I really am that pale. My foundation is called undead modern vampire. I do love that lipstick though. It’s my absolute favorite go to whatever magazine gushy thing people say, it’s amazing.

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What foundation do you use?

I’ve gotten this as an anon ask a lot and wanted to add it to my FAQ - but my answer got really long. So I made it a post instead!

For concealer and correcting I use the products in the picture below. They are all really dark on me, which is okay because I mix my concealer of the day with a Kryolan potted concealer in White to achieve the correct shade!

Kryolan Ultra Fluid Foundation in TV White  is the only foundation i’ll use. It’s literally a white shade with some pink tones in it. But it can be applied very sheerly and never oxidizes on me! This is the only product I can use to get my face to be the same color as my wrists/neck/shoulders, it’s a beautiful thing. 


And I set that with NYC translucent powder because it’s cheap. 

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If you have the same problem as me, you can never find foundations light enough. This manic panic dreamtone colour corrector in white can help to lighten up your existing foundations without changing their texture. I bought one back when they had a little spatchula and not a pump top and IRS still going strong! It was realitively cheap to buy (I got it from Amazon) Please note that not all manic panic cosmetics are vegan, but their foundations are.

Swatches of Pale Foundations.

Many people come to me asking which is the palest foundation so I swatched the ones I used.

As you can see Illamasqua’s Skin Base in 02 is lighter than Bobbi Brown’s Skin Foundation in Alabaster.

But no matter what the shade of foundation you can always mix with MAC’s Face and Body foundation in white to achieve the exact shade and tone of your skin.


Pale foundations review:

So this post has been a long time coming, and it may be massive because I have a lot to talk about. The search for the perfect foundation is tough, it’s the base of your makeup, so it needs to suit your skin type and your skin TONE (which is where it gets tricky, as you can see above, brands have very different ideas about what “porcelain” and “fair” mean)
For reference I have Normal to dry skin, I’m really fair with freckles. 

I Have kept the swatches and collage photo in the same order as the product photo. And have captioned them as such.
From left to right:
Models prefer matte foundation in 01,
Lily Lolo BB cream in fair,
Kat von D concealer in light 16,
Wet n wild Coverall Foundation in fair 815,
Designer brands longwear foundation in Classic ivory,
Too faced born this way in snow,
*Urban decay naked skin in 0.5,
Manic panic Dreamtone in white.

Models prefer matte foundation in 01:
Models prefer are an Australian brand owned by priceline pharmacy, they are not tested on animals, but do use some animal ingredients such as: beeswax in their products.
This is a matte foundation which is very fair and has clearly pink undertones. It is actually one of my favourite shades, and for a while this was all i would wear.
Honestly I’m not a fan of this formula, only because i am more dry and obviously this would be great for people with oily/combo skin! If i moisturize properly before and wear a good primer, this foundation is really nice. 

I think it only cost me around $8 on sale at priceline and i think at full price it is $13 which is pretty good for 30mls of foundation. It comes in a little squeeze tube, so you can squeeze it onto the back of your hand or straight onto your brush.
Overall rating 3.5/5

Lily Lolo BB cream in fair:
Lily lolo are a British based company that are BAUV approved and have many many vegan products, they have a list on their website of their non-vegan items.
So this is my first BB cream and it is really fair, like when you think fair this is what i would think of and i WISH they had this in a foundation formula. The BB is really natural and refreshing to put on, you can feel that it is great for your skin, but i just have trouble applying it because I’m so used to using liquid foundation. My first try, I used my hands like it said to do on the package, and when i was blending it in, it would shift with my fingers and come off of my cheeks. So there was bare skin there and it was really red, i looked like I had a rash! I immediately removed it all and used a proper foundation. 
The second time I tried applying it with a brush and the same thing happened, I am not sure if maybe you are meant to apply in sections and NOT try and blend over parts you have already done? but maybe BB creams are just not for me.
It was $27 AUD for 40ml of product, and i would recommend this to anyone who is a fan of BB creams and just wants a really light natural coverage. 
Oveall rating 2/5

Kat von D concealer in light 16:
Kat Von D are owned by Kendo, who is a parent company that does not manufacture any products. So Kat von D are not animal tested, not sold in China and have a vegan list on their website. 

This is the lightest shade of Kat von D’s concealer range, and honestly it was and is darker than i thought it would be. But it works fine on my skin tone, I use it under eyes and for cleaning up my brows. It doesn’t crease under my eyes and is thick enough to cover up my freckles.
It’s a good concealer, I just wish it was lighter and i will keep looking for a lighter concealer. 
It is $32 AUD for 17mls of concealer in a squeeze tube, so again you can squeeze it onto the back of your hand or straight onto your brush.
Overall rating: 4/5

Wet n wild Coverall Foundation in fair 815:
Wet n wild are a peta certified brand with lots of vegan options that are actually working to reformulate to become 100% vegan! They currently have a vegan list on their website and I personally can’t wait for them to be all vegan! Although they are a little harder to get in Australia, I am glad i picked up this foundation it is one of the lightest shades and best formula especially for the price. 
It stays in place and looks really nice on the skin, if you are light skinned with pink undertones and looking to pick up a foundation for really cheap I recommend this one for sure! Might not be good for oily skin types. But it drys down to a matte finish. It can be a little streaky and hard to apply, so i usually use a kabuki brush to stipple it in, but I would love to try it with a beauty blender!
I think i paid $10 for it on ebay, but in the USA is retails for $4 for 30mls of product.
Overall rating: 4/5

Designer brands longwear foundation in Classic ivory:

Designer brands are an Australian all vegan company! =D They make really affordable makeup and all their products and website has the vegan sunflower and CCF (choose cruelty free) logo on them! =D

So this is another foundation I really loved at first, but my issue is that after a while it started to oxidize.. I didn’t realize what was happening at first, and just thought that maybe my perception of the colour was off, but after talking with some friends they said that it’s called oxidization. In the little collage above i had been mixing the foundation with the manic panic dreamtone white colour corrector to lighten it up.
The formula is really great, nice coverage and doesn’t sink into lines and pores, I have emailed DB and am waiting to hear back about the product oxidizing. It comes out a really light colour, basically the same shade as the wet n wild coverall, but then after a few minutes it’s a deep orange. It could be that the product i bought was old, or just that my skin does not agree with this foundation, but i have many friends who love this foundation and have never had this problem!
The product retails for $12.99 for 30mls of product, if you live in Australia i really recommend popping into a retail store and trying this on your hand. 
It comes with a pump for easy application, no mess and no waste.
If it doesn’t oxidize, I’d recommend buying it and checking out DB’s other products.
Overall Rating: 3.5/5 

Too faced born this way in snow:
Too faced are certified by peta and have a list of vegan products on their website, this list is a bit outdated, so i’d check the product listings because often they will put “vegan-friendly” there instead :) 

This is the foundation I have been wearing every single damn day since i got it, It is my new holy grail. It is SO soft, easy to apply and matches my skin tone really well, doesn’t sink into pores or fine lines and has a nice natural medium coverage. It goes really well with my dry skin, but if i use any sort of setting powder on top it can make it dry/flaky. 
It is really refreshing on the skin because of the coconut water included in the ingredients! If you are able, I definitely recommend picking up a sample of this to try.
It has a pump for easy application, one pump is usually enough to do my whole face!

It cost $58AUD for 30mls, so it is quite expensive but I will definitely be repurchasing. 
Overall rating: 5/5

*Urban decay naked skin in 0.5:
Urban decay are certified by peta and Leaping bunny as not testing on animals but they are now owned by Loreal. Loreal sell products in China where animal testing is required by law, some people choose to boycott all companies under them for this reason, but Urban decay does not sell in China and therefore retain their no animal testing status.

This foundation was my absolute holy grail for years before urban decay sold to Loreal, and i went off buying them and went in search of a new amazing foundation. But after a while I came back to it, and it is still one of my all time favourites. It blends so easily and makes your skin look airbrushed. It drys down to a nice finish and looks like your not wearing foundation at all, it is a very medium coverage but you can easily build upon it without it sliding off the spots that already have foundation on them.
This is another foundation with a pump, which i prefer to squeeze ones. One and a half pumps is usually enough for the amount of coverage i want for my entire face.
It retails for $60 AUD on mecca for 30mls, which is pretty expensive But again it is one of the best foundations I have ever used. 
Overall Rating: 4.5/5

Manic panic Dreamtone in white:
Manic panic is certified no animal testing by peta and have some vegan makeup items (less now) but their foundations are vegan.

This I have literally had for so long all of the writing has come off of the packaging and the formula has changed, it used to be really thick and a nice consisency and now it is really running and oily. So I think it’s time for a replacement. The newer colour corrector comes with a pump instead of the spatula thing this has.
This is a must have for any pale people who have many foundations that are way too dark for their skin, you add it to your foundations and it lightens them. This is what i was using for a long time because i just couldn’t find any foundations light enough for my skin, especially in winter. 
It retails for around $17 AUD and as i said, it lasts a super long time. I’m not even half way through and i used to use this every single day. 

If you have dark foundation you love the formula of, get this to lighten them. it’s cheap and works. 
Overall rating: 4/5

I am still planning to buy Kat Von D’s lock-it foundation in light 42 when it becomes available in Australia sephora, but until then my top choice is too faced born this way in snow. It may look slightly yellow toned but when it blends in it suits my pink undertoned dry skin. :) 

voodoo-blonde  asked:

My vegan foundation recommendations and ideas: Beauty Without Cruelty Ultimate Natural Liquid Makeup, Wet n Wild Coverall Cream Foundation, Lavera - Natural Liquid Foundation is vegan as well as their 2in1 Compact Foundation (which I use) although the first one has a light shade. Also, Meow Cosmetics has a huge range for all skin types, undertones and skin color. For mineral/loose f. I'd also recommend Everyday Minerals. Also, the UNE Skin Glow Foundation, which is quite light like the BWC one

More pale foundation recommendations!

merwitch3000  asked:

Have you got any recommendations for foundations for dry and pale skin? I'm from Ireland:)

As a fair skinned gal myself I know how frustrating it can be to find a foundation that matches you, neverlone a good one. There’s nothing worse than buying a foundation in the lightest shade only to discover that it is still too dark for you and makes you look orange. Luckily in recent years drugstore brands have come out with foundations in super light shades meaning you don’t have to run to the high end department stores.

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