Paladins waiting for Keith to get out of the healing Pod
  • Hunk: This is taking longer than I thought.
  • Pidge: Why is his hair still pretty in there?
  • Lance: You think his mullet is pretty?
  • Pidge: *shrugs*
  • Shiro: Guys.. Stop be nice... Not too nice.. He won't like that.

Every companion wears Santa beards for no reason during Christmas. Everyone. Even Strong. Nobody knows why. Cait is asking people to touch hers. Nick is stroking his like an old wise man. Piper complains that hers is too itchy while Curie goes around actually acting like Santa. Danse refused to participate. Dogmeat already chewed his apart. Deacon made a whole persona based off of his beard. Hancock was so fond of his and refuses to take it off after Christmas. Who thought this was a good idea?

Fallout 3 permanent companions sleep headcanons
  • Star Paladin Cross:
    • Pre-enhancements: Due to growing up in the Brotherhood, she was a very light sleeper, having to be ready to fight at a moment’s notice, or by constantly being disturbed a certain 10 year old Maxson.
    • Post-enhancements: doesn’t need to sleep, so when the Lone Wanderer goes to sleep for the night, she keeps watch, but does value the quiet and relative peace of the night, and enjoys being able to get off of her feet.
  • Butch DeLoria:
    • Uses Dogmeat or a limb of the Lone Wanderer’s as a pillow.  In the absence of a person or actual pillow, he’ll take off his jacket and make a pillow to squish.
    • When he’s not cuddling something/someone, he tosses and turns like no tomorrow.
    • (He kicked Lone in his sleep once.  They had a boot-shaped bruise on their stomach for a month)
  • Clover:
    • Surprisingly heavy sleeper.  You’d think she’d be more aware of her surroundings, but her conditioning has made it so she sleeps hard whenever she can, because she doesn’t know the next time she’ll be able to catch a good night’s sleep.
    • Tends to sleep on her side, spooning with her owner/partner.
  • RL-3:
    • He’s a robot so he doesn’t technically sleep, but he does occasionally need to go into a power saving mode to run diagnostics.  He only does so when absolutely necessary and if the Lone Wanderer doesn’t mind staying put for an hour or two.
  • Jericho:
    • He’s one of those people that will push themselves and keep themselves awake by any means necessary until their brain just shuts down on them. (This had the misfortune of happening while he and the Lone Wanderer were fighting super mutants…that didn’t turn out well)  He’ll normally wake up a few hours later, takes care of himself for a day or two, but then goes right back to staying awake for days on end. Rinse and repeat.
    • When not passed out (aka Lone made him go to bed) he snores like the devil
  • Fawkes:
    • Doesn’t like to sleep, and doesn’t really need to.  When he does sleep, he tends to have nightmares consisting of his time before and after the FEV virus.  The things that bother him the most are the flashes of his “human” self. 
    • Tends to sleep on his back, with an arm over his eyes.
  • Dogmeat:
    • Loves to curl up at the foot of wherever Lone is sleeping.
    • Will sometimes snore (Lone will die of adorable overdose when this happens)
  • Charon:
    • Pre-Ghoulification:  He was one of those guys that you did NOT mess up his circadian rhythms.  Not if you wanted to live, anyway.  He would sleep from 11pm to 6am every night. 
    • Post-Ghoulification: His sleeping habits changed from employer to employer.  Some would allow him to sleep regularly, others not so much (cough Azrukhal cough).
    • He’s always grateful when he’s allowed to sleep, because it allows him a chance to turn off his mind from his conditioning for a few hours. 
    • Azrukhal would never let him sleep because Charon is one of the ghouls who doesn’t need to, and he wanted to cause Charon as much pain as possible. (cuz Azrukhal is the world’s biggest bag of dicks and then some)
    • While traveling with a good-karma Lone, he’s more likely to sleep soundly than with a bad-karma Lone. 
    • Has difficulty managing nightmares.
    • Sleeps on his back, with one hand on his belly and the other under his head.
Bethesda confuses me once more: Danse Edition.

So I was discussing this with Rogue on a walk earlier today, as I have noticed a rather large plot hole is Danses story.

Just how long has he been a synth?

We know from the brotherhood storyline and the conversations with maxson, Danses team and Danse himself that he has known Maxson since he was a child. He helped raise and train him from a young age, so how come no one noticed the lack of aging if he was replaced with a synth early on? Or was it only when he entered the Commonwealth that he was replaced?
What happened to the real Danse, was he killed? Kept imprisoned or was he made into a super mutant?

Danse clearly remembers parts of his childhood, things that may be common knowledge as his story is much like the others in the wasteland that is the United States now. During blind betrayl, the mission where Elder maxson orders you to kill Danse as he is a synth, Danse recalls that he has no memory of any siblings or even his parents, as though he has fully accepted that he is what he has been trained to hunt and kill.

But again I return to my original question and point, if he was replaced early on by a synth, how did no one notice that age is not catching up with him, 20 years at least in the service of the brotherhood and no one noticed that the struggles and weariness of war and gun fights aren’t showing on his face?

I understand he wears power armour but that won’t stop the look of continued fatigue and general war wear and tear that every one returns with. He has one obvious scar that we know of on his face, but was that a real scar that was replicated or was that a scar on a synths face made by battle and patched up?

Bethesda has missed so much on explaining Danse, like how long he has been a synth, how was he taken to be replaced by a synth, the Danse we know and love wouldn’t be taken by the Institute, he’d much rather die? And why during the Institute playthrough or invasion by the brotherhood do we find no evidence of Danses records as to why he was picked and replaced and other details like that. I want to know what happened to the real, living, breathing human Danse, if there even was one.