pale man with crown

some punk/pastel dnp things for u to consider:

  • pastel dan in nothing but blue and white thigh highs and punk phil’s leather jacket 
  • punk phil wearing a sea green oxford shirt that dan picked out for him because “it goes with your tattoos!!” and phil wears it happily bc it makes his baby boy happy n secretly he loves the way it looks too 
  • punk dan secretly wearing lacy pink panties under his all-black ensemble
  • pastel phil wearing one of punk dan’s black shirts but it’s too small and way too tight on him, but he and dan both love the way it hugs his chest so perfectly 
  • shy, quiet pastel phil learning to take no shit from punk dan, learning to wear black skinny jeans and combat boots under pale purple jumpers 
  • black rose flower crowns??? man???? 
  • phil, who wears only pastel colours but has a face full of piercings and a body full of tattoos, and dan, who wears black and leather over unmarked skin and peach lipgloss

okay thank u for ur time n have a nice day