Palaeocast lunchtime lectures - Trilobites - Evo-Devo on a Roll - Prof. Nigel Hughes

The good record of postembryonic development of the trunk region of some trilobite species permits investigation of how mature body form was constructed. The trunk was built progressively via the expression of new exoskeletal segments in a subterminal generative zone, and by their growth and development in subsequent instars. This permits insight into the relationship between the ontogenies of individual taxa and clade history. The controls of trunk segment growth may be explored in order to understand how segment differentiation was determined in early arthropods. Trilobite trunk segments varied from one another in size, shape, and articulation state, and clade evolutionary history suggests a repeated tendency towards greater morphological differentiation within the trunk, along with allocation of a larger proportion of trunk segments to the mature pygidium. This was paralleled by the evolution of secured, encapsulated enrollment. Enrollment in those individuals with small numbers of articulating segments accommodated considerable flexure at each joint, which show differences in form from those joints within segment-rich thoraces. While the developmental evolution of trilobites retains rich research possibilities, we posit that both biomineralization and encapsulated enrollment enhanced protective capability, and that adaptive response to predation pressure was an important driver of trilobite evolution.

Q & A

I was tagged by inconsciently and I finally stopped procrastinating and decided to fill in this mother f'er.

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1. Do you like pizza, if not then why?

Is darth vader luke’s father? The answer is yes. My answer to pizza is always yes.

2. How much sleep do you get normally?

It depends on the time of the year. usually i sleep around 5 - 7 hours a day, but in summers i tend to have some sleepless weeks when i just can’t fall asleep no matter what i do. Usually around that time i have my breakdown and lose my mind.

3. What is/are your favourite colour(s)?


4. Do you consider yourself artistic or creative?

When i’m not overcome by laziness i’m both. :)

5. Is there a place or memory that you find comfort in?

Yes, my childhood memories (before my parents got divorced) + all of the concerts, festivals i’ve been to and my best friend usually bring me some peace.

6. What is your favourite article of clothing?

It must be my Nirvana T - Shirt. It is very old and damaged, but i can’t throw it out. It just doesn’t seem right. Or my pj pants with different Garfield faces on them. I love those.

7. If you could choose a word or emotion to best describe yourself, which one would it be?

Restless and confused. (sorry, two words) I’m always searching for something different and moving a lot. It’s very easy to get lost within yourself. But that doesn’t mean I’m not happy at certain times.

8. Have you watched anime before?

I have, but to be honest I don’t even remember how it was called.

9. Do you have a favourite book; if so, which one?

I really like The Hunger Games books, The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas and The Green Mile.

10. Could you keep a secret to protect a friend?

I am doing it right now.

11. What or who brought you to Tumblr?

My best friend used to be obsessed with it, so i joined in.

So, those were my answers, the questions will follow.

1. What is your favorite time of the year and why?
2. What are the names of the last 3 songs you listened to?
3. What is your worst nightmare?
4. Do you believe in destiny?
5. Favorite food?
6. Is there anything you would really like to learn? (a language, playing an instrument etc. )
7. What are the things you love most in life?
8. Do you like to have plans or do you just go with the flow?
9. Do you consider yourself a calm and collected person?
10. Do you ever wish you were somebody else? If yes, then who would you like to be?
11. Post a picture that describes your current emotions / feelings! ;)

I look forward to reading some answers! ( if any of you actually answer the questions) I hope I didn’t bore you to death. ;D

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Thank you, inconsciently ! ;)