Minoritized languages moodboard: Palaung

Palaung or De'ang is the language (or group of related languages) spoken by the Palaung people, native from southeastern Asia, in the area now divided in the Shan State (Myanmar), Northern Thailand, and Yunnan Province (China).

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Hi, I really hope not to bother you, but I really applaud what you're doing with the language moodboards. I recently immigrated to the US, but spent my whole life in Myanmar, and the area where I lived (though I'm ethnically Bamar) had a huge Palaung population and I know how important the revitalization is to them (I even speak some Palaung) and so I was hoping to please see a Palaung-language moodboard? I know these are usually requested by members of the group but yeah, thanks!

Sure! I’ll do it when I have a moment ^^
Thank you very much, and you don’t bother me at all!

MYANMAR, MANTONG : This picture taken on January 15, 2014 shows a girl peering outside her hut at a village in Mantong township, in Myanmar’s northern Shan state, an area controlled by soldiers of the Taaung National Liberation Army (TNLA), a Palaung ethnic armed group. The TNLA is one of a host of armed ethnic minority groups that have long fought the country’s military for greater autonomy. Myanmar’s reformist government has signed peace deals with most major rebel groups since coming to power nearly three years ago, but conflicts continue to flare in some areas. AFP PHOTO/Ye Aung THU