Special Describe Blog (May 18 2012) "Argentina Edition"

palakangfroglet also know as Lexa

One of those bloggers who are really amazing in getting every readers attention. He can entertain them on the way he blogs and answered some TA. He is also a nice in person and a good friend. I remember the first encounter to him, It came up awkward because I looked stupid and Im still too dumb about the preferences about tumblr, I was a newby that time. 

His blog is cool especially the mama mia thing (but it seems his BGM is gone as of now) His theme is very nice like a little girl around a barbie house. Most of his post is personal but way too cool that most of us can relate.

annecarltis also known as Carl

One of those cute bloggers with a very unique smile. Yes, I really love is smile. It looks like he doesnt have a problem at all. We didnt talked that much as of this days but I still do like him. He is just like Lexa , cool and joyful. His blogs is like a reggae music that you cant get high. I remember Kaloy once answered who are the bloggers that make you laugh, he answered “ carl and lexa”.

White and clean background with a very cute top banner, that is how i see carl’s blog. Just like what i have said, His blog is like a reggae music taht you can get high of smiles. It seems that rants is not in his vocabulary. Amazingly cool.

shoutyourwhisper also know as Carl

Another Carl friend, he is one of the bloggers I visit. He really writes good, I mean, sometimes I get jealous because he thinks a lot wider than me but instead of getting more jealous i look at him as one of my inspiration in writing. He is also a nice person

Cool blog, that is how i see Carl’s, white stripy and nice BGM. His post is really amazing, readers can relate easily. He blogs with his mind and write good as well. A worth following blogger.


GVGVGVGVGVGV. :“”> Thankyou.

Fre. Pwede mag mura fre? HAHAH :“”“>

@Palakangfroglet -This made my day last day. Hanudaw? XD Thanks Girl :* ♥ Hindi ako peymus a! :D

@Salungat- KUYAA GENE! HAHA. pnakamakuliiiit :D Pero awesome. Saya kasama neto promise :D feeling nakasama na. hindi. basta mabait sya, makwela. :D hindi ko mkakalimutan sakanya, bigla banamang sumigaw nung meet up ng "Andito po yung GIRLFRIEND ni Kimpoy Feliciano!” haha. Thanks kuya Gene! :* ♥

@Kyokyocrunch- Si Kuya Kyo. Very small world tlga :) kilala nya si *toot* mbait sya framis :) Wala nako masabi. bsta mabait. Bait tlga promise. Gulat nga ako nung nakita ko to nung Meet up e. hahha :D like. basta cool. ♥ Thanks Kuya Kyo :* Hayaan ko na si toot. yaan na! XD

@Kakantahankita - Shet :“> Si Ate Klai :”“> ♥ mabait to super :) Ganda pa boses. Nsa Hongkong nga lang sya. Gusto ko nga sya makita at punta kami sa MOA sakay kami Ferris Wheel dun yung malaki diba? Tapos kakantahan nya ako. Sweet dba? haha. basta mabait sya promise fre. :) bait bait :* ♥ Thankyou. :)

GUYS. Thankyou :* ♥ Friends Friends =)