khaadim  asked:

i think people tend to forget that artists attract clients with similar aesthetic preferences: if a person draws lots of buff bara babes, they're gonna get commissioned for buff bara babes. if they draw lots of warcraft characters or monsters or even post-apocalyptic dudes with big noses and punk haircuts, it's likely they'll get paid to produce something along those lines. pointing it out seems kind of redundant, lol.

That’s a great point! I noticed as well that I’m more likely to put an artist on my “future commissions” list if I see them draw similar characters to mine.
Also I just realized that I received most of those comments on drawings of characters with face-paint on. I wonder if it’s because of Butt-O-Ween? Face-paint does make the wearer borderline unrecognizable so that would make sense.

I did a quick sketch comparison to the two pics that have gotten most of those comments… FOR SCIENCE!! Used lineart only so the face-paint/tattoos don’t get in the way. :)

(This last one is psycrowe‘s Paleface.)