palawan love

deer-evan-handsoap  asked:

Concept: Michael and his family going to tourist spots. Ex: Banaue rich terraces, chocolate hills, palawan, AND MORE!!!


one summer the mells go back to the ph for some tourist-y sight seeing and michael has a BLAST. he sends pictures and updates to jeremy every fuckin day. “just touched down in NAIA!! it’s fucking hot as SHIT ahhh ph, how i missed thee.” he sends a pic of him dabbing at windmills in ilocos. selfies with a random carabao on the side of the road. jumpshot at baguio! obligatory scuba diving picture in palawan!!!

jeremy would love the pictures a lot. all the places michael’s at looks gorgeous. (of course, the most beautiful thing in all the pictures is michael himself, but shhhh. nobody needs to know that.)

bibisoy  asked:

Are you planning on visiting Philippines? You have a lot of fans here. Please come. Hahaha. Specifically in Palawan. Hahahaha. Love lots from your number 1 fan. Hahahaa :)

I love my PH fans (and so does Tahereh)! We came twice in the past 3 years – and it’s a looooong trip! – so I think it’ll be a while before we come back, though we would definitely like to some day. And Palawan is beautiful!!