Swatches of Pale Foundations.

Many people come to me asking which is the palest foundation so I swatched the ones I used.

As you can see Illamasqua’s Skin Base in 02 is lighter than Bobbi Brown’s Skin Foundation in Alabaster.

But no matter what the shade of foundation you can always mix with MAC’s Face and Body foundation in white to achieve the exact shade and tone of your skin.

voodoo-blonde asked:

My vegan foundation recommendations and ideas: Beauty Without Cruelty Ultimate Natural Liquid Makeup, Wet n Wild Coverall Cream Foundation, Lavera - Natural Liquid Foundation is vegan as well as their 2in1 Compact Foundation (which I use) although the first one has a light shade. Also, Meow Cosmetics has a huge range for all skin types, undertones and skin color. For mineral/loose f. I'd also recommend Everyday Minerals. Also, the UNE Skin Glow Foundation, which is quite light like the BWC one

More pale foundation recommendations!

Using my fingers to contour my cheekbones bcs I cant be assed to wear makeup

foundation search pt. 2

Today I got a sample of the NARS All-Day Luminous foundation. I really like it, it applied smoothly (I applied it with my fingertips) and blended nicely, except I need a different colour (lighter, as always, argh lol). So in the next couple of days, I’ll be back at Sephora to obtain another sample, in a different shade. I really hope it works out; I like this foundation much more than anything else I’ve ever tried. If I end up buying it, maybe I’ll do a formal review.

I hope everyone is having a lovely evening !!

Can anyone recommend a good pale foundation?

I find that everything on the high street is too dark for my skin and just makes me look orangey :(

Also i have very very dry and sensitive skin, so it really needs to be a liquid based foundation. None of those mousse or powder based ones. No no.

Oh and remember I’m in the UK so please don’t recommend anything from American or something.

So yeah, I’m just finding it impossible to get a good foundation and that’s pale enough :(


Oh my life! So today a jumper I got for Jack for our anniversary arrived at his work and he was desperate to have it now, so I told him that if he get’s me a few thing’s I need as early anniversary present’s then he can have it.

I was desperate for new make up and hair care product’s, but we’re pretty skint right now, so I haven’t been able to get any :/ He agreed to my idea tho :D 

We searched all over the bloody place for foundation for pale skin and couldn’t find any pale enough. I’ve been suggested Este Lauder and MAC, but let’s face it, who can afford to spend £30 on friggin foundation!? That’s a week’s worth of food for us!

Anyway’s, we went into body shop and they have a range of foundation’s for pale skin! :D I was matched up to the palest one (LOL) and now I’m an incredibly happy lady :DD I also got some skin care stuff from there too ^.^

I’m going to be smelling and looking fiiiiiiine! :D

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can anyone recommend me a good pale foundation pleeeease 

looking to spend <£15, my favs are revlon colorstay in 110 and l'oreal true match in N1 but the revlon is a bit too dark and the l'oreal has shit staying power and oxidises yellow on me. I got Revlon nearly naked a couple of months ago and I’m not too jazzed with it, it’s okay but it’s darker than colorstay despite being the same shade and same with the l'oreal, it oxidises sthing awful

before anyone says illamasqua skin base even though it’s more than what I said, I personally haven’t heard fantastic things about it and even if I had I am staunchly opposed to spending £27 pounds on what’s essentially a bottle of facepaint MAN