odyssey-of-mind-deactivated2017  asked:

Forever laughing at idiots who ‘ship Regina with happiness’ and tolerate ForestShrub for that poppycock reason. Cause, you call -that- happiness? That kind of 'honor' and 'loyalty' (his concern about saving his dead/frozen wife goes only as far to pursue his girlfriend/mistress/whatev to do that for him, basically being just an excuse to pursue -her-) is ALL that a woman needs for her 'happy ending' with her man. Till he goes traipsing after the next piece of ass he 'understands' so profoundly..

….using it to play up to their weakness. JFC, what they’ve reduced her character to! Anyone else feels like we should hold a wake for Regina Mills we used to know and love? You know, the one  who took matters of destiny in her own hands and made -her own- happy ending, not waited for some random dude to sweep her of her feet because it was pre-approved by pixiedust, or pre-destined in some old storybook? Does anyone recognize this woman anymore?

Does anyone even care? Because clearly -they- don’t. So ironically (or moronically) those who ‘ship her with happiness’ brought only more misery and more harm to her, as a character. Rendering her to this pale shadow of a woman we used to know and love. So, forever laughing at idiocy AND having an urge to break something because of standard, nondescript idiocy. This fucking show. Why do we even bother anymore??

Indeed. Never have we seen such an admirable ‘code’ and such an honourable man. Way to go Brothers Dim, you’ve outdone yourselves—you’ve created another sterling, virtuous romantic hero!