Babysitting Bump

Summary: A chaotic situation occurs when you and Bucky both decide to hold full responsibility of watching Clint’s kids and to say you’re good with children would be a complete lie.

Word Count: 2,229.

A/N: Recently watched an episode of “Life In Pieces” and one of the scenes heavily inspired me to write out this fic. I had a blast writing this! Hope you enjoy and as always, feedback would be greatly appreciated.

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If you have the same problem as me, you can never find foundations light enough. This manic panic dreamtone colour corrector in white can help to lighten up your existing foundations without changing their texture. I bought one back when they had a little spatchula and not a pump top and IRS still going strong! It was realitively cheap to buy (I got it from Amazon) Please note that not all manic panic cosmetics are vegan, but their foundations are.

Sonia Kashuk- Perfecting Luminous Foundation

Bisque 01

Type: Satin Foundation  Size: 0.6oz  Price: $10.99

Pigmentation: 9/10
Packaging: 7/10
Buy again: Yes
Over all: 9/10

Pros: Great coverage, natural finish, cheap, pump foundation, lasts, comes in a shade light enough for me.

Cons: I hate the bottle it comes in. Once the product wouldn’t come through the pump anymore I wanted to try and open it. There is no way to open it. I literally took a hammer to smash it open to find that the foundation itself was in a metal tube that i had to cut open and scrape out the product (which there was still lots of). Not sold in Canada.

Discussion: I absolutely love this foundation. I found it in target the first time i visited the states to see my husband(back when we were still dating). I personally have a hard time finding a foundation that matches my skin tone. Bisque is my perfect color. I love the feeling of it and it has a natural satin finish. I also love the pump nozzle but trying to get the rest of the product out was next to impossible.

Preference 2: Little Things?


SIDE NOTE: Sorry I couldn’t do one for Slip Knot. I just couldn’t think of anything. He might be in the next one was. Also sorry that Katana and Joker only had 2 instead of 3 different things.

El Diablo:

  • Kissing

Lots of sweet little kisses on your nose, cheeks, neck, and shoulders. He’ll sneak up behind you and warp his arms around your waist. Other times you’ll be laying on the couch or in bed and he’ll be sneaky (so many kisses).

  • Dinner

He absolutely adores when you make him dinner. Especially if you try something more ethnic. Sometimes he’ll help you a little bit by lighting the grill or stove (even if there’s a nob to turn”.

  • Talking 

Normally when he gets upset and starts steaming/smoking you have to talk him down. Sometimes you’ll put your hands on his shoulders even if it burns a little. Other times he’ll be having a nightmare and he’ll catch fire. After a while you’ll smell smoke and wake him. Make him stand up quickly and pour water on the bed where there was fire. Then you’d hold him and lay him down on your side of the bed. Another time when you talk is when he just wants to have a nice calming conversation. Just because he feels like you always problems when you talk he wants you to have nice times when you talk.

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Harley Quinn:

  • Makeovers

Harley loves to put makeup on your face and do your hair. You’ll be laying or sitting somewhere, she’ll pick you up and carry you into your shared room. She’ll then sit you in the chair on your vanity. She’ll then braid or play with your hair till she likes it. Then, she’ll turn you toward her, she’ll give you a few quick kisses then gets started. She uses bright colors and pale foundation. When she ends she claps her hands and screams “date night!”

  • Small Adventures

You and Harley will just be sitting or hanging out. Out of the blue she’ll bring up going to a fair or carnival. You’ll immediately pick her up and toss her in the car. She’ll laugh, giggle, and tell little jokes the whole way there. Then when you get there its like having a kid in a candy store. Its absolutely amazing fun!

  • Games

She LOVES games. When you or Harley get stressed the other one of you will go get the other one favorites game and set it up. Then you’ll begin and start playing. Eventually, you’ll both be happy and playful again. Sometimes she’ll sit in your lap and keep playing. Lots of kisses and hugs are given. Lets just say there are no losers. (;

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  • Working Out

He loves when you come downstairs into the gym and workout with him. Sometimes you spar (mostly ends in ties and them some love). Other times you’ll lay underneath of him when he does push ups or sit on his back. More than enough times you’ve had battles on who could lift the heaviest weights. Sometimes you set up targets for him to shoot at (other times you’ll stand in the middle and he’ll try not to shoot you).

  • Hugs

Between the two of you there’s no way to count who’s given the most hugs. You’ll give them to him when he gets upset or when he starts getting frustrated. He hugs you when you get flustered or when you make little mistakes that make you upset. Hugging is just more convenient than kisses for the two of you. Only because it takes longer to accomplish and let go without a fight.

  • Nerf Wars

Since Floyd doesn’t like it very well when you pick up and start messing with a real gun you decided to start a new game tradition. You would take a Nerf Gun and shoot it at him when he’s least expecting it. Then you’ll run and hear a ‘oh its on’ behind you. Then you’ll really start a war. He normally wins but, sometimes you’ll persuade him to give up.

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Killer Croc:

  • TV

Honestly you guys watch more tv than anything. It not only keeps you occupied but, it makes him focus on something other than the needs of the wild crocodile side of him. You mostly watch more adult tv than anything.But, sometimes you’ll make him sit through a really dumb tv show.

  • Bar Jumping

When days get a little bit more chill and he’s not into as much ‘work’ you guys jump in the car and go to a bar. Then after a while you both get bored of that bar and move along. Overall you guys end up visiting over 15 bars a night! It always gets really exciting and more creative the more you drink.

  • Swimming 

You know that his crocodile side does have to take over more of his body than looks sometimes. So, when this happens you go to a lake so that he can swim and eat. You normally sit on the bank and either get a tan or look at the stars (depending on what time you go.) Most of the time you go at night so that he doesn’t get a big thirst for people. But, sometimes you’ll go during the day just to get some sun.

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Captain Boomerang:

  • Challenges

Boomerang isn’t much of an adult. So, the only way to really settle an argument is to complete a challenge. Normally the challenge is who can do this the longest or who can do this the fastest. Other times you’ll do them for fun.

  • Stuffed Animals

He loves his stuffed unicorns so anytime the two of you lay down to sleep or take a nap he gets 50% of his unicorn stuffed animals. Then you’ll go get some of yours and snuggle up together and be incredibly warms. Other times you’ll try and hit each other through out the day. 

  • Children’s Movies

You love to make him watch kids movies. He thinks there ridiculous and lazily made. So, when the two of you watch them he always asks stupid questions. After a while he gets drunk and sings along or yells at the characters like there real. Lets just say he is better than the movie.

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Enchantress/June Moone:

  • Reading

June loves reading and sometimes you do to. Sometimes you’ll lay together in silence and read. Other times you’ll just lay there and she’ll read to you. Normally you’ll fall asleep and she’ll keep reading but, realize your asleep and put her fingers through your hair. 

  • Walks

She loves walking with you. Even though she hates the worst part which is getting you off the couch unless your energetic. When the two of you walk she looks and examines almost everything. Eventually you get tired and she gives you a piggy back ride the rest of the way.

  • Pillow Fights

Every morning when you or her don’t wake up on alarm you take it as the best opportunity ever. The one that wakes up takes a pillow and straddles them and starts beating the other with the pillow. It ends with a big pillow fight and tons of kisses. Sometimes you get out of bed other times you give up.

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Rick Flag:

  • Rambling

If there’s one thing you and Rick love its rambling to each other about the little things in life. His are normally about work or the Squad.Yours are moreabout random things.Like cleaning or your job. He enjoys listening yo you and playing with your hair. You like to listen to him. Even if you giggle about the things the Squad does to Rick.

  • Cleaning

Trying to clean up a mess made by Rick Flag is almost impossible. Because there’s bullets and guns with different bombs and traps. Its crazy! Eventually he comes home and helps you. It normally ends in love making unless he accidentally sets something off. Then it leads to getting out the ‘RICK FLAG EMERGENCY KIT.’ He always gets angry when you pull it out and you always hear about how ‘he has his own emergency kit’.

  • Running

He’s a sprinting soldier. And when he wants to do something with you he usually brings up running. If you say no he throws you over his shoulder and takes off running. Eventually he says ‘your own your own’ and puts you down. Sometimes you sit and wait for him other times you run and beg him to pick you back up till he obliges.

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  • Painting

The both of you love painting together even if it gets everywhere. When you paint she takes it mostly all serious painting people or scenery. You however will paint anything you think of. Then you’ll throw paint and she throws back. It ends up with you both covered in paint and laughing. 

  • Yoga

Kat loves yoga. The both of you find lots of peace in it. The room will either be silent or booming with loud music. When you turn on the loud music yoga moves faster and it turns into more speed stretching then yoga.

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  • Driving

He loves to speed around the road and be the real king of Gotham. You love to encourage him because life with him is crazy and fast. Its something you never felt before. When you drive sometimes you hit things other times you trick people into thinking two of you were chasing them.  Then he normally shoots them just for fun.

  • Drinking

The two of you love laying on your king sized bed and having lots of different drinks. The two of you tell jokes, watch tv, or read mystery books. He loves talking about all the crazy things he’s done. Some of them are very interesting others are a little bit gruesome.

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things to note:

-Looking tailored and classic cut as frIcK
-Their BEAUTIFUL natural skin tone without ghostly pale foundation
-natural beautiful black&brown hair
-Yoongi looks smiley
-so does Hobi
-i’m not crying, you’re crying

Disneyland. (Tony Perry Fluff.)

Request: Hey can I have a Tony Perry imagine please? One where Tony and y/n meet at Disneyland and soon he finds out that y/n has a daughter and they all have fun there.

A/N: I hope this was okay, it was friggin 1,844 words. Enjoy. To the Vic Fuentes Anon: its coming, I promise!


“Grace! Get back here!” As soon as we stepped into the park my 4 year old ran from me, not waiting to even make sure I was following her. I ran after he as fast as I could, she was just barely in sight as I called after her. I earned many disapproving looks from other families for being merely 25 and unwed, and obviously unable to control my child, but I didn’t care. They were simply seeing the excited side of her, and the tired side of me.

As I finally caught up to her I swooped her up into my arms and walked to the teacup line, where she was obviously headed. She had been talking about it since the moment I even mentioned going to Disneyland, and we’d had a conversation about it at least once everyday since. And that was obviously hard considering I had to muster up enough money to get this place for even one day, and here we were nearly 8 months and 16 paychecks later staying 3 days and 2 nights at Disneyland, 4 hours away from home.

After what seemed like hours in the heat but I knew I had only been approximately 6 minutes, Grace had already started to complain.

“Mommy its too hot!” She whined, pulling on my shirt.

I sighed and tore her hands away. “I know, baby, but the lines long and its summer. Its going to be hot for a very long time.”

“But Mommy its reeaallyyy hot!” She yelled, pulling once again and dragging herself to the ground, nearly dragging me down with her.

I struggled to get her off the ground, but even once I had she only pulled us down once again, leaving me to give up entirely and sit on the ground with her.

The woman behind me scoffed at my actions, the way I fought with my daughter; the way I’d given up and gave her her own way, but I didn’t care. Grace was happy and the line wasn’t moving anyway.

Within the next 30 minutes in line we seemed to move up about 2 feet, and it felt like it was starting to get hotter. I sighed, taking off my sunglasses and lifting my shirt over my head, I was wearing a sports bra underneath so I didn’t see any problem. I slipped my sunglasses back on before hearing murmuring and scoffing from behind me.

I sighed and turned around to the woman who had been continuously shaming my actions, fueling my anger. “What was that?” I asked the woman, who stopped talking to what looked like a close friend of hers and looked down at me.

“Excuse me?” She asked. Goddamn, even her voice sounded snobby.

“You seem to have a problem with my actions.” I lifted Grace and stood up.

“Yes I do. Your outfit is not appropriate for public.” She lifted her pale, over-foundated nose in the air, sticking her hands on her hips.

“Well, pardon me, your highness but its hot. I’m sorry of your son is adolescent and you’re overprotective.” I smirked.

She and her friend gasped at my words while the mother glared at me, proving my point exactly.

“Well, then, no wonder your daughter is a spoiled brat without a father. How rude of you.”

“At least my kid’s happy. Your kid’s too fucking old to be here.”

She gasped yet again. “Watch your language!”

“Make me!” At this point we were right in each others faces, neither of us backing down.

“Is there a problem here?” There was a third voice. I turned in the direction it was coming from, nearly entranced by the man who emanated it. He was gorgeous. Those eyes, that hair, the tattoos, he was perfect.

“Yes, there is.” The woman said, tearing me from my thoughts.

“And it is..?” He asked, looking between the both of us.

“This girl,” She said before I cut her off.

“What’s your name?” I walked to him.

He blushed slightly, turning to me. “I’m Tony.”

I smiled, “I’m Y/N. What’re you doing here all by yourself? Does your wife know where you are?”

He chuckled, catching my drift. “I’m not married… Shouldn’t your husband be protecting you against offensive women?”

I smirked at him, glad he caught on and was so easy to talk to already. “I’m not married either.”

He smiled and held his hand out for me to shake. I gladly obliged, taking his hand and shaking it firmly before letting them rest back at our sides.

“So, Tony, what’re you doing here all by yourself, honestly?”

He shrugged. “I like Disney. My friends are here but they’ve all got their little girlfriends and all.” He shrugged it off like it was absolutely nothing.

“That seems sucky.” I gave him a sympathetic look.

“It’s alright, though, really.” He told me, looking into my eyes. “What about you?”

Just as I’d opened my mouth to speak, “Mommy! It’s our turn, come on!” Grace yelled at me, even though we were nearly 5 feet away.

I laughed and nodded towards her. “She wanted to come. Care to join us?” I asked him, gesturing towards Grace.

“Don’t mind if I do.” He followed me onto the ride and into the teacup Grace picked out, where we were all strapped in.

As the ride started, Grace started screaming and laughing, having the time of her life, it made me so incredibly happy to see her like this, but not only that, she had seemed to take a liking to Tony as well.

She threw her arms in the air when Tony had, leaving me to wrap my arms around her waist to secure her safety.

“This is the best day ever already!” She yelled, causing both me and Tony to laugh. I kissed her head, Tony looked at us lovingly.

As the ride ended, we walked off, Tony going the other direction.

“No, come back!” Grace yelled, running after him.

“Grace!” I ran after her, though Tony soon turned around and caught her in a tight hug. I smiled at the two of them, the way she laid her head on his chest, the way he engulfed her. They were too cute.

Once I had finally caught up to them they had settled on the ground, talking about the princesses Grace wanted to see and who Tony’s favorite princess was. I sat down with them, Tony smiling up at me and Grace hardly taking any notice of me.

“I really like the princess Laia from Star Wars.” Tony told her, smiling.

“Ooh, I like her hair,” Grace giggled, playing with her hair. She turned around to me. “Mommy?”


“I want to go meet all the princesses,” she giggled.

“Awe, honey, if we meet all the princesses today we won’t meet any tomorrow!” I told her, already knowing who we’d have to find.

“Well then.. I want to meet princess Aurora!” she yelled, running off toward where we’d seen her earlier in the day. I groaned and immediately followed after her, Tony behind me.

Once we had caught up to her once again, I pulled her to face me. “You have to stop running from me, alright?” I said, out of breath. “You’ll get lost.”

She nodded, but then said, “But Mommy!”

“Yes, baby?”

“I found the princess!” She turned and pointed down the path of people toward princess Aurora, who was smiling brightly. “Can we go see her?”

“Of course Gracie!” I took her hand, and looked over at Tony, before walking down to see the princess.

By the time we made it to Aurora, Grace was completely amazed. She looked up at her with her jaw dropped, then she smiled brightly.

“Oh my gosh, Mommy, look! She’s right here, she’s right here in front of us, do you see her?! Its princess Aurora!” She yelled, practically jumping out of my arms and running to hug the blonde princess.

Aurora giggled and leaned down to her. “What’s your name?” Wow, she was good. She sounded just like her.

“My name’s Grace! I’m named after you, my middle name’s Aurora, and I want to be a princess when I grow up!” She babbled on and on to Aurora, Aurora looked up at me and Tony and sent a smile and a wink our way. I laughed and tapped Graces shoulder. “Why don’t we slow down and breathe, alright? I’m sure Aurora will do everything she can to make sure you’re a princess when you’re older.”

Grace smiled as I picked her up, waving at Aurora. “Well, don’t you just have the cutest little family here.” She smiled at the three of us.

“Oh,” I laughed and blushed. Tony looked over at me, just as stunned as I was, we laughed together and turned away, Grace sending her last good bye.

By the end of the day, we had ridden on 4 rides, met 3 princesses and eaten the nicest dinner we’d possibly ever had. Grace was finally getting sleepy as Tony and I walked up to the room, Grace falling asleep over his shoulder.

Once we made it inside Tony laid Grace down after changing her clothes and put on a movie for her. I sat on the couch and Tony sat down next to me, taking my hand.

“Today was fun,” he told me in his soft voice, within all this time I began to notice that he was extremely shy, but I found it absolutely adorable.

“I thought so, too.” I smiled at him, intertwining our fingers. “I don’t think Grace will ever forget this.”

His eyes finally met mine, flickering between them and my lips. Soon we found ourselves leaning into each other, our lips brushing against each other softly before finally crashing together and taking my breath away, creating sparks. His kiss was like magic, it was filled with love. We had only met earlier in that very day but I felt like I had spent an entire lifetime with him. I was just hoping he wouldn’t leave.

We pulled apart from each other slowly, put of breath. The moment was so sweet, so perfect; it was gone too fast.

“Mommy?” A little, tired voice said.

“Yes, baby?” I asked her, my voice quiet and soft.

She turned her body towards Tony and I, her eyes just barely open and her voice just above a whisper. “I like Tony.”

I giggled as Tony wrapped his arm around me, pulling me close. “I do, too.”

She smiled and yawned. “Can we keep him?”

My eyes averted to Tony, to find he was already looking at me. He nodded slightly, his eyes on my lips. I smiled and turned to Grace. “Of course baby.”

She smiled and shut her eyes, “Goodnight Mommy.”

I smiled and yawned, feeling myself begin to get tired as well. “Goodnight, Grace.”

“Goodnight Tony,” she said sleepily, finally falling asleep.

“Goodnight,” he whispered softly to the sleeping ladies in the room, making himself comfortable and sleeping as well.

How To Terrify Right-Wingers And Old White Dudes At The Polling Station! - AKA: Left-Wing Makeup And Outfit Tutorial (PARODY)

Greetings, fellow Brits! Today is May 7th, which means one thing: all eligible voters are out to vote in the general election.
Do you have distinctly left or liberal views?
Want to show the world? Want to piss off the older generation and make the right-wingers shit themselves?
Well, look no further, because this tutorial is for you! This tutorial can be done by anyone of any race, sexuality or gender. The aim is to make as many people as uncomfortable as possible, so I highly recommend it.
1.) Begin by going through your usual facial routine. Exfoliate, cleanse, moisturise, foundation, powder. I’m not gonna tell you how to maintain your skin. That would just be me telling you what to do with your body. Can you imagine?

As you can see, I’ve gone for a distinctly pale, white foundation for a corpse-like look to symbolise the death of ‘traditional values.’ However, if you are a person of colour following this, I suggest you go for a more natural look and flaunt your distinctly foreign looks in the face of nationalists, who will inevitably feel uncomfortable at the idea of a non-white person being able to vote in ‘their’ country. Be sure to laugh in their faces, as there is nothing they can do about it.

2.) Fill in your eyebrows. Be sure to make them as bold, sharp and strong as your principles.

I used an angled brush and a gel liner for my look, and set them with dark eyeshadow. Your lefty views won’t budge, blur or fade, just like your eyebrows.

3.) Using a fluffy brush and a light, shimmery eyeshadow, cover your lids to represent the bright, sparkling future your generation could have had before bankers and other supercapitalists fucked it all up for you.

4.) Then using a different brush, darken the outer corner and the crease of your eyelids with the sad reality that came to be instead. I’m using a murky dark brown to symbolise the hope and aspirations of many young people that were thrown into the dirt due to poor job prospects, forced volunteering and raised taxes.


5.) Using an eyeliner of your choice, line your eyes with a thick black cat eye. Be sure the wing is razor-sharp to show everyone how, if you had your way, you would slash the white-supremacist patriarchy to ribbons.

Be sure to add a sharp line on the inner corner of your eye for an unnatural, demonic look to let everyone know of the hell you and your 'bloody leftye’ friends plan to unleash on Britain when you inevitably overthrow democracy and instill a minority rule in order to oppress the heterosexual, white, cis, manly Christian man of England.

6.) Using an angled brush and black eyeshadow, line the underneath of your eye, stopping mid-way to remind everyone of UKIP’s half-arsed attempt to connect with the working classes before reminding everyone that they are just radicalised, knock-off Tories who want to do away with the NHS and make as many racist, misogynistic, ableist and homophobic policies as possible.

Then, using a fluffier brush, smudge out the line to symbolise the blurred lines between 'political gaffes’ and 'outright incitement to hatred’.

7.) Underneath your eye, in the area you left blank, highlight with a white shadow.

I’m using Boots Natural Collection in 'Snowstorm’, to tell the patriarchal, capitalist system that I’ll submit to it when Hell freezes over.

8.) Curl your lashes to make them look as non-straight as possible, making the heterosexuals feel very awkward and uncomfortable.

And apply mascara as dark as the intentions of parties like UKIP, British National Party and Britain First.

9.) Using a purply-red and a large, fluffy brush, contour the hollows of your cheeks to further the gaunt, dead look of your face with the knowledge that many voters are uninformed about key issues that have been raised during the run up to this election.

Particularly ones that have been consistently droned on about to deflect any wrongdoing from parties such as the conservatives (blame the immigrants) and the only real policy of further right-wing parties in order to gain support from the 'majority’ (blame the immigrants).

10.) Then, highlight your cheekbones with a lighter colour to remind yourself that hopefully soon your generation will be the ones in charge.

And just hope that the previous generation haven’t fucked us up too badly so we can actually make some social and economic progress in this country.

11.) Now, for your hair

Let it flow as free and as loose as your liberal, leftie morals.

12.) Moving on to your outfit. You need to look intimidating, yet liberal and carefree. I chose my Glenfiddich t-shirt for today. Glenfiddich is a Scottish whiskey, which will lull my enemies into a false sense of security. Scottish? Whiskey? I’ll probably be too drunk to vote!

This is a man’s t-shirt, which lets everyone know I can and will defy my gender roles and take up even more spaces in the male-dominated workplace, seeing as there are 'too many’ women already, right, UKIP? Watch those patriarchs squirm as your grubby feminist hands rub all over their rightful places as leaders of the world.

13.) Even if you don’t support the SNP, you should make an effort to wear something that symbolises your support for things non Westminster-centric. Along with my scottish whiskey t-shirt, I’ve done this with a pair or tartan skinny jeans, accentuating my punk, rebellious look.

Notice the bright, obnoxious red of my jeans? Ensure you are wearing red and black to symbolise the utter anarchy you want to unleash upon this once-great nation. Red is also infamous for clashing with purple, just as you will inevitably clash with any UKIP supporters who dare to cross your path.

14.) To accesorise, be sure to include some distinctly non-Christian symbols.

Just to remind everyone that this country isn’t Christian any more, what with all those OTHER CULTURES seeping in and draining Britain of it’s Christian values.

15.) For my lips, I’ve gone with a red that matches my jeans for a bloodsucking, feminine look that reminds all those patriarchs of the screeching, harpy, menstruating feminists out to ruin the country with irrational demands, PMS and refusal to clean behind the fridge.

This colour will also further enforce your dirty left-wing socialist views.

16.) Well, set my bank on fire and call me Natalie Bennett, we’re all done!

Now you get out there and vote vote vote! Even if your chosen party doesn’t win, you’re sure to instill a red scare and thoroughly infuriate the right-wing with your rebellious, unwashed liberal, bloody leftye look and remind them that they can’t stop you and they can’t stop society from growing out of their stupid, outdated, conservative views.

Imagine little Hagakure Tooru being super self-conscious of her invisibility, always wondering what she looks like.

And then one night, she’s having a sleepover with some of the other girls in her class, and Ashido has the brilliant idea of breaking out the makeup.

First is a layer of foundation, a pale milky peach, and she watches with fascination as her face slowly becomes visible.

Then, a pretty light pink lip gloss and sweet, full lips pulling into a shy smile.

Some blush to add a bit of colour, and maybe a bit of contouring. Light blue eyeshadow.

And of course a pair of black contacts. Though it does have somewhat of a strange affect, as the whites of her eyes are still invisible.

Ashido breaks out a long brown wig she sometimes uses for cosplay to complete the look.

The girls are oohing and ahhing, studying Tooru’s face, remarking how pretty she is. And Tooru herself can’t tear her eyes away from the mirror, feeling something inside her settle, an answer to a question she’s been asking her whole life.

They decide to have a little fun then, dusting her neck with some foundation and giving her a shirt that will cover the rest of her invisible skin. They pose for a group selfie, having Tooru close her eyes so that they don’t give her away, pretending she just happened to blink as the picture was being taken.

They post the picture on facebook, and giggle as they wait for the boys’ confusion about the “stranger” in their midst.

Supercat Week: Day Five

Supercat Week: Day Five – Soulmate AU.


Carter Grant’s Great Plan,

or, a supercat soulmate au in which Carter tries and sort-of-not-really-but-does fail to meddle.

Okay, so Carter had seen his mother’s soulmark. He wasn’t supposed to have seen it, obviously – soulmarks were private, up until the point they were actually said. The fact that he had seen it, of course, was a secret that everyone knew. A lot of children had seen their parents’ soulmarks, and it was kind of a secret, unsaid tradition that your children knew your soulmark.

But Cat Grant was notorious for not showing her soulmark, even in private – she’d talked about it once, on her show, and it invited many views. These days, celebrities’ soulmarks were well-known, the paparazzi getting paid a lot of money for good mark-shots. Carter’s mark had been photographed before, to his misfortune, but his was in a very easily-seen place, the black ivy and dark grey aster that would eventually fill with colour tracing around the left of his face, over his eyebrow. It was another reason for his dad to ignore him.

Every mark meant something. His mark being flowers just made it easier to discern. His dad’s mark was a flower too – an orange lily. Hatred.

His mother’s mark was on her stomach, just above her belly-button. It seemed that flowers were a thing on both sides of his family, because hers was a strange mix of symbols, twirling in a spiral of azalea petals in such a beautiful, realistic way that if it hadn’t been tattooed to his mother’s skin, he would have thought it real. He’d been fascinated with it for a long time, but his mother never let him see it again. Sometimes, he tried to remember what the symbols were like – he’d draw them idly on his skin when he was bored.

Like now.

“So do you, uh, want some juice, or something?” Kara questioned him awkwardly. Carter looked at the girl. She was trying, he could tell, but she wasn’t used to looking after kids, and obviously nervous.

“No, I’m good.” He went back to writing on his arm, only to jerk as Kara knocked over something on her desk. He looked up, staring, expecting her to curse, or something, tidy up maybe – but she had her eyes locked on his arm, on the writing. He glanced at it. “Can you read it?”

“How…that’s my name, nearly.” She looked confused. Carter blinked.

“Your name?” He peered at the symbols – so it was a language after all. “So it says Kara Danvers?”

“No, it’s a really badly spelled version of my real name.” Kara reached over, taking his wrist gently and staring at the symbols like they were the Holy Grail. “I haven’t- I haven’t seen my name written down like this in…a long time.”

Carter frowned at her. “Aren’t you American?” She paused, then shook her head, letting go of his arm. “What are you then?”

“Something else. I was adopted, after the last of my people died. Well, after nearly all my people died. I was separated from them.”

Carter twisted in his seat, “Were you from a tribe or something?” Kara’s lip quirked.

“No, not a tribe. More like a supremely advanced civilisation in hiding. Here.” She grabbed a notepad from her desk, and a pen, then – with an ease Carter had never seen before – she wrote out the symbols that were tattooed on his mother’s skin.

And that was when it clicked.

“Oh my god, you’re her.” Carter stared. “But you’ve already met!” Kara looked at him with a frown.


Carter moved his hands back and forth, trying not to attract too much attention from anyone surrounding them while he had his revelation, while also trying to explain to Kara without explaining that his mother had her name.

“Carter, you’re acting weird.”

“Where- where I saw this,” he put his hand on the notepad, eyes wide. “It’s important what I saw this on.” Everything about this was weird and strange – Kara was like, not even thirty! His mother was fifty, or fifty-one – he wasn’t quite sure, as they didn’t celebrate her birthday – and twenty years? Really? Carter had never seen a soulmate gap so big before. Five years, ten, even but twenty?

“Where did you see my name before, Carter?” Her eyes were wide behind her glasses, before they suddenly became disturbed. “Do- do you have that name?” It took a second to translate, before Carter shook his head sharply. Kara slumped in her seat, looking relieved.

“Good. That- if you had my name I’d never forgive myself.”

Things aren’t making sense. Carter pursed his lips. “Kara, how do soulmate marks work? For your people?” Kara looked at him with fearful eyes. “I won’t tell, I promise.” The way she talked about it – her people had to have different soulmarks.

It was the only idea he could think of, sue him.

Kara looked nervous. She fiddled with her glasses, before clasping her hands together.

“My, uh…my people, our soulmarks are names, that don’t come until we’ve, uh, made something for ourselves – found our place in society.”

Carter looked at her, appalled. “But that could take forever.”

Kara looked strained, “On my- in my civilisation, we were given a place, and usually soon after, our marks came in. On Earth- in National City, I mean, uh, in National City it’s harder, obviously, but I’ll get there – I’ll get my mark.”

“And what will it be like? Will it be a name? A picture?”

Kara flushed, “In my people’s society, it was a name, but…if they weren’t from our civilisation, it was a name, like in our culture, and something from there’s, so…a picture and a name, probably, unless they’re dead.” She looked sad, at that, and in pain. Carter looked down, remembering what she said before. After nearly all my people died. She probably felt so lonely – and to have not used her language in years must have been terrible.

“How long did it take you to learn English?”

“A few days – I already had the basics down. It was more the cultural and social aspects that confused me,” Kara explained. Carter nodded, thinking more on that.

“Teach me how to write in your language?”

Kara blinked, “You- you want to learn?”

“Yeah. And apparently-” Carter grinned “-I’ve been writing your name wrong. What’s your name then, anyway, if it’s not Kara Danvers?”

Kara smiled.

“Kara Zor-El.”


“The end of Working Girl always makes me cry.”

Cat smiled, “Me too.” She was going to leave, happy in leaving her former-assistant to herself – only for her eyes to stray to the girl’s cheek, where her skin was shimmering and colouring. “Kara – what’s that?” She frowned, stepping forwards quickly, reaching up to take her chin softly, pushing her cheek sideways to watch as a golden bouquet of daffodil started drawing itself on her face in a long line, curving from her forehead to her chin.

“Kara, why is-” she stopped, watching in fascination as Catherine Grant wrote itself onto her skin in tiny, black italic, edging the petal of the centre daffodil – small enough that from a distance it would look like a shadow. Dear God above.

“Ms Grant?”

“I think you should call me Cat,” the CEO muttered, before feeling an amazing warmth in her stomach, tracing her soulmark like a fine-haired paintbrush. Swallowing, she let go of her chin, stepping back and smiling tightly. “Get settled into your office.”

And then she did the cowardly thing and ran off.


Visiting Winn and James half an hour later, Kara was grinning as they stared at her in shock.

“I got promoted!” Neither of them reacted the way she thought they would. “Well? Isn’t that good?”

“Kara, look at your face,” Winn said in a serious tone. Kara frowned, before hearing a whisper that surprised her.

Since when did Kara have a soulmark on her face?

“A what?” She murmured, before looking in the glass of James’ office-wall, eyes blowing wide as she saw the faint reflection of her face. “Rao…it came in.” And there was a name on it.

“People are going to notice, Kara – they’ll think you’re a cradle-robber,” James warned. Kara blinked. Cradle-robber. Alex had called her that once, when she said her mark would come in once she got a proper job. “And what about Supergirl?”

“Uh…” oh that was problematic. And then, just to add to that, she heard a scream. “I’ve got to go.” The glass wasn’t good enough for her to see the name just yet, but she was meeting Carter at the library in a few hours for lessons in Kryptonese – he could tell her.

“Kara-” Winn started.

“I’ll put some foundation on,” she muttered to him, before speed-walking away, covertly grabbing Cynthia’s pale foundation as she did. I’ll get her a new bottle.


Supergirl saved a woman from being murdered by her boyfriend, put together two IKEA units – word had apparently gotten around – entertained a gaggle of girl-scouts whose leader had gone to the bathroom, put out a house-fire and stopped a man from committing suicide. And then Kara Danvers went to St Edmund’s Hall and signed in as a visitor to their library and sat down in wait for Carter, wiping away the remnants of the foundation over her newly-acquired soulmark, the fire earlier causing it to melt a little. Hopefully it wasn’t caught on camera.

“Hey Kara,” greeted Carter as he approached.

“Hey buddy,” Kara smiled at him, smiling only wider as he saw the mark on her face.

“You finally got it! And it’s like mine!” He scrambled to sit down beside her, reaching up to push her hair out of the way, staring at it. “And I was right – you are her soulmate.” Kara’s heart beat faster.


Carter nodded, “Yep. I like the daffodils, by the way – so do you get the colours right in, then?” Kara froze.

“Coloured? It’s coloured? Oh no. I’ve met her already! She’s probably wondering why I didn’t respond.”

Carter frowned, “Wait, were you alone when it came in, do you think?”

“I don’t know – though Ms Grant was acting a little weird after she promoted me- oh, oh. She- she must have seen it come in! Oh my god, how am I going to explain that?”


It turned out, she didn’t have to.

“You are a lying liar who lies,” Cat glared as Kara entered her office. “Tell me right now why I shouldn’t print proof that Supergirl has a soulmark identical to Kara Danvers’?” She dropped the pile of photos on the floor. Kara, paralysed, stared at them. “How did you even get a soulmark? I watched it form on your face. It isn’t supposed to do that – people are born with their soulmarks.”

“Not- not my people,” Kara whispered into the deathly silence. “We gain them after we find our place in the world. You- you promoted me. I got it because I found the stable point of my life.”

“What do you want me to do, Kara? I need you to tell me what you are going to do – is Supergirl going to ‘come out’ to the world? Is she going to hide her soulmark so her normal identity stays a secret? Give me direction, Kara, or so help me-”

“I have your name on my soulmark,” Kara blurted out. Cat froze. “I- I read it last night. I hadn’t looked in the mirror till then, and I saw it and I’m sorry and Carter said he saw my name on someone once and I think he meant you but he never told me and I’m just so sorry and-”

“Kara, shut up,” Cat growled, stalking forwards and lifting her silken shirt to show a tight, white band, which she lifted as well, to show Kara’s name, emblazoned over dark pink petals that floated on her stomach in a spiral, as if the wind had lifted them up and painted the picture onto her skin. “I know you have my name, and I’ve been reading over the things Carter’s been bringing home and leaving out for me on purpose. I know this is your name, but not just because he wrote it down – I was there when it came in, and when my mark became coloured.” She tugged the wrap and shirt down, pursing her lips together. “People are going to think you hid your mark because otherwise me promoting you would seem like favouritism. If you want to keep working for CatCo after this, you’ll need to fill it in.”

“You mean, c-cover it?” Kara said, startled by Cat’s honesty.


A tense silence filled the air, before Cat spoke again, shaking her head.

“Carter knew the entire time. No wonder he kept asking to see you again, for me to give you a promotion, to get you out from under my thumb into your own department…”

“Uh, Ms Grant?”


“Cat…” Kara fiddled with her glasses. “Would it be inappropriate to ask you out at some point?”

“Very. But go ahead.”

Kara blinked. “Really?”

Cat rolled her eyes. “Let me give you an incentive, Keira.” Then, she stepped forwards, taking Kara’s face in her hands and leaning up on her tiptoes, pressing a kiss to her lips, before whispering lowly, “Ask me out at some point, Kara, and while I have this chance, tell Carter something for me?”

“What?” Kara whispered, staring into Cat’s very beautiful eyes. Cat gave a smirk worthy of her name.

“Tell him to stop meddling in my love-life – I can get my own soulmate.”

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☕️☕️ jungkook has some of the best visuals and such a soft pretty face but it looks like his stylists never bothers to do anything with his hair or makeup :/ lik cmon the boy is so gorgeous, dont do him dirty with pale ass foundation and bowl cut hair

i hate the pale foundation but i think his coconut hair is cute 😭 i dont mind him barefaced n all that hes still beautiful either way

Magical Disney(Tony Perry~Y/N)

Anon asked: Hey can I have a Tony Perry imagine please? Where y/n and Tony meet at Disneyland and soon he finds out that y/n has a daughter and they all have fun there. Sorry if it’s to complicated but I really love you’re writing 😊

Written By: Gwen

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