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Fallout 4 Plots with Wasted Potential

*spoilers for the game in general*

~ Acadia and the Railroad:

        We can tell DiMA that we are part of any of the 3 major factions and for each of them we have the option of a mini quest series that decides the fate of Acadia.  

Except the Railroad, it seems.  

We can go and tell one random npc (Boxer - who seems like an absolute babe of a synth but is reduced to forgettable after we speak to her ‘once’ ) and she moves to Acadia.   That’s it.  End of quest line. 

Apparently Desdemona and Doc Carrington don’t need this life changing information, just Boxer is going to head on over there and live her life hanging out with DiMA and co.  

I would have loved a bit of dipolmacy here.  Where we talk to Des & Carrington then speak with the leading trio at Acadia to arrange an alliance in the interest of smuggling synths safely out of the Commonwealth.

Maybe even go with Chase (and or Glory) to clear out some areas to create a new safe house or two and make a new route.   Nope. 

~ Danse and Blind Betrayal: 

      Not only did they cut the content in which Danse challenges Elder Maxson (and presumably kicks his arse in one on one combat - which I would had ADORED to see) but they also don’t update his character at all after the quest line is complete.  I know that people don’t change over night but he has an interaction with the Sole Survivor about his right to exist.  One of the options is

Sole: “You are the proof that Maxson is wrong (about synths)”
Danse: “Y-you’re right!”

I am hoping there is ‘something’ in the Nuka World DLC with him because right now it feels like a ‘half story’ with him.

~ The Valentine Detective Agency:

       Granted this one is more on a greed note but still.  There is a base for quests here.  Lost items and people that we need to track down in the Commonwealth.  

I loved the Murder Mystery in Vault 118 in Far Harbor.

It’s understandable why we didn’t get many as I imagine they take up a lot of time to design and create but Nick Valentine and his agency is such a big deal in the main story line I would have loved to work more with the Agency that we are supposedly working for. 

Is there anything else you guys think we’ve missed out on in the game?  Place your thoughts here or else send a PM.

Some gems from our D&D campaign so far

  • “Booty Prince” Castor Killdragon
  • Pressing a 6′ log into service as a torch, lit like a candle with sticky fire.
  • Squart The Bard
  • The bard almost getting stuck in a passage way due to the volume of his sleeves. 
  • “Roll to cast the disc of wood on fire. “I aim for Jamison’s face.” Rolls a 3 “You miss and light the disc on fire. “ “ahh… just as planned.” 
  • Failing a pickpocket roll, and ending up slapping the Paladin’s ass. 
  • Room #1 “DO I DETECT EVIL?”
  • “He made friends with a fuck ton of cave crabs via singing to them”
    “As the DM of this shit show I feel obligated to correct this. Squart did not, in fact, befriend the cave crabs. He introduced them to the concept of song, which quite possibly has changed their society forever.”
  • “Her parents named her Anora The Undefeated. I mean, they didn’t know, but they just assumed.” 
  • “Squart might win in a group beauty contest, but we all know [80 year old blind cleric] would knock the swimwear section out the park.”
  • “I punch him in the face.” “Alright, but as your GM I feel obligated to remind you he’s INCOR-FUCKING-POREAL.”
  • The barbarian breaking her leg trying to kick a ghost in the balls.
  • Cleric has the highest kill count. 
  • Room #6 “DO I DETECT EVIL?”
  • “The bubbles move like a swarm of gentle bees.” 
  • Richard the Hard of the Knights of Heart. 
  • “Oh you need a hangover cure? Here.” Barbarian drinks it. “Yeah, that’ll have you cleared up in about five minutes. But you’re gonna have the shits for days.” 
  • Room #10 “DO I DETECT EVIL?”
  • “IT’S A 14, SUCK MY DICK” - The Paladin at 1am, yelling.
  • “You’re going to need a group name to enter this contest.” “Squart and the Bardlings.” 
  • Paladin is on a quest to save his village from a height plague. Every time he enters a populated space, he grows to become the tallest person in the room. His whole village is afflicted with this. 
  • “He has a big nose, doofy hair, and the eyes of an experienced lover” - concerning Squart the Bard. 

Primalfin Champion is the card Buffadin has needed to be viable for so long. You can safely throw buffs on this guy (provided he’s not Polymorphed) and get so much value for your mana. I cannot wait to build with this.

Vinecleaver, on the other hand, is my least favourite weapon ever. I will never pay 7 mana for a 4/3 weapon, even if it does summon my beloved Recruits.

Adaptation is a card I’m sure we all saw coming. It’s not only a 1-mana buff for Paladins (and the quest) it’s also pretty fricken good. A lot of the adaptations are totally fine at 1-mana. +3 attack is obviously a good one, Deathrattle is great and poisonous can be super useful. The list goes on and this is going in my Primalfin buff deck for sure.

The largest community I have ever been part of was World of Warcraft.
There are millions of people who did the paladin quest for their epic mount, or screwed up the Twin Emperors fight when they were almost done, or spawned dead in Westfall after falling off the edge of the world. There’s time drift, of course - I was too new to contribute to the opening of Ahn-Qiraj and I left before the Sha of Anger ever roamed the world - but Azeroth remains. That’s the biggest common experience I’m a part of. And it’s a video game.


((Written long ago for a prompt; minor editing to repost. Once upon a time, WoW paladins had to undergo an epic quest at lvl 60 to earn their fast mount. By the time I changed my paladin to Alynore in Wrath, one could simply learn the mount spells from a paladin trainer. I took Nore through the Charger quest chain for fun and to see the lore. The quest was removed in Cataclysm, but elements remain in game (the Equine Spirit is still in Dire Maul!). Seems like we’ll have a new, similar quest in Legion for the class mount.

For this story, I combined the Expedition Armory quests in Hellfire Peninsula with elements of the Classic paladin charger quest. Hopefully it works, along with the idea of Nore’s own faith being a merging of the two religions of the Light she was raised and trained in.))

“Are you certain you wish to do this, child?” Varduun asked as he drew his elekk to a halt, letting Alynore slide off first. Her boots landed in the red dust of Hellfire Peninsula, kicking up a cloud that the constant wind dashed away.

The seventeen-year-old patted the elekk’s shoulder as she looked up at her mentor. “Much as I love ol’ Duvrefen here, I’m a human, and humans ride horses,” she said. She brushed back a loosened lock of auburn hair. “A horse of my own is probably the earliest thing I can ever remember wanting, actually. Sounds stupid, I guess.”

Varduun chuckled, his giant gauntleted hand briefly squeezing her shoulder. “Not at all.” The draenei vindicator looked past her. “This will be dangerous. I can help you to a point, but—“

“I know. This is all me, and nothing the draenei have tried before.” Nore pulled her pack off the elekk. The eternium barding could stay on Duvrefen’s back for now. She held the exorcism censer High Priestess Ishanah had given her. Wielding it instead of her shield would be interesting, to say the least. Nore drew her mother’s mageblade, reinforced with her own enchantments, and looked across the ruins.

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any fanfic recs that arent isolation or the other super popular ones? im looking for a good read thats not too hard to find

Draconian by hepburnettes - M?, 33 parts - Draco Malfoy has got too much blood on his hands. And Hermione Granger might be his only route to redemption.

Parade of the Sun - MA, 35 chapters - Floralis Fati is a plant with the power to control time, hidden in the wild, and protected by a magic that strips people of their own while seeking to kill them. Hermione wants it to save the world. Draco wants it to save himself. Sometimes what we want can destroy us - and sometimes it can build us new again.

Unexpected By: Emara88 - M, 33 chapters - What would happen if Draco had feelings for Hermione Granger long before the Golden Trio are captured by snatchers and brought to Malfoy Manor? When he sees her being tortured by Bellatrix, he risks everything to save her life. But things are never that simple. Draco POV.

Clean By: olivieblake - M, 31 chapters - Malfoy’s handsome face was contoured into a condescending smirk. “No faith in that giant brain of yours, Granger?” She looked up at him defiantly. “Maybe I don’t have faith in you!” she said, raising her voice. Malfoy only looked at her. “You’ll find I’m very surprising.” Dramione AU, Year 6 with a slow burn and a killer twist. COMPLETE.

A Quest of Paladins by Bambu - M, 17 chapters - After the disastrous events atop the Astronomy Tower, Draco Malfoy and Severus Snape flee wizarding Britain. After months on the run, they join forces with those of The Chosen One and his two friends. Will they be able to succeed in defeating Voldemort?

The Risk-Reward Ratio By: MissiAmphetamine- M, 46 chapters - Set during TDH; a maimed, disillusioned Draco surrenders himself to the Order after he earns Voldemort’s displeasure. Hermione’s pity for him blooms into something more and he stops seeing her as just a mudblood, as they both discover there’s far more to each other than they ever thought possible. Angst, smut, FEELS. Image courtesy of ohmygoditsnikkie. Facebook: /theriskrewardratio

Suppressed Emotions By: hopelesslydevoted.xx - M, 37 chapters, Words: 149,714 - “Granger what the hell?” Draco asked looking at her ruffled clothes, and her face covered in blood. Hermione let out a loud sob and threw herself into his arms. - Draco and Hermione are forced to live together after Hermione gets attacked during patrolling. Relying on her worst enemy to keep her safe, what could go wrong, right?

Rain By: DeannaReadX - T, 4 chapters, Words: 39,838  - The deatheaters attack hogwarts & Draco defects on the spot, joining the order. But his first task comes immediately when Hermione is injured in battle and he has to save her, apparating them into exile. Surviving in isolation is the least of the difficulties they face as the war progresses and they learn to tolerate each other and accept that they’re not so different after all.

- Lisa

            It felt STRANGE, being in Allura’s room without her waterfall voice
      trailing over his shoulder, or catching a glimpse of her frame behind the sheer curtains
      as she would sift through what belongings she had in order to show him some Altean
      treasure, or explain something to Shiro that he didn’t quite understand. He had called
      for her, but found only his voice echoing back to him, alone in her chambers, and his skin
      crawled with the unease of a trespasser. He could leave, Shiro mused. Come back later.
      The castle was huge, after all, and the device Coran had sent the Paladins questing for
      could be anywhere on board. But even as Shiro pivoted towards the corridor door, he
      hesitated. Allura’s room was a hundred times smaller than the rest of the ship, and a
      thousand times easier to search. He could be in and out within a dobosh – ten tics flat,

            Shiro’s search had started out that innocently. He didn’t think much
      of his actions as he stole across the perimeter of her room. He kept his hands off of everything
      he didn’t need to touch,
( Which, in turn, was everything. ) and because Shiro had thought so
      little of the objects he skimmed over, he thought even less of the box that sat forlornly on the sheets
      of the Princess’ bed. It was sleek and white, like most Altean things, but it was the scattered mounds
      of papers that surrounded its base that tickled Shiro’s curiosity. He ghosted over the space in-between,
      careful not to touch as he craned over the mattress on his toes, with his hands folded together across
      the small of his back, and his jaw jutting out in a small, childlike pout.

            Letters. Under closer scrutiny, Shiro realized from the format alone that
      they were letters – or the Altean equivalent of.  The crease lines that cut through the centre of the
      parchment suggested that they were meant to be kept, and while some were still stark white and
      new, others were faded and yellowed by time spent unattended in the castle. Shiro tilted his head, 
      letting his eyes roam curiously over the dates. He could decipher the more recent ones, which made
      him proud, but as the years traveled farther into the past, Shiro couldn’t recognize the runes, so his
      eyes fell to the bulk of the writing instead. 
He didn’t expect to find the vaguely familiar characters of his name, or the
      names of the others. He didn’t expect to recognize words that left his throat parched, or for the
      letters to be signed ‘Love Always’ to a name he didn’t know, and blotched with obvious teardrops
      and the stain of a kiss. Shiro swallowed thickly, aware that he’d stumbled across something he
      shouldn’t have, but his morbid curiosity led his eyes back to the box and the circular glint buried at
      the bottom. He didn’t think as he settled on the soles of his feet and reached out with human digits
      for the ring, but a the tell-tale whir of the door sliding open just paces away, Shiro snapped to attention,
      and sequentially found himself well a ways away from her bed, the letters, and the box, all with his
      heart hammering in his chest like that of a child caught stealing cookies.

            “Princess-!” Arms behind his back, military position, yet he still stammered
      her title and the glance over his shoulder was a little less than subtle. “Sorry. I was just leaving.”

                                                  @ctoile || because ruining their lives is what vi lives for.

Miraak Issues
  • Me: *looking up Fallout 4 voice actors and finds a certain something* WTF PALADIN DANSE IS MIRAAK??!?!?!?! MY ADORABLE TIN CAN IS . . .
  • Me: *has flashback of Miraak pissing me off by stealing a dragon soul, which sends me into a rage that forces me to actually do the Dragonborn quests*
  • Paladin Danse: Soldier we shoul-
Yogscast Playlist Master Post

This is for my own benefit really, but it could be of use to someone! A master list of all the playlists / series that are currently on the Yogscast youtube channel.  Apologies if I’ve missed anything off or made any mistakes, just message me if I have and I’ll fix it! **All in order of when they were posted hopefully**
There may also be a few overlaps because some playlists go into 2 categories 




Other Games



Yogscast IRL



**Edit: Added Trials of Skobbles and Block N Load Challenge**

Unplanned Offspring

During her quest, my paladin happened to run into her estranged uncle, an NPC. It turned out that my paladin was the white sheep of the family, and that the DM might not have thought this plot twist through…

Paladin: So, uncle, why haven;t I heard from you in so many years?

Uncle: I’ve been in hiding. My son’s trying to kill me. You know how it is. Runs in the family. I killed my father, he killed his father, and so on…


DM (OOC): Wait, what?

Me (OOC): My uncle’s dad would be my grandfather. Unless the man I knew as my grandfather really wasn’t my grandfather or something.

DM: *takes a full 30 seconds to analyze this*

DM: Oh shit. He would be your grandpa. Um…I need a break to straighten some stuff out. I didn’t plan for this.