Mr. Home Alone (Acoustic Ver.)
  • Mr. Home Alone (Acoustic Ver.)
  • 8Dro/Paldro (팔드로)
  • Single "Mr. Home Alone (Acoustic Ver.)"

Artist: 8Dro/Paldro (팔드로)
Song: Mr. Home Alone (Acoustic Ver.)
Album: Single “Mr. Home Alone (Acoustic Ver.)”

Acoustics are magical, they make almost every song better! Strangely, there doesn’t seem to be a “non-acoustic” version so that confused me. 8Dro (real name: Jang Ho Young/장호영) debuted in 2010 and hasn’t released too much, but the music he has released is top quality. He has solid raps, great rhythm, and charisma. He has collaborated with many artists including Nusoul, Junggigo, Huckleberry P, and more. 8Dro also makes studio covers on his YouTube channel (PARDRO91) which are definitely worth the watch!