pale & green

I’ve been thinking about this Plant boy Yoongi au, in where he is a really pale green with long green hair with flowers all over it. Not a flower crown, flowery hair & he lives alone in this mossy green cabin in the mounts near a forest that he protects. & you always see him on the roof talking, but he isn’t talking to himself, he is talking to the sun, the sun’s name is Hoseok. The sun is his best friend, his life force, without the sun he can’t live for very long. He became friends with the sun on the very first stormy day of his entire life, he realized his forest was getting sicker & sicker the more the sun would hide, so he climbed up to his roof frustrated & screamed as loud as he could. He asked why this was happening & why he couldn’t help them, his family. After that tantrum he just started crying, the sun came out to see what was all that ruckus about & he saw this beautiful boy who wouldn’t stop shedding water, he was confused because he was the only one that could make water. So he came down for a bit & talked to the plant boy & that’s how they became friends. The plant boy managed to get the sun to cheer up, so that’s how he got the humid dark clouds to stop. But of course there would be sad days that couldn’t be helped, but plant boy would help the sun to get better after letting it all out. He was there to listen after all. 

I’m gonna draw this soon after i finish the JK series to show you all how i imagine him, he is really cute trust me guys.

Lyris Blake

NAME: Lyris Blake
AGE: 30′s
HEIGHT: 5′5″
SPECIES: Midlander
GENDER: Female.
NAMEDAY: 14th Sun of the 6th Astral Moon.
RESIDENCE: The Mists - Fool’s Covenant Estate.
MARITAL STATUS: widow/currently between dead husbands

ALIGNMENT: Lawful/Neutral evil/neutral
DRINK: Coffee. Tea with @cyjinn and wine with @neekaxiv
FOOD: Raw vegetables, raw fruit very simple meals
DAY OR NIGHT: Both but Night is easier for work
SNACKS: rarely, usually more the the same she has for meals. Finger foods are an indulgence. 

PET: none but she wouldn’t mind a couple of code controlled Garlean experiments ;D
COLOUR: Red, Black, Grey and White
SEXUALITY: unknown
BODY TYPE: Slender and toned, a dancer’s body that is well taken care of.
EYE COLOUR: pale green… sometimes ;)
HAIR COLOUR: naturally light blonde. Varies when on a job

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