Skeemella clavula

I just ran across a Cambrian creature that I had never heard  of before, Skeemella clavula. 

The weird thing is I can’t find anything about it. I’ve googled the name and nothing. OK I did find a couple of entries that said “An elongate animal from the middle Cambrian.” But nothing else.

I know it existed. There’s mentions of it here and there, but no data. This thing had to be described somewhere, a journal article, a letter to Nature, a poster presentation at the last Palaeontological Society meeting, something. But it’s a complete mystery. I’ve run into a total dead end. Was it a worm with a big head? A clam with a swimming tail? I understand that it might not have been completely studied, but for it to have become known at least a little, there must have been some data published somewhere. 

Does anyone have a lead on this crazy creature?


Dinosaur footprints // Isle of Skye, Scotland

Though a size scale may be difficult, in the top left is not a child’s foot. That is an adult female size 5 in a chunky walking boot (aka my foot), and that is no normal rock pool! Though millions of years of erosion has worn away many of the separate toe marks, that is in fact a dinosaur’s footprint. To anyone not paying attention, these would seem like normal rock pools, but on closer inspection they follow regular patterns matching the stride of dinosaurs who walked what would have been a lagoon 150 million years ago. Over 100 footprints have said to have been found at this locality (depending on how far the tide is out) but despite the numbers it’s easy to see why people hadn’t noticed them until only last year! Awesome!

Alright Palaeoblr

Let’s try something new… 

2016 was the Year of the Great Dumpsterfire, however, good things still happened. So! 

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I’ll start with: I’m glad that this community has grown so much (and I’m looking forward to it growing more!)
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