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demonized!Chung; all classes

IP is quiet, cold, and quick to follow orders. He seems as emotional as a stone wall, unless you push him to his breaking point, in which case he comes a bloodthirsty berserker, slaughtering everything in his path. 

DC is a smiley, seemingly polite dark version of himself, but is rather cold, often going on his own and killing people who tick him off even just a little bit. 

TT is a maniacal killing machine, to the point that the demons only let him loose when they first invade an area. He has no qualms about killing everything in his way, and destroying things he deems ‘boring.’

Warcraft Glory Days

I no longer play World of Warcraft. I did play though back in the early days when the whole concept of interacting in a beautifully rendered 3D virtual world was still new and amazing. I was an old school gamer who had made the transition from text based MUDs (you enter a clearing and see a large chest) and so actually SEEING was nothing short of a miracle.

In those days I played a paladin. In those days a paladin was a holy warrior who could heal but also wear armor. The trade off was that he didn’t do a lot of damage with his hammer. These days the classes in Warcraft are so  customizable that the difference between them is almost non-existent. In those days you were what you were. If you were a Paladin you couldn’t heal as well as a priest nor fight as well as a warrior. You were kind of in the middle. Many people tried Paladins early in the game because they were hard to kill but then got bored with them after a few levels.

Playing a paladin was a true art. It was for the humble since you were never going to be the star. There were a lot of lame Paladins. Oh, but a good paladin was a thing of beauty in a boss fight. I remember one battle against a really nasty boss. I stood my ground healing the better healers. All the while taking damage. One by one the healers with their cloth armor dropped out. Then I healed the Mages until they died. Finally everybody was dead except me and the warrior. I popped healing and mana potions and cast heals on him until finally despite my good armor and potions I was down to next to nothing. The boss was right at the end of his health too but was still slamming the warrior really hard. Finally just as I was at the end I cast a spell which filled the warrior back to full health but which had the effect of killing me. I dropped to my knees and then died just as the warrior killed the boss. My whole raiding group was yelling in the headphones. I became a legend that day.

๑ Samsaran ๑

iron man challenge day1 was a success so far, as the rules state no green armor and no deaths! also deleted any health pots I got to get rid of any temptation, its so weird not jumping on talents and specs at lvl10, just gotta keep ignoring the prompts to make a decision

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idk why, but I headcanon that temari would be at least moderately interested in World of Warcraft…so I kinda went ahead and created WoW characters for the sand sibs (nothing serious tho)

I gave temari a draenei paladin. the draenei are a proud and interesting race with a complicated history, and paladins are skilled fighters with strong morals. This also applies to temari, who is not afraid of speaking up when she feels that something isn’t right. Besides, as a paladin she can find a balance between heavy attacks and defending/healing.

Kankuro’s character is a goblin rogue. goblins specialize in technology and engineering, while rogues focus in stealth and are able to use tricks like poison to take out their enemies. I feel like this one is pretty self explanatory tbh. besides, I can just picture kankuro making this character and going “I don’t care if I’m on the wrong side, temari! I just want to play as a ugly green weirdo!”

Gaara is a pandaren mage. I chose pandaren because they are a relatively peaceful race who have stayed out of the conflict so far. I think gaara would like to decide for himself what side he wants to support. the mage class is very versatile and can master both powerful attack spells in addition to conjuration and teleportation 

oh my fucking god so i was doing the brotherhood questline in new vegas and it was at the beginning where the lad in power armor asks you to undress and hand over everything you have

and i was firing bullets in the air before that because i was bored with watching this dude slowly stroll up to me

so the moment the conversation ended and my character undressed the paladin immediately shouted “WHOA!” in the most hilarious tone of voice ever

All of the RPG class soaps and roll-ons are now up in the shop!

Each soap comes with a d20 embedded within, so when you’re finished getting clean you can finish off your enemies! Treat yourself or your gaming group, and smell like your favorite class while slaying Kobold or just running errands.

DM: There are many kinds of DMs, but they all seem to have two traits in common: wanting everyone to have fun, and delighting in the torture of their players. We decided to focus on the darker side, bringing together deeper scents like whiskey, clove, and a hint of patchouli to create a mysterious and almost spicy scent. It’s like that sinking feeling you get when your DM is smiling as they ask you to roll initiative…
Paladin: A holy knight in shining armor imbued with divine spellcasting abilities, Paladins are both lawful and good. Sandalwood, lemongrass, green tea, and ginger come together to create a scent that is softly masculine, clean, and complex. 
Mage: Whether they know magic from years of studying, were born with innate magical powers, or perhaps even made a pact with an otherworldly being to be able to wield spells, all magic users make a great addition to any gaming party.
Enigmatic just like most mages themselves, this scent is a mysterious vanilla blended with the soft cotton of mage’s robes.
Ranger: Use this fragrance and you won’t have to worry about staying downwind while tracking! A mixture of woody and herbal notes, this scent is perfect for all of those who love wilderness survival, beast mastery, laying traps, and all other Ranger type skills.
Druid: Wielding nature based spells and normally able to shapeshift, Druids are a fun mix of healer, dps, and tank. Druids are my personal favorite class to play if only for their ability to communicate with (and summon) animal companions. This scent is a mixture of earthy and woodsy notes; cassia trees, herbs, and old barnwood. A hefty dose of nature with a bit of a mystical twist, I can imagine this is how a druid might smell (though perhaps only -clean- druids)
Cleric: Healers belonging to sacred religious orders, Clerics are a staple of any gaming party. This scent is something similar to what a cleric’s temple offerings might smell like. Calming, pleasant, herbal… absolutely perfect for any healer!
Rogue: Rogues are like the cats of classes - sneaky, nimble, silent, and capable of a swift and mortal attack when you’re least expecting it (seriously, I thought he *wanted* to be pet on the belly. How was I supposed to know it was actually an offer to turn my hand into a scratching post?!)
The embodiment of flickering shadows, the whispers half heard, and the soft click of a lock opening, this scent is a combination of exotic floral notes with a hint of musk and rosewood.
Bard: A versatile class to say the least, bards are generally either a blessing or a curse to have in your party. Charisma being key to any bard, this scent captures the playfulness and whimsy of the musical magic of the class. Sweet berry notes with a base of pine and cedar make for a unique blend that is sure to captivate any audience almost as well as a lute can (which is a good thing, since this particular bard thought it would be a good idea to use their lute to fight off a bugbear…..)