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If you have the same problem as me, you can never find foundations light enough. This manic panic dreamtone colour corrector in white can help to lighten up your existing foundations without changing their texture. I bought one back when they had a little spatchula and not a pump top and IRS still going strong! It was realitively cheap to buy (I got it from Amazon) Please note that not all manic panic cosmetics are vegan, but their foundations are.

Sonia Kashuk- Perfecting Luminous Foundation

Bisque 01

Type: Satin Foundation  Size: 0.6oz  Price: $10.99

Pigmentation: 9/10
Packaging: 7/10
Buy again: Yes
Over all: 9/10

Pros: Great coverage, natural finish, cheap, pump foundation, lasts, comes in a shade light enough for me.

Cons: I hate the bottle it comes in. Once the product wouldn’t come through the pump anymore I wanted to try and open it. There is no way to open it. I literally took a hammer to smash it open to find that the foundation itself was in a metal tube that i had to cut open and scrape out the product (which there was still lots of). Not sold in Canada.

Discussion: I absolutely love this foundation. I found it in target the first time i visited the states to see my husband(back when we were still dating). I personally have a hard time finding a foundation that matches my skin tone. Bisque is my perfect color. I love the feeling of it and it has a natural satin finish. I also love the pump nozzle but trying to get the rest of the product out was next to impossible.

Hickey’s - Leafyishere imagines.

In which the fans spot some suspicious looking bruises on Calvin’s neck.

Thought I’d incorporate Halloween into this because I’m trash. Also I’m tired as shit so this is probably going to be terrible.

You sighed for what must’ve been at least the hundredth time now, as you furrowed your brows in annoyance at your boyfriend. Currently you were filming a video for you channel to which the brunette had reluctantly agreed, the topic being Halloween makeup.

“Calvin if this is going to work you need to stay still.” You tutted, waiting for him to stop craning his neck away from your makeup brush. The entire thing so far had been a complete failure as the ‘man’ continued to shy away from all of your advances. 

“Shit, Y/N it’s cold.” He complained, referring to the pale foundation coating the brush. You rolled your eyes. 

“Don’t be a baby.” You scoffed, quickly edging closer to him as you delicately grabbed his face, applying it in a messy manor. Hearing him squeal in distaste was worth your efforts as you giggled softly. “It doesn’t help that your emo fringe takes up half your face.” You raised a brow causing him to narrow his eyes. 

“You’re not moving the fringe.” He stated, lightly nudging you away to confirm this. 

“You’re not moving the fringe.” You mimicked pulling a face. “My next video is going to be exposing you for being insecure about your forehead.” You chuckled, blending in the pale foundation as you heard him mutter something incoherent under his breath. “What was that?” 

“I said in it for the views.” He spoke slightly louder, causing you to lightly smack him, before hastily returning to the job at hand, reference photo close by as you continued to transform Calvin into a vampire. “Ouch.” He pouted dramatically, turning his head away from you in protest. 

“Calv-” The video was hurriedly paused as this particular fan quickly clicked back a few seconds. 

“Ouch.” The pout, the head turn. Yes, she had seen it correctly! 

Oh my goodness.” She squealed before scrolling down to the comment section, clicking on the comment box with an air of enthusiasm a response was quickly typed out. ‘WAS THAT A LOVE BITE AT 4:03 OMGSHDD’ pressing send she giggled. 

Scrolling upwards she pressed play on the video once more. 

“Calvin!” You lightly hit his thigh. “Just look at me, you’re gonna look hot as shit when I’m finished I promise.” You chuckled, watching as he sighed and reluctantly turned back to face you. With a brush dipped in black you instructed him to close his eyes as you lightly pressed some of the powder to his lids, with little difficulty as he merely pulled a face, scrunching up his eyes in the process. “Oh my god you’re such a child.” You spat, getting slightly ticked off at this point. 

“You’re not the one getting fucking raped by a brush.” He responded, smiling slightly all the same as he once again revealed the hickey on his neck, the intention being purely to mess up your concentration rather than to expose your handy work. 

A ping sounded from the girls device as she paused the video to check what it was, if it was any other time she’d happily wait until the end of the video but at this moment in time the overwhelming feels were causing her to consider a break. Minimizing the video she clicked on the notification button and saw it was a handful of people responding to her comment;

Clorexisbae: Oh my fufaijsd 
Leafyismyaesthetic: NO WAY MY CALVIN IS ALL GROWN UP
JellybabyCalvin: Screenshotted this! It is going straight on Twitter yo!1!!

With a giggle she brought up the video once more, backtracking to the first time it was revealed, taking a picture she then proceeded to find the second account and took yet another shot. Her tumblr blog was demanding to get updated on the situation as she still couldn’t quite get her head around the situation. Sure it was completely normal to receive love bites from a loved one, but being a fangirl came with abnormal reactions.


You sat beside Calvin on the couch, Dylan sitting on the one seater, sporting a Halloween mask, as you all watched the Shining. It had been a fair few hours since the video and you were happy to see that the fans had been loving it so far, your phone blowing up with twitter and tumblr mentions. This was the same routine after you uploaded, people sending much needed feedback and reassurance that it wasn’t completely shit. 

Turning to Cal you smiled as you watched his concentration flicker from the screen and instead to you, his made up face still screaming dead inside as he raised a brow.


“Wasn’t so bad after all was it, baby.” You cooed, watching as he scoffed.

“Yes it was.” He protested, his own phone vibrating constantly, usually he’d turn it off and reply when he found fit.

“I think you look good man.” Dylan joked, voice muffled beyond the cheap dollar store mask. 

“Thank you! See I did a good job.” You responded, proud. By now, the buzzing of your phones had calmed down slightly and so you took the opportunity to check Twitter, it wasn’t that you were completely bored of the film it was more that you honestly wanted to save yourself the loss of sleep. 

Grabbing your mobile from the arm of the chair you pressed on the blue icon, watching as it opened with ease. The first thing that came up was a couple of updates on your feed, but you were more interested on what the fans had to say than Pewds. In fact, you were even further interested when you realized most of them were directing you to a post in which you had been tagged in, with a curious mind you pressed the notification. 

JellybabyCalvin: @.Y/T/N @.Leafyishere omg Calvin be pulling ;)

You broke into hysterical laughter once the picture had loaded, phone turning to give Calvin a good view of the photo. A noise of complaint and almost embarrassment spilling from him as he yanked the phone from you. 

“Give me my phone asshole.” You struggled to speak between laughter, you were unsure what part of this was so funny but it didn’t stop you. 

“I can’t believe this- this is completely your fault.” He pouted, causing you to raise your arms in self defense.

“Didn’t hear your ass complaining last night.” You smirked, earning an eye roll.

“Whatever.” He sulked, knowing full well that there was no way he was going to live this down, in fact he was fairly certain this very tweet would be engraved on his tombstone.

But it was worth it, after all in Calvin’s mind this showed boys exactly who you were committed to. 

my skin is pissing me the fUCK OFF im literally having a meltdown

nottillivehadmycoffee  asked:

Hey! So apparently I have lovely vampire white skin. I've tried so many of the lightest shades and they're either too dark or they oxidize too much. I end up with dark face white neck, and I can't find a pale enough foundation. Do you have any recommendations?

Get a foundation mixer! NYX makes one that’s pure white, I use that one in the winter mixed in with my foundations that are too dark, and it’s perfect! I love that it doesn’t change the formula of your foundation and it’s super affordable!

anonymous asked:

do you happen to know of any good foundations for pale skin - perhaps as light as the maybelline fit me foundation in 110? mayber lighter? i use that foundation but the coverage doesn't do my acne and acne scars justice 😅 thanks so much!

revlon colourstay in ivory or born this way from too faced in snow!! so good


One in the same.. hair was a wreck bc i put it up without straightening it but oh well. Also im too pale for foundations. Please dont reblog, like is okay! :) porn blogs dont do either please :c