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Can you recommend some good foundation for pale skin, that is cheaper than Kat von D? I heard the Kat von d one is really good but not available where I'm from and very pricey. I tried the palest from elf and wet & wild but they both have orange undertones on my skin. Thanks! Xxxx

go through our foundation tag, kady is pale and has a bunch of posts about that. 

I know she likes the manic panic white foundation for mixing. The lightest Cover FX custom cover drops (n10, p20, g20) would work the same way.

Preference 2: Little Things?


SIDE NOTE: Sorry I couldn’t do one for Slip Knot. I just couldn’t think of anything. He might be in the next one was. Also sorry that Katana and Joker only had 2 instead of 3 different things.

El Diablo:

  • Kissing

Lots of sweet little kisses on your nose, cheeks, neck, and shoulders. He’ll sneak up behind you and warp his arms around your waist. Other times you’ll be laying on the couch or in bed and he’ll be sneaky (so many kisses).

  • Dinner

He absolutely adores when you make him dinner. Especially if you try something more ethnic. Sometimes he’ll help you a little bit by lighting the grill or stove (even if there’s a nob to turn”.

  • Talking 

Normally when he gets upset and starts steaming/smoking you have to talk him down. Sometimes you’ll put your hands on his shoulders even if it burns a little. Other times he’ll be having a nightmare and he’ll catch fire. After a while you’ll smell smoke and wake him. Make him stand up quickly and pour water on the bed where there was fire. Then you’d hold him and lay him down on your side of the bed. Another time when you talk is when he just wants to have a nice calming conversation. Just because he feels like you always problems when you talk he wants you to have nice times when you talk.

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Harley Quinn:

  • Makeovers

Harley loves to put makeup on your face and do your hair. You’ll be laying or sitting somewhere, she’ll pick you up and carry you into your shared room. She’ll then sit you in the chair on your vanity. She’ll then braid or play with your hair till she likes it. Then, she’ll turn you toward her, she’ll give you a few quick kisses then gets started. She uses bright colors and pale foundation. When she ends she claps her hands and screams “date night!”

  • Small Adventures

You and Harley will just be sitting or hanging out. Out of the blue she’ll bring up going to a fair or carnival. You’ll immediately pick her up and toss her in the car. She’ll laugh, giggle, and tell little jokes the whole way there. Then when you get there its like having a kid in a candy store. Its absolutely amazing fun!

  • Games

She LOVES games. When you or Harley get stressed the other one of you will go get the other one favorites game and set it up. Then you’ll begin and start playing. Eventually, you’ll both be happy and playful again. Sometimes she’ll sit in your lap and keep playing. Lots of kisses and hugs are given. Lets just say there are no losers. (;

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  • Working Out

He loves when you come downstairs into the gym and workout with him. Sometimes you spar (mostly ends in ties and them some love). Other times you’ll lay underneath of him when he does push ups or sit on his back. More than enough times you’ve had battles on who could lift the heaviest weights. Sometimes you set up targets for him to shoot at (other times you’ll stand in the middle and he’ll try not to shoot you).

  • Hugs

Between the two of you there’s no way to count who’s given the most hugs. You’ll give them to him when he gets upset or when he starts getting frustrated. He hugs you when you get flustered or when you make little mistakes that make you upset. Hugging is just more convenient than kisses for the two of you. Only because it takes longer to accomplish and let go without a fight.

  • Nerf Wars

Since Floyd doesn’t like it very well when you pick up and start messing with a real gun you decided to start a new game tradition. You would take a Nerf Gun and shoot it at him when he’s least expecting it. Then you’ll run and hear a ‘oh its on’ behind you. Then you’ll really start a war. He normally wins but, sometimes you’ll persuade him to give up.

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Killer Croc:

  • TV

Honestly you guys watch more tv than anything. It not only keeps you occupied but, it makes him focus on something other than the needs of the wild crocodile side of him. You mostly watch more adult tv than anything.But, sometimes you’ll make him sit through a really dumb tv show.

  • Bar Jumping

When days get a little bit more chill and he’s not into as much ‘work’ you guys jump in the car and go to a bar. Then after a while you both get bored of that bar and move along. Overall you guys end up visiting over 15 bars a night! It always gets really exciting and more creative the more you drink.

  • Swimming 

You know that his crocodile side does have to take over more of his body than looks sometimes. So, when this happens you go to a lake so that he can swim and eat. You normally sit on the bank and either get a tan or look at the stars (depending on what time you go.) Most of the time you go at night so that he doesn’t get a big thirst for people. But, sometimes you’ll go during the day just to get some sun.

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Captain Boomerang:

  • Challenges

Boomerang isn’t much of an adult. So, the only way to really settle an argument is to complete a challenge. Normally the challenge is who can do this the longest or who can do this the fastest. Other times you’ll do them for fun.

  • Stuffed Animals

He loves his stuffed unicorns so anytime the two of you lay down to sleep or take a nap he gets 50% of his unicorn stuffed animals. Then you’ll go get some of yours and snuggle up together and be incredibly warms. Other times you’ll try and hit each other through out the day. 

  • Children’s Movies

You love to make him watch kids movies. He thinks there ridiculous and lazily made. So, when the two of you watch them he always asks stupid questions. After a while he gets drunk and sings along or yells at the characters like there real. Lets just say he is better than the movie.

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Enchantress/June Moone:

  • Reading

June loves reading and sometimes you do to. Sometimes you’ll lay together in silence and read. Other times you’ll just lay there and she’ll read to you. Normally you’ll fall asleep and she’ll keep reading but, realize your asleep and put her fingers through your hair. 

  • Walks

She loves walking with you. Even though she hates the worst part which is getting you off the couch unless your energetic. When the two of you walk she looks and examines almost everything. Eventually you get tired and she gives you a piggy back ride the rest of the way.

  • Pillow Fights

Every morning when you or her don’t wake up on alarm you take it as the best opportunity ever. The one that wakes up takes a pillow and straddles them and starts beating the other with the pillow. It ends with a big pillow fight and tons of kisses. Sometimes you get out of bed other times you give up.

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Rick Flag:

  • Rambling

If there’s one thing you and Rick love its rambling to each other about the little things in life. His are normally about work or the Squad.Yours are moreabout random things.Like cleaning or your job. He enjoys listening yo you and playing with your hair. You like to listen to him. Even if you giggle about the things the Squad does to Rick.

  • Cleaning

Trying to clean up a mess made by Rick Flag is almost impossible. Because there’s bullets and guns with different bombs and traps. Its crazy! Eventually he comes home and helps you. It normally ends in love making unless he accidentally sets something off. Then it leads to getting out the ‘RICK FLAG EMERGENCY KIT.’ He always gets angry when you pull it out and you always hear about how ‘he has his own emergency kit’.

  • Running

He’s a sprinting soldier. And when he wants to do something with you he usually brings up running. If you say no he throws you over his shoulder and takes off running. Eventually he says ‘your own your own’ and puts you down. Sometimes you sit and wait for him other times you run and beg him to pick you back up till he obliges.

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  • Painting

The both of you love painting together even if it gets everywhere. When you paint she takes it mostly all serious painting people or scenery. You however will paint anything you think of. Then you’ll throw paint and she throws back. It ends up with you both covered in paint and laughing. 

  • Yoga

Kat loves yoga. The both of you find lots of peace in it. The room will either be silent or booming with loud music. When you turn on the loud music yoga moves faster and it turns into more speed stretching then yoga.

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  • Driving

He loves to speed around the road and be the real king of Gotham. You love to encourage him because life with him is crazy and fast. Its something you never felt before. When you drive sometimes you hit things other times you trick people into thinking two of you were chasing them.  Then he normally shoots them just for fun.

  • Drinking

The two of you love laying on your king sized bed and having lots of different drinks. The two of you tell jokes, watch tv, or read mystery books. He loves talking about all the crazy things he’s done. Some of them are very interesting others are a little bit gruesome.

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Babysitting Bump

Summary: A chaotic situation occurs when you and Bucky both decide to hold full responsibility of watching Clint’s kids and to say you’re good with children would be a complete lie.

Word Count: 2,229.

A/N: Recently watched an episode of “Life In Pieces” and one of the scenes heavily inspired me to write out this fic. I had a blast writing this! Hope you enjoy and as always, feedback would be greatly appreciated.

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If you have the same problem as me, you can never find foundations light enough. This manic panic dreamtone colour corrector in white can help to lighten up your existing foundations without changing their texture. I bought one back when they had a little spatchula and not a pump top and IRS still going strong! It was realitively cheap to buy (I got it from Amazon) Please note that not all manic panic cosmetics are vegan, but their foundations are.

Sonia Kashuk- Perfecting Luminous Foundation

Bisque 01

Type: Satin Foundation  Size: 0.6oz  Price: $10.99

Pigmentation: 9/10
Packaging: 7/10
Buy again: Yes
Over all: 9/10

Pros: Great coverage, natural finish, cheap, pump foundation, lasts, comes in a shade light enough for me.

Cons: I hate the bottle it comes in. Once the product wouldn’t come through the pump anymore I wanted to try and open it. There is no way to open it. I literally took a hammer to smash it open to find that the foundation itself was in a metal tube that i had to cut open and scrape out the product (which there was still lots of). Not sold in Canada.

Discussion: I absolutely love this foundation. I found it in target the first time i visited the states to see my husband(back when we were still dating). I personally have a hard time finding a foundation that matches my skin tone. Bisque is my perfect color. I love the feeling of it and it has a natural satin finish. I also love the pump nozzle but trying to get the rest of the product out was next to impossible.

Intertwined- Prinxiety Fanfiction

A short attempt at Prinxiety fluff cause I love the idea of Anxiety in a tux. Constructive criticism/feedback is greatly appreciated. Enjoy! Also posted on my AO3 account of the same name.

“Love, are you almost ready?” Prince called through the door “if you take any longer were going to be more than fashionably late.”
“Don’t sass me, Roman, you didn’t tell me how long it would take to get this damn thing on!” Anxiety snapped.
Prince sighed and leaned against the door. “I could always help you, you know?” He smirked.
“We both know that if I let you in here the clothes will be coming off instead of on,” Anxiety countered. Roman blushed and stood up straight. He didn’t reply, just picked at his jacket.
Anxiety begrudgingly left his room not long after, dressed in a black tux and scowling. His hair had been swept out of his eyes and a black bow tie was tied around his neck. The only thing that remained of his original appearance was the pale foundation and black eyeshadow. Prince’s jaw dropped but he recovered his cool demeanour quickly.
“I hate this,” Anxiety pouted.
“You look amazing!” Roman exclaimed.
“I look ridiculous. I don’t understand why I couldn’t just wear my normal clothes,” the darker side grumbled.
“Because we’re going to a ball, not a My Chemical Romance concert.“
"I wish we were doing that instead.”
“Unfortunately, my love, we can’t. It’s impossible,” Prince teased and held out his arm for Anxiety to take. He smirked as Anxiety shot him a glare but took his arm anyway. They entered the door to Prince’s room… but instead of the normal bedroom the door opened to the entrance doors to a grand ballroom.
Anxiety looked around in both awe and dread. Gold leaf patterns ran up white walls and overhead, like vines stretching way down the opulent corridor. Anxiety’s eyes followed the patterns of the vines as they led to a break in the corridor that could lead 3 other ways. What he’d seen so far of the palace, which was this one corridor, fit Roman perfectly. Like his boyfriend, the palace he ran was elegant and poised yet creative and fun. It was everything Anxiety wasn’t, he had never felt more out of place. He gulped. “Tell me why i agreed to do this again.”
Prince carried on staring straight ahead. “You, as my partner, have to attend any formal functions that I do.”
“Okay.” Anxiety whispered. He didn’t sound convinced.
Roman turned to face him, looking every inch the prince he was with his crown sitting atop his head. He took Anxiety’s hands in his. “Ann, everything is going to be fine. We’re going to go in there, stay a little while, fake an illness then go home and cuddle. Do you trust me?”
Anxiety rolled his eyes and picked at his nails. “Of course I do Roman. There’s no one I trust more.”
“Then trust me when I say that I’m going to get you through this with as little interaction as possible. We’ll get through this together, okay?”
Anxiety took a deep breath then looked into Roman’s eyes. “Okay,” he said. Roman leaned down and gave Anxiety a quick, short kiss.
The door opened and they strode into the ballroom, Prince beaming and Anxiety giving a slight smile. Their arms linked and hands intertwined.

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I'm trying to compile some good horror games and miscellaneous weblinks to present to my brother for October. I've got Slender, Five Nights at Freddy's, and Off - Could you help me with some good others?


I assume you mean indie or PC games for the games part, going off your list? Let’s see…

Noel recommends:


#Repost from @queenofluna with

Rachel Roth aka Raven 🔮
Products used:
@nyxcosmetics_my Total control drop foundation in pale
@maybelline Clear smooth All in one powder foundation in honey
- @nyxcosmetics_my Wanderlust eyeshadow
- @sigmabeauty Standout eyes gel liner in Royally striking
- @nyxcosmetics_my Ultimate shadow palette
- @nyxcosmetics_my XXL lush lashes mascara
Blusher: @sigmabeauty Sigma pink aura powder
Highlighter: @nyxcosmetics_my Bright idea stick in Lavender lust
- Upper lip: @makeuprevolution Salvation velvet lacquer in Vamp
- Lower lip: @nyxcosmetics_my Lip lustre in Violet glass & Lip lustre in Dark magic
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Contacts Part 2 Pennywise x Reader

Pennywise x Reader

Requester: Anonymous

Prompt: Contacts Part 2

Note: Contacts Part 1:

Here Pennywise learns about colored contact lenses Enjoy! 

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You sighed as you laid back with your feet up on the coffee table and a bowl of ice cream in your hand. It was your day off and you were going to enjoy every second of it.

You were sitting in Lilo & Stitch lounge shorts with a big t-shirt. Nice and comfy. You finished the last of your ice cream before taking it to the sink and washing it out knowing how much of a pain in the butt it will be later on cleaning it.

Once you were done you headed upstairs and into your bedroom where your costume was. You were making a costume to cosplay as a chracter for your YouTube channel where you do tutorials on how to cosplay or be a freakish monster.

You got inspiration by your boyfriend Pennywise who was abke to transform himself into people’s worst nightmares. That was probably why you are up to a million fans.

You hummed and decided you wanted to try out cosplaying as Pennywise. You didn’t have much photos of him since he didn’t like it when YOU took photos of him but he couldn’t do it himself since his pictures always came out blurry and covered in drool occasionally.

You scrolled through your limited photos but you really couldn’t find any good ones for references. You finally found one which was actually a cute selfie of you kissing Pennywise on the cheek.

His eyes were wide with shock and you could just faintly see he was blushing. You loved to do that to him; he would scare you to make him laugh and you’d kiss him on the cheek to make you laugh.

It always worked.

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Hi my name is Mary L’Darkness Synthia Jezebel Wilder and I have long luxurious dark brown hair hair with frosted tips like Dave Gahan and cool gray eyes like rocks in an abandoned mine and a lot of people tell me I look like Siouxsie Sioux (AN: if u don’t know who she is get da hell out of here!). I’m not related to Alan Wilder but I wish I was because he’s a major fucking hottie. I’m an angel (lik Martin Gore) but I’m in human form. I’m also a witch, and I go to a magic school called Hogwarts in Basildon where I’m in the seventh year (I’m seventeen). I’m dark wave (in case you couldn’t tell) and I wear mostly leather. I love thrift stores and I buy all my clothes from there. For example today I was wearing a black crop top with a matching black leather jacket and white, tight jeans with a black leather belt and black combat boots. I was wearing pale foundation, black lipstick and black eyeliner. I also have a tattoo on my right arm of a graph with my own name in it. I was walking outside Hogwarts. It was snowing and raining so there was no sun, which I was very happy about. The British press stared at me. I put up my middle finger at them.


Otabek is the nicest friend in the damn planet. If he weren’t he wouldn’t be accompanying JJ shopping after a suitable gift for his girlfriend. They’ve rounded the shopping mall at least twice and JJ still hasn’t been able to choose anything for her.  

“Why not clothes?” Otabek tries again, slowing down next to a boutique selling female clothes.  

JJ stands next to him, humming in thought. There’s a pen skirt with a white blouse on the mannequin that Otabek points out. “I’m not sure,” he says, pinching his chin between two fingers.

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any makeup tips to look more doll like?

Yo ~ ✩

Well, it depends on what effect you want to create.
Dolls usually look very young and have big bright eyes, small puffy lips, a tiny cute nose and soft cheeks.
The make up has to be quite subtle tho!

✧ ・゚ Some tricks( I would use ): ・゚✧

– wear eye enlarging circle lenses ;
– use pale foundation ;
– apply a very natural colored blush on the apples of your cheeks( it makes you look younger )and a little on your nose too ;
– highlight at least the tip of your nose and the inner corners of your eyes ;
– use very natural eyeshadows, pink, peach or almost nude-ish colors ;
– keep your eyebrow make up light and subtle ( or even skip this step );
– you can use fake eyelashes and eyeliner but as I said keep it all very simple and natural ;
– use rosy colors on your lips + gradient lips / applying gloss is v good too. Do not overdraw them too much, if you do.

( I don’t contour so I’m not mentioning it. Tell me if you need advices about it too )

Good luck! ⋆・゚✧