@paledevil || starter call

   With little grace, the shadows move, seemingly taking up some sort of dance that they found too difficult to perform. But despite this, it found beauty in itself. Mr.  S͞cr͢at͡c̛h discovered something interesting: a sense that felt like somebody similar to him– a creature of darkness– was lurking by here. And most importantly– he had no control over whoever it was. he felt so alone
   With that, he begins humming a tune.   

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   the dark can make a man PARANOID, but fear is something he’s been able to grapple, and control. armed with a plethora of weapons, he’s confident he’ll make it out of the hunt alive. brown eyes scan the  surrounding  area, footsteps quiet as he moves. he spins around, gun aimed at the creature that stood before him. “where is dracula?” is the first thing he asks, voice rough as he speaks.