no but really

cas is, you know. he’s got all this knowledge of the universe, quantum physics, chemistry, the likes. he could actually walk into NASA and outsmart any scientist there, make them build a better, smarter spaceship. He knows how to bend time and space to move through it, he would just need a different means to go through, and in lieu of his powers and his wings he has time to figure it out. he has time to wait for humanity to get there, to a technological era that would actually allow him to put his knowledge to work. even after everyone dean and sam ever knew was long dead, cas would still be there, as he promised, pushing humanity to its limits so he could cruise the space and find him. long after heaven is restored, his grace would have healed, even if his wings never did, and he would have been able to travel through space without all the limitations actual humans had.

and maybe in the future, in a distant moon somewhere in the galaxy, light years away from the winchester’s home, he’d find a torn man walking on a barren chunk of rock, close to a old star about to collapse, and he’d finally, finally be able to fulfill that vow made all those centuries ago.

Hello, Dean.

Nienawidze egoistow. Nienawidze bezdusznych skurwysynow. Nienawidze udawania. Nienawidze kurestwa. Nienawidze samotnosci. Nienawidze mojej pierdolonej wrazliwosci, ktora mnie gubi. Nienawidze tego, ze tak szybko potrafie sie do kogos przywiazac. Nienawidze, ze moje marzenia niszczy skurwiala codziennosc i lek przed porazka. Nienawidze tego bolu, gdy nie potrafie komus pomoc. Nienawidze, gdy moj idealnie zaplanowany dzien nagle sie pieprzy. Nienawidze, gdy moje plany nie wychodza. Nienawidze, gdy nagle dostaje wiadomosc, ktorej bym sie nigdy nie spodziewala. Nienawidze tego, ze czasami czas ucieka mi przez palce, i nie moge go zatrzymac. Nienawidze smutku w oczach tych, ktorych kocham. Nienawidze bezsilnosci, ktora mnie pochlania kazdego wieczoru.