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I love how solangelo fics are either

“My love, could you pass the salt please?” Will said to Nico as he smiled. The light of his life passed the pale canister across the table with a graceful hand


“Nico, you twat, pass the gods-awful salt. My lunch is dryer than your sense of humor, you stubborn dishcloth.” Nico flipped Will off as he continued to listen to his music

And there is no in between

The Grim Reapers Girlfriend (Min Yoongi) Pt.3

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Part 1 Part 2

Summary: Most people think the Grim Reaper or commonly know as Death, is a faceless man wearing a dark cloak with a scythe in his hand. Oh boy were they wrong. Anyone who meets him would mistake him for one of God’s angels, so, what happens when you do meet him?

Basic Summary: Death (Min Yoongi) meets you and instantly falls in love with you, his job is to take you to the other side but instead asks you to become his wife. While thinking of your answer, a miracle happens. You come back to life.

Pairing: Yoongi X Reader (and a bit of JIn)

Genre: Pure fluff, Humour, bit of Angst.

Warning: Swearing

A/N: PLEASE send in feed back, not just to me but to your favourite fanfic writers as well. (Also if you’re going to listen music while reading this I suggest you listen to Goblin soundtrack)

“But you must know…my name is Jin”

“Jin?” you repeated his name, you heard Yoongi sniffle. “Yup! and yours is?” Jin asked.

“Y/n” you replied smiling, you couldn’t believe this was happening. “Well Y/n, how about this Friday you and I grab some coffee? I promise you I won’t be working” he chuckled making you giggle along with him.

“I would like that” you whispered. The two of you ended the call making you come out of the cubicle.

You find Yoongi sitting on the floor nearly in tears. You rush over to him and lift his chin up to make him look at you, “Yoongi, what’s wrong?” you ask. He shakes his head no and gets up, he walks out the door waiting for you to follow.

“Yoongi, are you seriously crying about me getting date?”  he nodded his head, “You’re such a baby” you laughed walking away in the direction to your dorm.

“How would you feel if the person you liked, liked someone else?” I know what you must be thinking, Yoongi has only known you for a week and a bit, how could he possibly like you? At first Yoongi only wanted someone to keep him company, sure he had Jungkook but he wanted a females presence around him.

He decided to do some research on you and soon enough he fell in love, he found out that you would spend every second summer at an age care home to bring it to life, literally. The helpers and elderly said you were the life of the party, he also found out that since you’re Mum was always working you would have to look after your younger brother. Overall you were the perfect girl for him.

You stopped dead in your tracks, you’ve never heard anybody say that they like you.

“What did you just say?” you whisked around, a smile peaking from your lips. Yoongi smiled, walking closer to you. “I really do like you Y/n” he whispered inching closer, “Yoongi…” you dragged out.

He shushed you and continued to inch closer, he was millimetres away from your lips. You were about to have one of those moments until…oh no….Y/n don’t do it…NOOOOO.

“Achoo!” you sneezed right in his face, it was silent. Dead silent. “I have to go” you whispered running to where you were heading.

“Did you really just sneeze in my face!?” Yoongi screamed laughing, “Sorry!” you shouted back.

The days went by fast, the occasional screams from Yoongi sneaking up on you were very frequent. But finally, the days of all days had come. Friday.

“Listen I’m gonna be right beside you, if he seems like a douche cough twice and I’ll come get you okay?” Yoongi strutted with you to the small building, “Yoongi, I don’t think that’ll be necessary” you smiled.

You walked into the shop, Yoongi right by your side. He made sure only you could see him.

You spotted the familiar brown haired boy and smiled, he waved his hand and returned the smile.

“I got your coffee” he passed it to you as you sat down across from him, “Thanks!” you smiled brighter.

“I already don’t like this guy. How could he get your own coffee? You’re an independent woman” Yoongi uttered. 

The date was going well, for both Jin and You. But for Yoongi…it’s worst than hell and he’s been to hell.

“Y/n this guy is a dork, please lets go” he whispered sipping the black coffee he had made himself, you did your best to ignore him, and it was working.

Jin was half way through telling a story about his band members (that you were very into might I add) and then Yoongi did something so unforgivable.

Giving Jin your full attention you noticed a hand peaking out into the corner pf your eye, the pale icy hand went passed you to the Jin’s coffee, you eyed Yoongi down. You’re eyes practically yelling “YOONGI I SWEAR TO GOD.”

But he didn’t listen.

His fingers pulled the coffee towards him, making it spill all over Jin’s black jeans. “Aish!” he yelled, while the burning liquid seeped through the denim.

A worried look was present on your face whilst you scrambled for paper towels. Yoongi stood laughing, clutching his stomach thinking his master plan had worked…that was until he looked at where the coffee spilt, all over Jin’s crotch region.

Soon he realised that your hands would be patting down the spilt coffee.

“Here” you croaked patting down the region not realising where you were patting, that was until Jin coughed. Your eyes went wide as you heard Yoongi groan while walking back and fourth.

“Sorry” you whispered handing him the paper towels, he laughed “It’s fine.” Yoongi groaned again at the sight of you and Jin laughing together.

Soon you and Jin had finished the date and went your separate ways. “Why Yoongi? Why must you ruin the date?” you whispered walking away from him, “Listen he’s a total douche, I got Jungkook to research on him. Total player” he exclaimed waving his hands around.

“Is someone Jealous?” you asked walking down the street to the dormitories. faster then lightening you found yourself pinned up against the wall, Yoongi’s eyes weren’t his normal brown but a dark brown, lust clearly displayed.

“What did you say?”

(A/N AGAIN. I don’t have time to proof read this one so please excuse any mistakes – I uploaded part 4)

  • Aries: Black dragon that is obsessed with death and destruction, quick to anger. Active mostly at night, has poison breath and usually lives in swamp areas. Has slimy scales and appears skeletal and corpse like. A sign of death and appears when a sick person is about to pass.
  • Taurus: Pale yellow dragon. Herbivore, but will not hesitate to kill an evil human. They are the primary protector of women and children. Can be the size of a Golden Retriever, are useful in the household and are peaceful. Breathes a universal medicine that smells like lemons and loves people and shiny objects.
  • Gemini: Green forest dragon. Highly intelligent dragon, can communicate with humans. Similar to the snake in Garden of Eden, it is cunning and malevolent. Breathes chlorine gas and has horns atop his head to be able to disguise themselves.
  • Cancer: Silver dragon. The most sensitive dragon and the savior of the wounded, homeless, and helpless. They have mercury blood and breath, making it poisonous to inhale and touch, but their scales are often used in healing creams that they create.
  • Leo: Holographic dragon that is blinding to the eye, this is their primary defensive trait. They spend lots of time luxuriating on their own and live with a few others of their kind. Known for attacking other dragons and has arsenic laced breath.
  • Virgo: White snow dragon. Intelligent but hermit dragon, very afraid of human. Has frostbite breath. Blends in with snow and preys on larger mammals and lone humans. Dislikes include sunlight. Their scales are water repellant.
  • Libra: Bronze dragons. Obsessed with humans and their culture. Lives close to the ocean and has extremely hot, lava like breath. Known for killing tyrants and criminals, similar to the Blue Dragon. Has a human-like sense of good and evil.
  • Scorpio: Purple exotic dragon. First bred in Asia, these dragons are the most mysterious. Scales regularly shed and are used in making perfumes and sex oils. Breathes a sedative gas to knock out people, then torture and eat them. They are beautiful, but if you see them, you will be dead very soon.
  • Sagittarius: Gold dragons. Lives in villages and is a defender of the common good. Has been known to eat criminals or bad town leaders. Sometimes leaves villages to go on quests to help others. Has catfish whiskers and each of their scales is worth millions of dollars. Breathes blue fire.
  • Capricorn: Red dragon that guards jewelry, gold, and other precious gems. Carnivorous and has a forked, long tongue like a snake. Found by volcanoes and medieval castles. Villages sacrifice young virgins to them. Breathes fire. Can be ridden into battle by someone worthy.
  • Aquarius: Blue desert dragon. Tends to attack humans that are greedy, vain, or have committed a heinous crime. Causes sandstorms by flapping their enormous wings. Breathes fire and dust particles. Although it lives in the desert, it spends its time admiring its reflection at an oasis.
  • Pisces: Water, shapeshifting dragon. Can be as long as 100 meters, or as small as a nurse shark as needed. Spends lots of time lurking on the ocean floor and admiring the way the water catches the sunlight. Breathes boiling water and scales are freezing to the touch. Peaceful, eats mostly krill. Responsible for the foam that is often found on shorelines.

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Hi love! I hope you're doing well! Can you write a scenario in which the Sakamaki's get surprised by finding their s/o playing Clair de Lune? (on that one piano which Laito always plays) You're amazing<3

I’m doing well indeed, hopefully you too anon-chan! I love Clair de Lune, I put it on when replying to this :)

It was late. As his prey, you were supposed to always remain on guard. But the sight of the black piano in the room made your heart flutter. Ever since you came to the mansion, your previous hobbies and passions had all been as if erased by the continous distress. But you walked into the room, noticing the bookshelves and paintings before letting a finger press down on the white key.

Shuu : 

“Do you play?” 

You refrained the absurd squeal from leaving your lips and observed the vampire sitting on the floor and leaning against the wall right next to you. Your heart settled slowly but surely. You nodded. 

“Then play.” For what appeared like the first time, Shuu removed his earphones and closed his eyes. Clair de Lune. It matched with the pale moonlight that passed the clear glass of the window a few feet away. And you played. Your fingers danced in a slow rhythm across the monochrome keys. Throughout the song you noticed from the corner of your eyes those blue and piercing eyes glued on your form. 

And before the song ended, the left hand was brutally interrupted. Blocked by a pale one holding on to your wrist. Shuu was standing. It only took the flicker of an instant for you to feel his lips at your neck, fangs grazing at the sensitive skin. The reason was unknown, but the smooth music changed the atmosphere in the room, the passion swayed between the two of you and kept going till the morning sun. 

Reiji : 

“What are you doing at such an hour?”

Your eyes abruptly searched for the origin of his voice, right by the door. You swallowed the growing tightness in your throat. You very much wanted to play, your fingers almost tingled with this need to produce sound. Would the vampire deny you that craving? 

“I was about to play. It’s been a while since I touched a piano” You replied, your eyes looking down to look at the smooth keys. 

“Play. I hope it can not be worse than what I’ve heard coming from my brothers.”

Through the subtle criticisms, you sat down and let your hands wander across the melody of Clair de Lune. 

As the song neared the end, you played the final note. Reiji approached right behind you, leaning over your form. “Do not stop. Entertain me some more.”

Ayato : 

He wasn’t the type to enjoy such music. Which is why, seeing him slowly enter the room to observe your performance was a surprise. 

“Tch, don’t look at me like that, Chichinashi. Shuu’s always there when you play, there’s no reason why I shouldn’t either.” 

The pressure of his green eyes observing your every motion made something pulse within you, though you refrained any possible excitement to play conveniently. And as the melody became stronger, persistent and strong, you felt the breath of his being on your skin, making each note cease to silence. 

“Why…” He breathed out. “Does your blood smell stronger…more tempting than ever when you play? Chichinashi…keep playing, and let me taste your blood at the same time.”

Kanato : 

“Why are you here?” Kanato’s cold firm voice reached you with promptness. He glared with suspicious eyes. You were supposed to stay by his side at all times. “Were you expecting Laito perhaps? Is that why you’re playing on his piano?” 

“It wasn’t my intention Kanato. Just as much as you love singing, I love playing piano.” 

He frowned, vanishing from your sight only to be sensed right by your side. “Are you comparing my voice to your playing? You should stop being so arrogant. Tch…play then, show me how good you are at it.”

Your finger hesitantly played Claude Debussy’s melody and though it appeared to work on the vampire when noticing his shoulders relaxing to the music, the fear of his reaction made some dissonant noises. You observed his chuckles, and stopped playing. He placed his slender hands around your face. “Ah, so fragile…You can’t even play this properly… Don’t worry, I’ll take care of it for you, I’ll get rid of all anxiety.”

Laito : 

Oh how enchanted he was to seeing you play on his piano. He made sure to be discreet, not interrupting while you performed Clair De Lune. And his emerald eyes gazed at your form, while he reminisced his lingering touches on you with the rhythm of such a sweet melody. And within the final notes, the vampire clapped his hands, anticipating your wonderful expression of perfect surprise and astonishment. 

Frightened of the male’s reaction, you immediately stood up from the piano, though he approached vividly with a smile plastered across his face. “Oh no no Bitch-chan ~ Don’t worry, it was perfect, I don’t mind you playing on this at all! You should have told me you played piano. We could have played together! Letting our fingers touch the same places…Isn’t it exciting? Ah, it makes me want to eat you up right away now~”

And surely Laito’s words were never to be taken as a joke. It was within a few minutes that his hand reached between your legs, that his bites dug into your flesh. He made love to you against the piano. 

Subaru : 

“What the fuck are you doing here?”

He didn’t like this room. Mostly because of his brother. Laito would always spend his time in there, and anything having to do with Laito was to avoid.

“It’s been a while since I last played…” You said. You understood what that precious tone of a voice implied. It wasn’t a good idea to irritate the vampire any further. Rising from the piano bench, you sensed the sudden hand on your shoulder pushing you back down again. 

“I..It’s fine. You can play, it’s not like I care, so just play.” 

And you did. Perhaps with some hesitation and uncertainty, but you played. The fingers moved as if on their own, transported by the strength of such a soothing melody. Thoughts were echoing inside. Would he enjoy? Would he be touched? 

The ephemeral pleasure of playing for someone came to an end. You turned around, noticing that Subaru was looking down, avoiding your gaze. 

“T-this…what you just did…teach me…”

Deepest Darkest Secret

Chapter 1 

Chapter 2. Simon.

I’ve just managed to walk across and open the window when Penny bursts into the room.

‘Penny!’ I practically yell. I haven’t seen her the whole summer.

‘Simon!’ She barrels across the room and envelops me in a hug.

I hold her for a moment and then pull back. ‘You can’t be here. Baz could get here any second.’

She scoffs. ‘Fuck him, we have important things to discuss.’

‘He’ll report you –’

‘Then let’s make it quick,’ Penny cuts in. ‘Did anything happen over the break?’

I shake my head. ‘No. No sign of the Humdrum, and nothing attacked me except for a goblin on the way here.’

‘Good,’ Penny says. ‘I don’t know if you’ve spoken to the Mage yet, but there haven’t been any new holes either. Not since the end of seventh year.’


We’ve noticed that the Humdrum never sends things after me in the summers and that new holes never open up, almost as if it’s inactive outside the school year. We don’t know what it means, except it’s obvious that the Humdrum is sentient and works with a pattern. It has a plan.

‘The Old Families have been threatening the Mage,’ Penny continues. ‘You know, the usual, if you can’t deal with the Humdrum you’re an incompetent leader.’

‘They could try to help,’ I mutter.

She sighs. ‘But they’re right. The Mage hasn’t gotten anywhere, unless he’s keeping something from us, and neither have we.’

It’s only a matter of time before everything explodes. The Old Families are getting antsy and at the end of last year the Mage wouldn’t stop calling me off for missions and talking about war. I think if we don’t figure this out soon, one of the two sides will eventually snap and declare war, and I’m going to have to do my part.

The most important thing will be to stop the biggest threat. And knowing what I know about him, that’s Baz.

‘You need to go,’ I tell Penny. ‘He’s going to be here soon.’

She nods. ‘Okay. How have you been, Simon?’ She walks towards the door.

‘Fine. I’m here, aren’t I?’ I say with a small smile. ‘I’ll see you at dinner.’

‘We still need to talk about what happened last year,’ Pen says.

‘I know. Later.’

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if u think racism and islamophobia is over ur painfully mistaken lol

both me and my brother are syrian muslim immigrants (hes atheist and im agnostic, but we’re ismaili in home culture)

we’re both pale and passing and for the first decade of each of our lives thought we were white. the difference is that hes very obviously arab (hussein) and im ambiguous (elisar). my treatment at school was okay. got a couple nasty comments here and there, but whatever.

my brother has made some mistakes, sure (questioning and directly testing teacher and principal’s authority or whatever, making stupid anti-sjw jokes to look cool in front of his friends, he’s thirteen), but he’s been suspended three times, has had the police called on two times, and has been recommended for counselling and a therapist. he’s been told that he will definitely become extreme and violent. this is because he listens to “vulgar” (rap) music. the kid plays dragon ball z and protested strongly a couple weeks ago when i said i wanted to kill a spider

the first question our doctor asked when my mother told him was “whats the racial makeup of his school?” its mostly white. “theyre just scared of his name” hussein.

its fucked. if they think isolating him from his peers (when he’s already nerdy and bad with social cues) is helping then they’re fucking morons.

rain baths (m)

genre: fluff / implied smut

characters: polyamorous!yoonkook don’t give me that look

word count: 3630

a/n: anyways some trashy 6am conversations with @kingdomjeon resulted in this messy chaotic drabble turned scenario of all my fantasies pieced together :,) I may or may not write a full 10k fic for this bc I know that I can and I probably will… anyways, enjoy!

warnings: mild swearing, some mxm action (hinted only) also people got naked so I rated it M ;)

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Showers are nice. They are fragrant and clean and undeniably soothing, washing away all forms of soot and soil and weariness after a long, arduous day. Showers are bubbles and warmth engulfing all inches of your skin and the sigh that slips your mouth when heat cocoons you and thin fog blurs your vision; showers consist of scents fruity and floral combined, of serenity achieved through hot water splashing and of soft bundled towels and welcoming gusts of cool, chilly air.

Showers are, indeed, very nice.

Showers accompanied by Min Yoongi and Jeon Jungkook, however, are nicer.

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What are your thoughts on "ethnic" people who could pass as white (very pale) contributing to conversations about race/discrimination? They could be discussing grievances in their community but would they be legitimate for them since they don't openly experience discrimination because they're white passing? Or would it be inappropriate? Does this make sense? I'm bad at explaining things.

so not every pale person is white-passing bc there are definitely people who are pale but are visibly nonwhite due to their facial features (even ones who aren’t even mixed with white).

anyway, I absolutely think that white-passing people of colour have a place contributing to discussions about race n discrimination because I believe that our best hope of interrogating these things is through dialogue, and that involves including people with different experiences. I think that especially if a white-passing person of colour grew up in their nonwhite ethnic/racial communit(ies) then it’s fair that they have a say in discussing intracommunity issues. I believe that white-passing and visibly nonwhite people of colour can learn things through listening to each other’s experiences and as always (not to be corny) I believe in respect and compassion as the only basis for truly liberatory politics.

through these conversations though we need to be acknowledging that visibly nonwhite people move through the world very differently than white-passing people of colour, and we need to recognise the violence and anxiety that white-passing people are often spared (link 1; link 2). we also need to acknowledge the internalized and intergenerational trauma that white-passing people of colour can deal with. we need to consider how people’s material circumstances relate to race in complex ways and not abandon an analysis of these conditions to purely identity-based politics, thereby denying that people with the same nonwhite identity can move through the world in very different ways. we also need to avoid abandoning any notion of identity completely, thereby disregarding the (often, but not always, internal) experiences of white-passing people of colour.

I think that there’s a certain liminal space here and that it’s possible for people to be read as white in some locations but not in others (depending on, for example, how culturally visible members of their race are where they live); in certain contexts but not in others; by certain people but not by others; in certain clothes but not in others; in certain seasons but not in others; under certain names but not under others. this isn’t a fully dichotomous issue. but of course it could be said that the ability to manipulate how people read you racially is a privilege, given that many people do not have that option.

I also think that this is tied into the politics of being mixed with white, given that the vast majority of white-passing people are. I think that it is similarly incumbent upon people of colour who are mixed with white to examine how that fact affects how we move through the world and shapes our experiences with race (whether it’s in terms of our phenotypes, or how having white family might help us materially given how race and class are intertwined n how capital is easier for white people to accumulate, or how we may live in a better area than we would otherwise due to white family shielding us from housing discrimination, thereby having access to healthier living conditions and better education, or how this is different depending on whether we live in a system of racial hyperdescent or hypodescent, etc.–of course this is all very highly variable). and I think it’s important to do that work while also building spaces wherein we can acknowledge the trauma and racialised abuse that can result from growing up with white family (and this of course also applies to transracial adoptees). neither of these things overrules the other or makes the other unimportant. as always it’s an issue of nuance and balance.

Da Vinci’s Demons’ whumps’ list

(referred to Master Leonardo Da Vinci character)

Season 1

.01: ambushed, beaten up and chained, passed out.

.02: involved into explosion and fallen to the ground, dizzy and some bruises on his face.

.03: fallen poisoned and treated with leeches, still weak.

.04: involved into explosion without consequences, hallucinations, slapped, arrested and chained up.

.05: incarcerated, badly beaten up.

.06: poisoned himself with sleeping poison, dizzy, grabbed by his throat and almost chocked to death, fought, cuts on his face.

.07: stabbed (in a vision), almost drawn, fought, punched and roughtly catapulted to the ground, sore and limping, bruises on his face (plus Giuliano’s whumps).

.08: slapped (plus both Medici’s whumps).

Season 2

.01: fatigued by a long breakaway, fainted, cut his arm in order to make a blood transfusion, very weak for the mentioned blood transfusion, hallucinating (plus Lorenzo’s whumps).

.02: attacked, recovering (plus Lorenzo’s whumps).

.03: fought, cut twice, hallucinating for lack of oxygen.

.04: attacked and fought.

.05: hit in his face and passed out, captured and tied up (plus Lorenzo’s whumps).

.06: bitten by venomous snake, sick and dizzy, slapped (plus Lorenzo’s and Riario’s whumps).

.07: captured and tied up.

.08: thrown into a cell, condemned to death, roughly fallen to the ground (plus Riario’s whumps).

.09: incarcerated and pilloried, attacked with a sword and deep cut, passed out into a raging fire.

.10: deep and bloody cut from previous episode, untreated and sore, hit at the head and roughly fallen to the ground, sweating and pale, passed out, treated with miraculous herbs and wound dressed, fainted, fought.

Season 3

.01: hit by explosion blast twice without consequences, fought with swords, multiple cuts and punches, dazed and limping, leg cut dresed on the field.

.02: passed out, still cut wounds and limping, needed help for walking, dazed and disheartened, sore, heartbroken (plus Lorenzo’s whump).

.03: dazed, tied to the saddle, limping, knockd out, tied up and tortured.

.04: tied up and tortured, hallucinations, bleeding eyes, bleeding wound at his shoulder, unconscious and dressed eyes.

.05: hallucinations, burnt his own forearm without consequences, fallen from a building without consequences.

.06: none (plus Riario’s whumps).

.07: none.

.08: captured and tied up, whipped, hanged upside down, fought and stopped a blade with bare hands, bruises and sore, dressed hands and hand-sewn whipping cuts (plus Riario’s whumps).

.09: none (plus Riario’s whumps).

.10: fought in battle, almost executed, heartbroken.

Joker Imagine - a henchman harrasses you

Anonymous said:Hey love ! Could you do a story where the reader is left alone with daddy j’s henchmen and over time one specific one harasses her behind daddy j’s back and he tells her she’s too weak for him stuff like that ,makes her cry etc.. and when he finds out through another henchmen he goes ballistic and tortures the fuck out of him and then daddy j gets all sweet and stuff, love your writing !!!!😘😘😘💘

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Your P.O.V.

‘’Take care of her’’ J told his men as he got ready to go. He was going on a heist that I was supposed to go to as well, but I got sick so I had to stay at home with some of his henchmen. ‘’And don’t do anything stupid doll’’ He told me and kissed my head. ‘’I won’t’’ I chuckled and then sniffled. I had a running nose. ‘’I know..Just watch out’’ He said strangely. Then he had to go. I wished him luck and watched as my green haired criminal boyfriend went out to break some more laws. 

‘’So what do you guys do around here?’’ I turned around to face the henchmen that stayed here. They weren’t very social with me, but  I could probably get them talking. They were all bigger and stronger than me, but I trusted them. ‘’Well I could show you around’’ One of them spoke up and walked up to me. The guy had huge muscles, loads of tattoos, blonde hair in a quiff and a few scars. He was wearing a black tank top, jeans, sunglasses and his gun belt. ‘’Sounds fine’’ I smiled and then sniffled again. The other henchmen looked at each other strangely, but remained quiet. 

He led me to the elevator and I followed him kindly. I was sick so I couldn’t even go and practise shooting. So he was my company until J would come back home. ‘’Where are we going?’’ I asked him as he pressed a button that I didn’t see. ‘’I’ll show you the storage floor’’ He told me with a deep voice. I nodded and just stood still as the elevator went down.

The elevator doors opened again and I saw a long hall with loads of doors. I couldn’t even remember being here because I was mostly in the penthouse. The henchman walked further inside and I followed right next to him. A few henchmen were here as well, who knows why. Suddenly he opened a door to a room. That’s when I felt weird. Why would he take me to such an isolated place? Stupidly I walked into the room with him. It was empty. 

‘’Now that we’re alone I can get honest’’ He started and made me nervous. So he wasn’t going to show me around after all. ‘’What do you mean?’’ I questioned this man and glanced at the door. It was shut. ‘’You’re so weak holy fuck. Seriously I don’t understand what boss sees in you’’ He started and seemed to be angry. My heart started hammering in my chest and I stared at him in shock. ‘’You shouldn’t be together’’ He chuckled and walked towards me. ‘’H-Hey..Let’s not talk about me and J okay?’’ I tried to smile, but it hurt. Then I back off until I was between him and a wall. He made me feel very uncomfortable.

‘’I bet he’s with you just for the pussy’’ He laughed and suddenly touched my body. ‘’Let me go’’ I groaned and slapped his hand away from me. Suddenly he grabbed my throat harshly and kept me against the wall so hard I couldn’t breathe. I tried to rip his hands off of me, but he was stronger. ‘’Be a good girl for me..Don’t do that again’’ He whispered in front of my face and I could feel his hot breath. It made me sick in my stomach.

 Suddenly his grip loosened a little and I gasped for air. Tears stung my eyes and I knew I was trapped. ‘’Oh..You’re not to tough then boss isn’t around’’ He fake pouted and then started laughing. Tears ran down my face silently and I felt like I was shrinking. He made me really scared, especially because he was so strong and I was sick. I didn’t even have my gun with me to protect myself.

Suddenly his other hand cupped my left boob and my eyes widened. ‘’Please stop..’’ I begged as my breath hitched in my throat. His other hand was still around my neck and it made breathing harder. ‘’I won’t stop until I want to you whore’’ He spat, making more tears gush down my face. My body was trembling from fear and I just wanted to find J. Then to make things worse, he pressed his dirty lips against mine. I screamed and tried to pull my face back, but he just choked me so I stopped wiggling. His other hand was squeezing my boobs harshly and I felt so fucking humiliated. He was trying to make out with me as I was trying not to throw up on him.

‘’If you tell J, I’ll kill you..’’He threatened me angrily. Then he looked at me seriously. I just nodded, being too scared to fight him. ‘’Is that clear?’’ He growled and then squeezed my jaw so it hurt. ‘’Yes’’ I whimpered and swallowed my tears. I felt so disgusting right now. ‘’Good you damn ugly bitch’’ He spat again and then yanked my hair. I winced in pain as he pushed me against the wall so he was behind me. His hand slapped my ass and I groaned in pain. ‘’Stop it!’’ I screamed again, but only angered him. ‘’Shut the fuck up’’ He hissed angrily. I squeezed my eyes shut and held my breath. 

‘’I’d teach you a lesson, but I don’t want you to get a kid running around. Tomorrow come to me with protection’’ He said with a low voice. My heart skipped a beat and I started trembling again. I would not do that. I just couldn’t, but for now I just nodded because I was too scared to disobey. ‘’Now fuck off’’ He growled and pushed me towards the door. I opened it quickly and left the floor. I literally ran into the elevator and pressed the button to go to the penthouse. As the elevator doors shut, I slid down the walls and sat down. Tears started gushing down my face wildly and I was sobbing loudly.

I couldn’t believe what just happened.

The elevator doors opened before I reached the penthouse and two henchmen walked in. As they saw me, they seemed worried. They knew that if I got hurt, someone would die. ‘’What’s wrong?’’ One of them, Jimmy asked me. I shook my head because I was unable to speak. Then I stood up and looked down so they couldn’t see my ugly crying face. ‘’Was it Mark? The one who showed you around?’’ The other henchman asked me. ‘’It’s nothing’’ I whimpered and then focused on my trembling hands.

The elevator went up and I was by the penthouse. I walked out of the elevator, past some guards and inside my home. I kicked off my shoes and hurried to the bathroom. I felt so dirty that I just had to shower. As I got undressed, I started crying loudly again. What the fuck was I supposed to do? Go to him tomorrow? Tell J? Die?


*POV CHANGE Joker’s P.O.V.*

The heist went just as planned. I was so happy about it and I couldn’t wait to tell everything to Y/N. I got home and noticed that my henchmen had been acting weird, but no one said anything. ‘’Y/N?’’ I called out for her as I stepped inside the penthouse. Her shoes were on the floor, not neatly as usually. That was weird. That’s when I heard crying. I walked closer to the sound until I found her in the shower of our master bathroom. I shut the bathroom door as I stepped in. She was sitting on the shower floor, letting the warm water hit her back.

‘’What happened?’’ I asked her and took off my shirt. ‘’Nothing’’ She lied, obviously hurt by something. I sighed and got completely undressed. Then I joined her in the shower, helping her up. She wrapped her arms around me. Her body was trembling even tho the water was hot. ‘’Tell me what’s wrong’’ I cooed and hugged her back. 

‘’I can’t..It’s nothing’’ She mumbled and sighed. I didn’t want to push her, so I just let it be for now. Maybe my henchmen knew since they were all acting so weird earlier. Whatever it was, I’d find it out someway. 

                   Y/N fell asleep after the shower and I put the blanket on her body. She was in our bed so I thought it was safe to leave her for a little while. I got two floors down where most of my henchmen always were, either in the main big office or their own offices. As I walked in, I got glanced at strangely. ‘’Now does anyone want to tell me why my girl was scared to death when I came home?’’ I broke the silence and played with my gun. Frost appeared out of nowhere and walked up to me. ‘’Jimmy and Poison wants to talk to you about it’’ Frost admitted with a quiet voice. I gave him a strange look, but let him lead me to two other henchmen.

They were in an office drinking coffee as I got there. As soon as they saw me, they stood up. ‘’What’s going on?’’ I growled deeply and looked at each of them. ‘’Mark had talked about hurting Y/N lately and bad shit about her..Just as you left he took her down to the storage floor’’ Jimmy started and then looked at Poison, an intelligent killer. ‘’I saw him take her to a room. I heard screaming, but the door was locked from the outside. Then she stormed off crying. Then Mark came up later and bragged about what he had done’’ Poison let me know. I felt like a vein would pop in my head from anger.

Oh how I would fucking torture that asshole for hurting my lady. ‘’Where is he?’’ He growled and started to breathe heavily. No one would hurt Y/N and get away with it. ‘’In his office’’ Frost informed me. I stormed off and left them behind. Mark’s office wasn’t far away. I ripped the door open and pointed at him with my gun. He was sitting by his desk, doing some paperwork or something. ‘’You know..birds have been singing anf they sang something like ‘Mark is screwed Mark is screwed for hurting Joker’s girlfriend’’ I growled in a mocking tone. His eyes widened and he stared at my gun, turning pale as time passed.

‘’That’s not t-true’’ He stuttered and raised his arms.’’Liar’’ I hissed and then pushed him against the wall. I looked deep into his eyes and nearly saw his beating heart. He was terrified. ‘’You really fucked up man’’ I let him know and then hit his neck with my gun. He groaned out in pain and fell down on his knees. ‘’Frosty would you do me a favour and take this pig to the torture room?’’ I called out for Frost who came here asap. ‘’Yes boss’’

                             An hour passed rather slowly. Mark was tied to a chair in the torture room and he was barely alive anymore. What I had done to him wasn’t for sensitive people. Even so called strong people would get the chills and gag if they would hear details. Let’s just say that Mark didn’t look like himself anymore.He was bleeding from random places and I had carved things on his body. Long story short, he was 100% regretting what he had done.

‘’I think that the dogs would love to finish you off’’ I laughed at him. There was a small ray of life in his eyes left. He was trembling and breathing heavily. Frost walked in two beautiful dogs, my German Shepherds. ‘’Finish him’’ I told the dogs who attacked mark. One last shout escaped his mouth before he fell silent. I walked out of the room, smiling because I knew he was dead. 

I got back to the penthouse and headed straight to Y/N. She was in bed, but she wasn’t sleeping. She was crying again. ‘’It’s okay..’’ I broke the silence and joined her in bed. I threw off my bloody shirt and then wrapped my arms around her. ‘’No it’s not J’’ She sobbed , obviously scared. So she didn’t know yet. ‘’Y/N ..’’ I said her name and looked deep into her pretty eyes.

‘’I killed him. He can’t hurt you anymore’’ I let her know. Her tears stopped and her lips parted. She seemed shocked. ‘’How did you even know?’’ She breathed out and then sniffled, probably because she had cried so much and because she was sick. ‘’The other henchmen let me know. You don’t have to worry. He’s gone’’ I reminded her while tracing my fingers on her cheek. There were bruises on her neck that I didn’t notice earlier. Damn I was glad I killed Mark.

‘’Thank you so much’’ She whispered and nuzzled into my chest. I wrapped my arms around her body and sighed deeply. ‘’You must be crazy if you thought I wouldn’t kill him. I’ll protect you no matter what Y/N. You’re the only person I truly care about so I’ll treat you like it. Next time someone dares to hurt you, tell me immediately, okay?’’ I tried to make a deal with her. ‘’Okay Puddin’’ She  answered me quietly, making me feel happy.

‘’That’s my girl’’

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Sex at 3am.

Hi guys ! It’s Raphaëlle talking ! Just wanted to tell you how much I love you, and that, if you have any ideas for imagine, you can always come and ask me !

Disclaimer: Smut. Like hard, pure smut. Oh, and swearing. And a breeding kink.

Words: 2339.


Imagine, you though something happened to him.


The clock on your bedside table was showing 2:34 am the last time you checked. And still no signs of him. You were starting to get worry. He’s been gone since 19h and told you he was supposed to be back between 23h\0h00. Never, never he was that late. And if he was, he would let you know. Send somebody to tell you that something was wrong and that he had to stay longer at the office.

 But tonight, nothing. Not even a text. 

It wasn’t normal.

 Scenarios after scenarios started to create itself inside your head. What if the Bat caught him? What if, right now, he was inside a cell of Arkham? No, that’s impossible, Frost would have come to tell you.

What if they’re all dead? What if the police showed up while they were crashing the mayor’s birthday party and kill them all? Could it be possible? 

Was it how it was supposed to end since the beginning? Him dead and you heartbroken? 

You couldn’t stand it anymore. Reaching for your phone, you call him.

After ten ringing, his voice mail snaps. 

You try again. Three, four, five times. Still the same thing: no answer. 

You could feel the panic raising inside of you. Suddenly, it was more difficult to breath, and the room felt tighter around you. You took off the silk purple sheet off of you. The warm of the room was becoming too intense. You could feel the drops of sweat rolling down your naked back. 

You try Frost’s number. Again, it direct you to his voice mail. You screamed in frustration, you could feel the tears at the extremities of your eyes.

You pitch your cell phone as far from you and run out of the bedroom into the living room. You turn on the TV and put it on the news. You knew that, if Mr. J was dead, they would talk about it. Whatever the time is. 

But you’re welcomed by the fortune lady who’s talking about her tarot cards and how much energy they have. 

You scream, while you let down your tears. And then it hit you. How deep your bond to that man is. How the fact that you don’t have any information can make you sick so rapidly. You needed him to breath, to live. Otherwise you’ll fall into an abyss of eternal darkness. You passed your fingers through your (h\c) hair. Multiples times. And then, you pull. You pull with all your strength. And then, you winced as you feel your hair getting pulled out of your head. You became crazy. Like an addict who didn’t have his regular dose. 

You started to trash. You throw the remote control at the TV, just so the lady would shut the fuck up. Who gives a damn shit about her tarot cards? The couch is flipped upside down. The pictures and paintings on the wall are destroyed. The wooden table in the middle of the room, is now all over the floor. You start to go after the lamps when you’re bring back to earth by the voice you were looking for. 

WHAT THE FUCK, (y\n)?” J screamed. 

You stopped what you were about to do and stand still in the middle of the ruined room. You’re breathing hard and fast, your naked chest moving upwards every time you take an inspiration. 

You’re not dead?” You said, softly, like you couldn’t believe it.

 His purple coat was stained with splash of red, as well as his naked white chest. His green hair, though, didn’t move an inch. 

Dead? Why would you think that? And why would it gives you the right to destroy the living room?” He said, irritated. 

You told me you’ll be here at 23h. Its 3h in the morning J. Nobody came to tell me you’ll be that late.” You told him, you’re chin’s trembling while you’re trying to maintain the sobs inside of you.

I did. I send that stupid trainee.” 

Well he never came.” You stated, exploding. 

You sit down on the floor while your body’s vibrating with all the sobs that’s coming out of you. 

It’s silent for a while in the room. You can only hear yourself crying. 

Frost. Where’s that fucking trainee? Well, when you’ll find that little bitch, bring him to me. I have some words to tell him.

 You can hear his boots on the floor coming towards you. His cold pale hands passed under your arm pit and lift you up off the ground. You wrapped your legs around his waist and your arms around his neck to support yourself.

 His big hands go to your naked butt. They caress it gently.

 “Shh, baby, Daddy will make him pay for that, I promise.” He told you, calmly.

He start to walk outside the trashed room and towards your bedroom. Like magic, all of the despair and sobs are gone, as if they were never there.

 “C’mon show your beautiful smile to Daddy.

You take your face out of his neck and show him your teeth. In return, he show you his. 

When you’re inside the dark bedroom, he depose you gently on the silk sheet. He take of his bloody coat and pants, leaving him in only his boxer that had difficulty to maintain all of him inside. 

He come over you, deposing both of his arms between your head and he kiss you. Hard. You can hear the mixing of saliva your tongues are making. He groans, you moan. 

Oh, baby, daddy have been thinking of you all night long. I’ve been hard all night long, thinking about that thigh little cunt of yours.” He says hotly in your ear. 

You can feel his fingers sliding down your body, stopping a while around your bellybutton, to tease you, making you envy him. 

When he puts his finger on your most intimate part, he can already feel the beginning of wetness that he have created by just kissing and touching you. He start to circle your clit and you moan softly. 

Yeah, you like that, hm? Tell daddy, that you like what he’s doing too your little body.”

I like it, daddy. I like it very, very much. Your big fingers make me feel good.” You tell him in an innocent voice.

 You start to hump your waist against his big hand while you put yourself on your elbows to see his fingers on your pinky cunt. 

I’m happy to hear that baby girl.” 

But I’m sure that you’re big cock will help to make me feel so much better.” You state with the same tone of voice. 

You hear him chuckle and see his dick twitch inside of the black fabric. 

You want daddy’s thick meat to fuck your little cunt, baby? Is that what you want?” He asked you.

 He push harder against your clit. He put a wicked smile on his face when he sees you squirm under him. 

Yes daddy, that’s what I want.” 

Then say it, say it. Pretty, pretty, pretty…” 


God you’re so… good.” He said, stopping his circular motion on your clit. 

He lift himself off of you. He stand on his knees on the bed, hovering you, like a king. His chest fall back heavy, and the bulge in his boxer makes your mouth water. You lick you lips. 

Come and take it off.” He ordered you. 

You put yourself on your hands and knees and start to go towards him. When you’re centimeters away from his crotch, you bite your lower lips. You lift your (e\c) eyes towards his face. He does a move with his face to tell you to keep going. 

But before taking the boxer off, you lick his cock. You can feel it twitching incontrollable under your wet muscle. You put your tongue back inside your mouth rapidly and take off his black fabric in a swift movement. 

The long and thick organ that you love so much bobs before you. You could stare at it for an eternity. All of the veins and the perfect mushroomed tip are like a masterpiece coming straight from the gods. 

Open your mouth, little slut. Daddy’s got a lollipop for you to suck on.” He said while taking your hair in his fist and making you swallow all of his juicy meat in one shot. You don’t care, even if your throat burn from the intrusion. 

You dig your cheeks as much as you can and start to bob your head up and down while the tip of your tongue’s playing with his tip. You can feel the saliva coming out of your mouth and rolling down your chin. He was fitting so tightly inside your throat that you could feel every vein popping and pumping with blood flow. 

You could feel your wetness intensely dripping down your legs and on the bed.

You take all of him out of your mouth and start to stroke him with both of yours hands. 

Daddy, I love your cock so much, but it makes my throat so sore.” You explained. 

Well, baby, keep on sucking and you’ll have ointment that will take care of your perfect little throat.” He groan out. 

Deciding to tease him a little, you start to do kitten licks on the head of his cock. You let go of his tip and go lower. Licking both of his balls, you take one of them inside your humid mouth and suck on it. 

His groan are louder now, and his head his facing the ceiling. 

You smile, proud of yourself and go to suck his cock again. 

Sweet little mouth, always so good on daddy’s cock.” He start to rock back and forth inside of your mouth. 

He pick up the pace, fucking your mouth furiously. He doesn’t let you any chance to breathe. 

Suddenly, you find yourself on your back, with him on top of you. He puts his hands on the bad head to help him ram his cock inside her mouth. His groans were more and more frequent now. 

Fucking mouth, suck my cock dry. C’mon, milk it!” He groan out loud. 

You could feel the rush you sticky liquid being pushed out of his cock and running down your throat. 

I’m feeding you, you little cunt. Swallow, baby girl. Swallow it all.” He said, staying inside your mouth to make sure you do. 

When he’s sure all of his cum is now inside your belly, he take his cock out of your mouth. You take a deep breath, filling up your lungs with the air that it needs before you feel his red mouth on top of yours. He force his tongue to enter you hot and humid canal. While kissing each other, you can feel his cock getting hard again. You put your hand on it and depose his big cock in between your dripping folds. He moans, just like you. 

Still need you. Still need to breed your little pussy.” He says, humping your wet organ.

 “Daddy!” You cried as he tore through you, sinking to the hilt inside your small cunt. He gripped your tinny hips between his hands, groaning as he tried to keep your wiggling body still on his cock.

Be still, babygirl, Daddy needs you to be still.” he groaned, as your little cunt kept wiggling around the base of his cock, clenching around his shaft as it tried to suck him all up. Tried to keep him prisoner forever. 

But your tight little hole was too much for his already over excited cock and he couldn’t resist the urge to move anymore.

Oh god.” He grunted, as he pulled back, fighting the suction of your little cunt, that wanted to keep his giant meat inside of you forever, before plunging back between the clasping muscles of your pussy.

The bed was rattling with the strength of his thrust. And he was getting so deep as he rutted into you, that you became like a manufacturer of juice. You were soaking his cock and balls as he pounded your sweet little cunt. You could hear the noise of flesh slapping against flesh. You weren’t going to last much longer. Mr. J neither. 

C’mon Daddy, please, feed my little pussy with your baby making cream. Please, it need it.” At your words, you could feel his cock swelling inside of you, stretching you beyond possible.

He grabbed your tiny ass, pulling you onto his cock, forcing his meat as deep as it could go, jamming the head up against your womb over and over making you cry out. 

He became like an animal, trying to get his cock as far up inside his female and breed her. He couldn’t think of anything else, then his shaft up high inside you and shooting all of the damn cum he could produce. 

C’mon babygirl. Cum. Cum around me, let Daddy feel you milking his cock.

And that’s exactly what you did. You came, screaming around his cock, your small body trembling in extasie. You could feel your wetness dripping down his shaft and onto the bed, where there were already a big wet spot. 

His hips were pounding, ramming inside your young body until big shot of hot and potent cum blasted out of his cock, flooding your cervix and leaking around his rutting cock. 

His body shook as he lifted off you. He groaned as his cock slid from the grip of her cum filled hole with a loud slurp. He watch your cunt with attention, before lifting his eyes towards your face. His sweaty face, was smiling. 

Your little pussy was very hungry. It swallowed up all of my cream.” He told you, smiling wickedly. 

He leaned down and kissed you softly, gently pushing his tongue into your mouth. 

I-I think it’s still hungry, Daddy.”

a glimpse of a pale wall
in passing. a moment to remember
the mechanics of articulation, the way lace moves
in a winter breeze. delicate,
with shadows. it lands on my tongue
like a curse. like a cat.
i fall with four feet, my mouth bruising
in effort the words smudge 
fingerprints on silence, unique
the shape, my house of sticks in snow
white. my error,
a message darkens the sight.