pale skink

Look at all these dogs I saw

I took so many pics at the Reptile Breeders Expo yesterday, I’ll just post my favourites!

There were hundreds of ball pythons of all kinds of morphs, and the prices were mind-boggling. The bumblebee to the left of this guy was $75.

Just unreal. I was drooling over these ivory balls.

…Then of course there’s Markus Jayne’s snakes, lol.

A sunglow reticulated python boa?

We saw a ton of crested geckos too, but this one was my absolute favourite.

This is a giant gecko and I love them. Like a crestie on steroids. I held one and it was magical. They are just huge. $1000 though.

I was ridiculously obsessed with this woma python, you guys. It had eyebrows. I could barely tear myself away.

CHINESE HAMSTERS! (From a pet breeder, not feeders!) I never got a pic of the one I met on Wed, so I was excited to take this guy’s pic. He sat on my hand patiently (I was hovering a couple inches above the bedding in case he decided to climb down) the whole time I was fumbling my phone out of my purse one-handed. He just sat and waited. They were all supernaturally calm. I love these guys.

Pink-bellied sideneck babies! There was actually not a lot of turtles, but there were loads of tortoises. Especially Sulcatas, of all things. It was weird. Anyway, I kind of love these turtles.

What we came for - MY DREAM DOG! This is an incredibly pale Northern blue tongue skink. He was not for sale, just for display, but the vendor took pity and let me hold him. He was so comfy and fat and perfect. I want a bluey so bad. Parting from him was physical agony.

We saw two baby blueys who were for sale - skinny Meraukes - and then, just before we had to leave, this little guy. If I could have bought ANYTHING, it would have been this skink. He was beautiful!

And I couldn’t buy ANYTHING. I’m still in pain. Literally everyone was leaving with animals except me. Ughhh.