration, cites some gibberish. 

The tendencies of the Republican Party and their establishment wing are well-known. They’re more concerned internally about waging a war on “Trumpism” and nationalist sentiment that accepting a changed world.  From all of this, the truth is quite simpler.

American Conservatism is a movement of absolute weakness.

One could argue the Republican Party is the political equivalent of Stockholm Syndrome. Being brow-beaten by the left for decades has reduced them to the level of victims. They state their “ideals” will finally win and then they’ll stop liberalism. All while the left holds institutional control and marches on.

Trump’s victory last November should have been their wake-up call. Their ideals are dead and obsolete. A wake-up call ignored as they see whether they can impeach the President on false grounds. All of which would be in line with both parties Neo-Conservative war-hawkishness.

Much like their “opposition,” they cling to their ideals that are both abstract and “anti-historical.” Such a reality demonstrates a major lacking in American “conservatives” and their rivals.

That of an ethos.

The Federalist Party under Alexander Hamilton had an authentic ethos. They were of ideals far removed from the American Revolution’s liberalism. While their opponents, the Democratic-Republicans praised the hellscape of the French Revolution, they stuck to ideals and their historical roots.

Traditional Conservatives and Paleo-Conservatives maintained some level of roots, yet they were watered-down and reduced. The current Christian Right has no semblance of authentic roots and are lost in contradiction to their ideals and “traditions.” American conservatism eventually adapted the abstract ideals of their liberal rivals. “Limited” government and “Free-market” capitalism became their unfortunate credo.

Among their losses were that of the nation-state. The nation is the foundation of any strong society with its traditions, culture, population and roots.The liberal, and subsequently modern conservative, credo presented the nation as an abstract notion with no historical meaning. To that end, both have acted as reductionists. 

Everyone and everything is replaceable in their eyes, roots are superstitious, differences can be watered-down, culture has no meaning or value, everyone can be made the same. 

To which nothingness prevails.

In December, this writer said that the American Right is a “faux-pas,” lacking in any historical meaning. A populistic nationalist defeated multiple liberal candidates on both sides and like their “opponents,” they have no idea why their ideals failed.

History still has a few lessons to give.


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Meet 12 Badass Scientists…Who Also Happen to be Women — TED Fellows
What do you see when you picture a scientist? Is it a white man in a lab coat? This portrait will smash that stereotype …
By Karen Eng

“This week, a cab driver asked me, ‘What do men say when you tell them you’re a scientist? Because you don’t look like a scientist,’” marine biologist Kristen Marhaver says. “In this picture, I see a twinkle in each of our eyes, saying, ‘No, that’s the thing, sir. I do look like a scientist.’”

Some people have questioned the term “sneer culture”. I don’t have any particular thoughts as it relates to HPMOR, but this seems to me to be a real natural kind.

Quick definition by extension:
Frequent gathering places: Something Awful, RationalWiki, Gawker, Freethought Blogs
Favorite words: gross, man-child, entitled
Favorite targets: bronies, furries, paleo dieters, Christians, Objectivists, anti-vaxxers, Tumblrinas
Favorite accusations: person lives in their parents’ basement, person is overweight, person is a virgin, person is an MRA or “fedora”, person believes woo or is a “denialist”, person is a “special snowflake”.

Quick definition by intension:
The apex predators of the signaling world, at least in Blue-coded spaces. People who have optimized for always being on the right side of a lynch mob.  People who really enjoy punching down at non-conformists, and trying to invoke people’s Disgust foundation to urge them to treat such non-conformists lower than dirt.

A powerful combination of mocking anybody more social-justicey than normal as a special snowflake otherkin Tumblrina, and mocking anybody less social-justicey than normal as a disgusting MRA PUA racist creep, while themselves making sure to be exactly the most popular amount of social-justicey at all times.

Favorite attack is to take a person, focus on the single most unpopular thing they’ve ever said, remove it from context, and use it as the only thing they ever say about a person, ie “Did you see that Slate Star Codex post?” “Slate Star Codex? That’s by the guy who said [the single thing I have ever stated that would be most damaging out of contex]!”

Advanced version of this attack is to take a complicated non-mainstream idea, focus on its worst and most extreme practitioners, link it however tenuously to things that are known to be taboo and gross, then declare that the thing itself is taboo and gross, and declare anyone who says it’s more complicated to be a fellow-traveler who should themselves be considered taboo and gross. Example: “He believes in cryonics, which is popular in libertarian circles, but some libertarians become neoreactionaries, and some neoreactionaries are MRAs. So basically if you believe in cryonics you’re an entitled fedora! M'lady!”

The problem is that these people are right 90% of the time, because usually the strongest position to mock people from is the popular consensus position, and when consensuses and small fringe groups clash, the consensus is usually right. And when it’s not right, most people don’t realize that it’s not right and so you can’t call them on it. This makes sneerers really hard to call out and get rid of.

I don’t know if this is exactly what Eliezer means when he says “sneer culture”, but it’s how I think of it and it’s something that sure as heck needs a name.


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