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Paladins x steven universe crossover, which champions would be : the crystal gems, homeworld gems, corrupted gems and the diamonds?

Let’s stick to Steven Universe canon and just have four diamonds, lmao. I’m classifying them to three categories: homeworld, crystal gem, and others (meaning they’re neither or they don’t fit the earlier two categories).

I’ve also drawn designs for some of them but since this is fairly long already, I didn’t include my sketches and drawings. If you want to see my Palagems (lol), just ask! >:3c Definitely didn’t get too excited and drew fusions lol

- Mod Ash

Makoa: Chrysophase, crystal gem. Along with Inara, he is one of the first gems to travel to Earth to claim the planet for Pink Diamond, but fell in love with the planet and defected. His old duty as a soldier for the Diamonds has haunted him a lot, but centuries in Earth gave him time to think about the war and his desire to defend Earth.

Fernando: Agate, homeworld. Free-spirited, he feels very limited and suppressed by homeworld’s rules, as its authoritarian rule does not allow him to go out in more grandiose adventures. He often sweet-talks his superiors for this, but he is thinking of defecting homeworld just for the thrill of it. 

Ruckus: Peridot, homeworld. Coming from a later generation of peridots, his class needed more assistive technology to help with work as well to make do with “imperfections,” and thus he creates Bolt from gem shards from the rebellion. His superiors are happy, but the gem shards that run Bolt doesn’t seem to be. 

Barik: Obsidian, homeworld. He assists peridots with technology, and so he provides technology that assists peridot’s engineering as well as weaponry, having made tools that have helped homeworld in the rebellion. He does not fight much, and hopes to be able to use his own weapons for combat soon. 

Ash: Almandine, a former homeworld gem that “defected” after being marooned in Earth. Still not sure if joining the crystal gems is the right decision, but some of the crystal gems have convinced her that it’s not too bad to stay, and has since used her knowledge of modern homeworld warfare to help defend Earth.

Torvald: Emerald, homeworld. His study involves the technology and eccentricities of the creatures on planets homeworld takes interest on, as well as the development of the cultures of colonies far from homeworld’s control. He helped with the rebellion, trying to analyze the nature of the “defective” gems, but since the aftermath of the rebellion he’s been trying to outdo himself with his studies. 

Inara: Sunstone, crystal gem. Along with Makoa, she was one of the first gems who went to Earth to claim the planet for Pink Diamond, but defected after discovering earth’s wonders and after falling in love with it herself. She later on led the rebellion to stop the colonization. Now, she resides on Earth, being the main protector of Earth’s flora, and somewhat leading the crystal gems.

Drogoz: Jade, others. He didn’t come out right, since he didn’t have wings like the other jades, and so he makes do with his gem weapon. He was left behind in his kindergarten, and has since used his makeshift wings to go around and loot old homeworld colonies for fun. He’s starting to like hoarding colony trinkets, however. 

Bomb King: Corundum, others. An “artificial” fusion, one of the forced fusion prototypes that came the closest to a success, having full consciousness of its actions. However, he is a bit unstable, sometimes thinking of himself as ruler of all gem shards, and uses other gem shards to attack. Homeworld does not correct him. 

Cassie: Pearl, formerly homeworld but defected. She wanted to be more than her master’s pearl, but voicing out her desire to be more than a pearl’s duties caused her to be deemed defective. She took up the opportunity of the rebellion in Earth and fled during the war, but she did not participate in the rebellion nor joined the crystal gems.

Lian: Carnelian, homeworld. One of Yellow Diamond’s most trusted captains, and therefore scopes out potential planets for Yellow Diamond to colonize. Horridly loyal, but very proud of her position as a captain, and she makes it known that she does not tolerate disobedience of any form. 

Kinessa: Kyanite, others. She was made in a colony, and came out differently than what homeworld wanted, and was abandoned. She spent many decades in the colony alone until Strix found her, and now joins him in scouting old colonies for abandoned gems. 

Sha Lin: Rhodonite, others. He’s a very young homeworld juvenile, and so wandered around the galaxies and eventually found his way to Earth’s deserts by the time of the rebellion, witnessing many of the war’s events. He stayed in Earth after and was eventually found by the crystal gems, but he hasn’t really joined since he actually liked wandering around. 

Viktor: Obsidian, former homeworld but defected after running away during the rebellion. However, he’s not really part of the crystal gems because he hates the idea of fighting against his former superiors. He only helps the crystal gems with local threats.

Tyra: Red jasper, crystal gem. Defected from homeworld after the rebellion, and has taken up residence in earth. She’s grown to love Earth and its wildlife, but somewhat considers herself a new brand of Earth predator, so she spends most of her time “contributing” by hunting around and proving her strength.

Willo: Pink ruby, homeworld. As a (slightly) higher rank ruby, she serves under Blue Diamond’s court on assisting zircons as well as leading the lower rubies into battle, if it is ever required of her. Sadly, her temper does not help with both, still being a ruby, and so she’s only called in rarely. 

Evie: Aquamarine, homeworld. Being one of the more powerful gems, she is a highly-trusted member of Blue Diamond’s court, and is sent on important missions most of the time directly under her orders. Authoritative and ruthless, she follows the Diamond Authority to the letter, except if she can bend the rules in a way that benefits her. 

Skye: Amber, crystal gem. Used to work under Blue Diamond, but after the events of the rebellion she has since defected. She doesn’t work directly with the crystal gems in earth, but she helps their ideals by providing distractions by making a mess in other planets. She passes by Earth sometimes to chill. 

Androxus: A corrupted Tiger’s eye from homeworld. He has fought against his superiors about a decision during the rebellion and was left behind and corrupted as a result. He has “recovered” somewhat after, but his loyalty to the Diamonds still stand, and his desire to return home and still be accepted is burning.

Buck: Topaz, others. A (somewhat) high-ranking soldier under Yellow Diamond, he got a little too excited on his first solo mission and has not reported back in a couple of years, too busy and enthralled exploring the solar system that he forgot his main mission. He still follows the Diamonds’ dogma, sure, but no one really knows if homeworld still considers him theirs. 

Maeve: Amethyst, crystal gem. She’s born in Earth but does not care about the rebellion or defending Earth. She’s just using her powers to steal stuff from people for fun, and has developed quite a hoard of Earth trinkets. Homeworld doesn’t consider her a crystal gem because she’s only a few centuries old.

Zhin: Fire opal, homeworld. One of the superior warrior gems, and lead a small group that attacked Earth long after the rebellion. He got too aggressive, and was poofed and bubbled. Homeworld didn’t take him back because of his “insubordination” and is now bubbled somewhere in Earth.

Lex: Blue zircon, homeworld. Very faithful to the diamonds and is one of the supervisors on keeping an eye for off-colors. He is also one of the main gems called in when it comes to traitors from the rebellion, and is often sent out to hunt for off-colors. 

Mal’Damba: Green prehnite, crystal gem. He worked alongside the diamonds during the rebellion, in charge of studying the earth’s environment, but defected after falling in love with its fauna. His snakes are corrupted gems he had made friends with over the centuries, and their vague memory of him lets them trust him enough to help him in combat. 

Pip: Citrine, others. He’s a rogue gem wandering around space, defected long before the rebellion. He’s wandering around planets, exploring and studying whatever he can find, and collects shards of other gems to stop them from reforming as limbs, as well as to stop them from falling into homeworld’s hands. 

Grover: A corrupted rutile quartz, crystal gem. He participated in the rebellion, and got corrupted as a result. He has recovered a little, being able to communicate now, but he still cannot take on his original form before he got corrupted, and just considers himself a strange Earth phenomena. 

Grohk: Chalcedony, others. His gem is a bit cracked, and after events with homeworld’s rose quartzes, he could not find a solution to fix his gem, and has since attempted to go around to solve it. Each “solution” he has found either cracked his gem more or didn’t help.

Seris: Sapphire, others. Branded off color due to her blindness – she can see the future, sure, but she literally cannot see anything else other than that. She has taken advantage of the mess of the rebellion to escape, and is wandering around the universe in search of a new home. 

Ying:  Larimar, crystal gem. Branded off-color because she is able to project herself out into more than one lightform. She eventually escapes to Earth, and has mostly lived in peace watching Earth grow until the threats of the homeworld resurfaced.

Jenos: Sodalite, homeworld. One of the highest of ranks in homeworld, and even works close with the diamonds. He makes star maps for the diamonds and their colonization campaigns, and he takes great pride of his work and how close to the diamonds it gets him. 

Strix: Fluorite, others. He fought in the rebellion, but certain events led him to flee to a homeworld colony instead of fighting. He now spends his time going around abandoned colonies looking for gems homeworld has left behind, and taking them under his wing. 

Talus: Aventurine, crystal gem. He’s a lower tier gem, and joined the rebellion to get their gem kind’s voices heard, but backfired when homeworld didn’t like their insubordination. He eventually escaped to Earth in exile, and joined the crystal gems. He usually helps homeworld gems get used to Earth, and he’s one of the friendliest out of the bunch. 

Terminus: A gem shard fusion homeworld created from the shattered crystal gems of the rebellion, awakened centuries after the crystal gems won. The gem shards that comprise Terminus are all very upset with being awakened to fight, and it actively resists being used as a weapon, however its general frustration about being alive causes it to attack everything on sight in a desire to unfuse.