The Closet of Rowan Soranus

  1. Sith Heritage: Not really Rowan’s style, but her family history is what it is.
  2. Alliance Princess: All the regalia people would expect of the Commander’s only child.
  3. Alliance Specialist: Discretion is important sometimes.
  4. Cold Gear: Look, I won’t lie, I just wanted to give her ONE outfit that looked like something Leia would wear, she’s my legacy princess, cut me some slack.
  5. Regal Casual: When armor is too much but your street clothes aren’t enough.
  6. Spacer Casual: The types of clothes Rowan would wear all the time if she could get away with it.
  7. Smuggler Chic: Sometimes the kid just wants to blend in around normal people for a while.
  8. Spy Heritage: You can’t have your biological AND adoptive father BOTH be spies and not subconsciously pick up a bit of their style.

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