Our group just started a new low-level campaign, and I’m playing a Half-Orc Fighter (that believes he’s a Paladin). He’s lugging around a huge steel tower shield that used to be a door. Anyway, we’re adventuring into a spooky dungeon when we get ambushed by a bunch of goblins in a narrow corridor.

DM: Roll initiative.

Me: I roll an 18 [we’re using 3d6 roll system]

DM: Okay, you move first. There are three goblins standing in the corridor in front of you.

Me: I roll to bull rush.

DM: I… what?

Me: Bull rush. I want to bull rush them.

DM: … What, all of them?

Me: Yep.

DM takes some time to figure out what exactly the procedure should be here (it was his first time DM'ing), before deciding that I should roll a Strength check on each single goblin that I collide with in sequence. Being a Half-Orc, I beat the first goblin’s Strength check by 15, and using my tower shield, I ram him handily through the second and then third (thanks to the fact I now had a charge bonus) - straight into the unrelenting stone wall behind them.

DM: They take, uh… some bludgeoning damage. Hang on.

Some rolls happen, the results of which aren’t shared, but the outcome is clear.

DM: … Where once there was a party of goblins, now there is simply a large puddle of goblin jam.

The rest of the party looks on in stunned silence.

That Damned Wolf

“Oh shit oh shit oh shit.” Arthur panted as he ran, his heavy steel armor not helping in the situation he was currently in. As if that wasn’t the worst of it, a hulking wolf at least three times the size of any dire wolf Arthur had ever seen was chasing him, knocking practically anything in it’s way day, small trees and fallen ones being no exception. This damned hunt for Dathyeth and that relic Aislin left behind was not going too well, having already found some sort of tower that drained his energy. He sighed at the memory before leaping over as small crack in the ground while the wolf simply jogged over it.

The damned wolf had to have been taking it’s time, staying the same distance away from Arthur no matter how hard he tried to lose it. It tormented him, speeding up when he slowed down and gnashing it’s powerful jaws at him. Arthur didn’t doubt that his head would be crushed like a watermelon under a hammer if it was caught in those things, so he wasn’t going to let that happen. He grew tired of running, eventually reaching a clearing in an old, abandoned temple in these far, wild, and untamed lands.

Arthur prepared his axe, the rune on the center of it glowing brightly. Hopefully the magic he filled it with would last this fight, having to use it earlier on a rather unsightly undead gorilla. Ugh, the thing smelled bad. Worse than undercity, surprisingly. The wolf rounded the corner, skidding as it came to it’s stop. Hunger and a bit of rage gleamed in it’s primal eyes, slowly padding forward to Arthur and letting loose a growl. Just to put the beast’s size in comparison to Arthur, Arthur is 6′6″. The wolf was twice as long as him and just as tall, no doubt weighing far more. Arthur adjusted his grip on his axe, not faltering and staring the wolf in the eye. The ends of his blindfold blew lightly in the wind, howling through the great and broken halls.

The the wolf lunged, going to bite Arthur’s neck. Had Arthur not had his axe raised, he would be a bloody pile on the floor without a neck. A pair of large jaws clamped around the hilt of Arthur’s axe, trying to yank it away. But Arthur’s grip remained true, raising the wolf’s head up and slamming in down on his raised knee. The wolf whimpered, backing away for a moment and shaking it’s head, it’s fur rippling. Arthur did not waste a moment, already charging forward and swinging his axe into the beast’s flank. Other than falling down into a pile like others of it’s kind, the wolf growled in frustration, biting down on Arthur’s plated leg and pulling. The teeth dented into his armor, completely picking Arthur up and throwing him into a wall. Other than just bouncing off of it, it crumbled from the weight, breaking him into a new section. This area seemed rather preserved, old chairs and tabled adorning the inside with chandlers, one which promptly fell only inches from Arthur’s head. He grumbled, attempting to stand and grab his axe when he felt a wall of fur hit him, the armor around his bicep denting inwards, easily becoming painful. The paladin fell backwards onto the floor, the wolf trying desperately to rip his arm off, but the armor preventing it.

With a roar of his own, Arthur begun to pummel the side of the wolf’s face with his free hand, one blow flowing into the other, but the wolf wasn’t budging until it removed it’s teeth from his bicep and instead latched them around his free hand’s wrist. With one swift yank, a crack echoed through the air and Arthur’s right hand went limp. The damned wolf broke his wrist! Rage boiled inside Arthur, his eyes glowing faintly behind his blindfold, a perk of his injury many years ago. He left hand came up and rested it’s palm on the wolf’s side. Light begun to glow between his fingers, when suddenly the wolf was blasted off of his with rocket-like force, slamming into another wall. Unfortunately, the wolf’s mouth was still around Arthur’s wrist, and the blast caused it to be forcefully removed from it. Another crack sounded from Arthur’s wrist as two of the wolf’s large teeth came out with blood trailing behind them.

The monstrous wolf wasted no time pouncing back to it’s feet, it’s own blood staining it’s teeth. It lept at Arthur again, but this time he was ready. With his axe in his left hand, he swung it down, completely splitting the wolf’s head down the middle. That did not stop the momentum, though, the corpse slamming into Arthur and spilling the contents of it’s head onto him. Arthur fell onto the floor again with a groan, wolf blood seeping into the cracks of his armor. He shoved the body off of his quickly, getting to his feet and using his axe like a cane. Well, that was quite the fight, Arthur though to himself before chuckling and hobbling out of the ruins.

By the light he just wanted to find that damned relic and kill Dathyeth.

‘ anderson , this is winter . winter , this is father anderson . ‘ he placed his hand on the child’s BACK , lightly pushing her towards the towering PALADIN . he PRAYED that they would get along … for he CARED for them both .

lady-blackwood asked:

{WiW} What if you were forced to re-roll your muse(s) race/class? What would they be and why?

Kiro: Yikes. I played with a bunch of things for Kiro. When MoP dropped he tried to be a monk. Weeeeell, he couldn’t master that whole inner peace thing that fucked with his chi, so he took the hand to hand training offered. He tried to be a paladin when an old relic sword possessed him, and it was fun to play a polar opposite of his, but still it was a possession thing. He’s bounced between being a hunter and a farstrider, but that didn’t pan out very well (Unless we’re talking MG, in which case those goals were accomplished)

So going beyond those areas already explored? I’d say he’d make a kickass warrior. It’s already his fighting style, he’s not a very shadow reliant rogue. In fact I view him as a warrior who doesn’t use plate or large weapons. He likes to square up toe to toe, and at times has that brash quality. So, yeah, clever Kiro in plate. Sounds pretty unstoppable to me.

Nish: He’s a bit of a different story, I’m still fleshing out the character and his frame work and the way he operates. But largely I’m going to play on the detective side of him, which I think would fit very well with hunters. That whole analytical and realistic mind, just move the spectrum from magic to woods, and there you go. Nish hunter.

Soriya: Hnnng, I literally can’t see her as anything other then a monk. Like, it was a perfect fit. So much so I recustomized my monk just for her. But for the sake of the question, lets explore. What if she tried to follow in dear old dads footsteps and became a rogue. That would be a fun arch to play out and a legitament motivation for her character. She looks up to her dad in the sense of how good of a fighter he is, and how he uses that talent to help others or himself. Granted she would focus more on the former, it’s a viable option for her (Still very new story). 



i170 Heavensward “Yasha” gear. Stated to be Tomestone of Law gear and can be upgraded.

As I speculated this Eastern themed armor we saw in the benchmark would likely be tomestone gear as Rowena has set up a deal with a Doman trader for particularly Eastern stuff.