pale core


Welcome to the Sketchy Cafe (Café?)! Here we have a huge selection of different pastries, drinks and food for our precious clients!

Owned by Muffet, Sketchy Cafe has the best Team working as chefs and waiters! Just keep in mind anything can happen this Cafe.

We’re not responsible for anything

Do you want to come?


Welp, I was making the prizes for the winners of my art raffle and this idea suddenly came to my mind. There’s a lot of characters that I want to make! I’ll add them in future posts. My plan is to make an entire Cafe! That means adding the cashier, janitors, musicians for the entertainment… Etc! And obviously, the customers! I love Cafes and the ideas for this don’t want to let me be ヾ(¯∇ ̄๑)

Here comes the credits *inhales*

PaperJam and BlueScreen belongs to @7goodangel

Goth belongs to @nekophy (I fell in love with Goth. Seriously, he’s too cute :“’’D)

Palette belongs to  @angexci 

Moku and Sprinkles belongs to @6agentgg9

Gradient belongs to @askcomboclub (I also love him) :‘3)

Ink belongs to @comyet

Blueberry belongs to the Undertale community

Dream belongs to Jokublog

Error and Geno belongs to @loverofpiggies

Reaper belongs to @renrink

Cross belongs to @jakei95

Dust belongs to… I don’t know.

Other characters I want to make: Template, Pale, X-event!Chara, CORE!Frisk, Shyren, Napstablook, TimeKid!Sans, Classic Sans and Papyrus and more [Soon]

Hope you guys like it!