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Cryptid Discussion: Fresno Nightcrawler and Dr. Seuss

Say hello to the Fresno Nightcrawler, first seen in November of 2007. Isn’t he adorable? He even has a friend there in the background. 

Let’s also say hello to the Pale Green Pants, from the popular Dr. Seuss tale What Was I Scared Of?, published in 1953

In this Dr. Seuss tale, originally published in The Sneetches and Other Stories before gaining its own book, the main character is scared of a pair of pants that are walking and moving on their own. Eventually, he realizes that the pants are just as scared as he is, so the two become friends. 

Considering Dr. Seuss and his wife were residing in California in the 1950s, is it possible that Dr. Seuss based this story on a personal experience? Or, did a clever prankster draw inspiration from the popular author? The overall theme of the story is tolerance. If this was based on a personal experience, is Dr. Seuss advocating for the tolerance of cryptids and/or aliens and other species we have yet to discover?

Send in your thoughts, questions, counterarguments, anything you’d like, to participate in this discussion. 

anonymous asked:

PLEASE expand on the story of you playing a pair of pants, it sounds hilarious/baffling!

We did a theatrical production of “What Was I Scared Of” by Dr. Seuss, aka The Pale Green Pants. I think I got to be the pants because my mum could sew; she made my costume, which was literally a pair of adult men’s trousers modified so that I could run around in them with my eyes just peeping over the waistband. I don’t actually remember anything about playing the pants other than being pleased because I didn’t have to learn any lines AND I was super scary.