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Museo Palatino, Roma

An Epitaph for the Athenian Dead of Plataea

Anthologia Palatina 7.253, attr. to Simonides

If to die nobly is the greatest part of virtue,
     Then Fortune has dealt this to us above all others.
For, zealous to wrap all Greece in a cloak of freedom,
     We lie, enjoying praise that knows no aging.

 Εἰ τὸ καλῶς θνῄσκειν ἀρετῆς μέρος ἐστὶ μέγιστον,
    ἡμῖν ἐκ πάντων τοῦτ’ ἀπένειμε τύχη·
Ἑλλάδι γὰρ σπεύδοντες ἐλευθερίην περιθεῖναι
    κείμεθ’ ἀγηράτῳ χρώμενοι εὐλογίῃ.

A warrior leans on his spear in front of a funerary stele and observes a snake, representing the soul of the dead man.  Roman-era relief sculpture (1st cent. CE) imitating the Attic style of the 5th cent. BCE.  Found on Rhodes; now in the British Museum.

Royal items from Megan’s favorite museum, The Walters Art Museum

Esterhazy Marriage Collar

This elegant, jeweled wedding collar (incomplete) was reputedly worn by the scion of a powerful Hungarian noble family allied with the Habsburgs, Palatine Miklos Esterhazy, at his wedding in 1611. The design evokes a stylized flower garland interspersed with references to love and marriage, including right hands clasped around a heart (union based on good faith and love), doves (affection), cornucopias (prosperity), and forget-me-nots (loyalty). Such a piece of ritual jewelry could be valued as a striking symbol of the fundamental importance of marital alliances to the Habsburgs. The associated ornament has two hooks on the back for fastening it to clothing.