How the paladins react to you going missing.

I thought I’d try something different because I’m edgy. Enjoy!


      • All of a sudden, he completely loses his chill.

      • Like, to the point where even Coran is shocked.

      • He spends most of his time ordering the others around, telling them where to stand and what to do to make your rescue quicker.

      • Really turns into a leader. He just wants you found.

      • “They’ll be fine. They’re a fighter.”

      • “I should have been protecting them. I should have been there.

      • Plenty of guilt.

      • Short temper.

      • Crying when he’s on his own.


      • When he initially finds out, he doesn’t really believe it.

      • He’s so used to you coming home from missions and greeting him with that big kiss, that you not coming home just seems a little … surreal.

      • He waits for you for a little while. The others are trying to tell him that you’re not coming back and that they need to start a rescue plan.

      • Once the denial is gone, the anger takes it place.

      • Like Shiro, he just loses control.

      • Keith’s anger is more aimed at himself, though, and he shows it through silence.

      • He literally just sits and plans the rescue, and don’t dare think for a minute that he didn’t try and leave the castle in the middle of the night because he thought the planning was useless.

      • He just wants you home. Hunk had to stop him before he could leave the ship.

      • “I’ve lost everyone. I can’t lose them. I won’t.

      • Not believing the promises the others give him when they assure him you’ll be coming home.

      • Punching random things.


      • For once, Lance is silent.

      • He doesn’t really know what to do with himself. Like ???? How can theu just be gone???

      • He’s surprisingly calm, although on the inside he is fReAkInG oUt.

      • He basically agrees to any suggestion anybody gives because he just wants to get out there and rescue you.

      • “You don’t look okay, man.”

      • “I’m fine!”

      • Him truly believing it was his fault. Like, with Shiro and Keith that’s just kind of expected because of their past, but Lance genuinelywalks around for days thinking he has killed the love of his life.

      • He tries to make people believe he is okay and still cracks jokes, but there’s a dullness to them that everybody picks up on.

      • Far away glances.

      • His smile fading when he thinks nobody is looking.

      • Promising to find you every night as if you can hear him.

      • He cries once when it gets too much for him.


      • He gets energetic. Not in a good way.

      • Like, it’s all adrenaline. As soon as the news is given to him that you were captured, he just gets jumpy.

      • “Let’s go! Y/N doesn’t have all day! Come on, come on, come on!”

      • He gets confused when people tell him that there’s a strong chance you won’t make it out alive.

      • “What do you mean? They’ll be fine. They’re always fine.”

      • Laughing and joking, suddenly growing very loud. Everybody notices the slight waver in his laugh.

      • He truly believes you’re okay until the days start to pass and nobody has a clue where you are.

      • He gradually gets quieter and quieter until it’s a difficult task getting him to speak at all.

      • He refuses to sleep in the bed you two shared.

      • Instead, he sleeps beside Lance.

      • “I hope you don’t mind. I need to hug something.”

      • Lip quivers.

      • Glossy eyes.

      • Late nights spent thinking about the state you must be in.


      • She isolates herself like no other.

      • After she is told that you were captured, she simply nods, turns around and walks into her room, locking the door behind her.

      • Looks for anything to distract herself with. She hates feeling empty.

      • Tries to hack into every piece of technology you have on you.

      • When it doesn’t work, she gets angry and starts to destroy things.

      • “Pidge! Pidge, stop!”

      • “I told them not to turn their head set off! I told them!”

      • Getting frustrated at little things.

      • Stammering over her own words.

      • Daydreaming.

      • Fiddling with her finger nails. She just wants something to hold onto.

      • Suddenly not knowing how to dress or how to style her hair. You used to help her pick out her outfits and cut her hair for her when it got too long.

      • Now that you’re gone, she’s a little oblivious to what style is.

      • Writing and drawing out detailed plans for your rescue.

      • Swearing on graves that she will find you and she will kill whoever hurt you.

Son of Haggar part 11

Lance held his head in pain, tears were coming down. His eyes were closed, It hurt so much that couldn’t stand it.

“Open your eyes Lance.” It was a different voice this time. Calm, kind almost nervous. Lance open his and saw her. It was Haggar, but she looked different.

“Your actually dreaming Lance.”

Her hair wasn’t silver white but a light blonde color. Her eyes were the ocean itself, beautiful even. And skin tone change, it was pale, almost what you imagine Snow White to looks like. And her altean markings were the same look but color was actually pink. She was beautiful, was this what she looked like before the war?

“I’m sorry things turn out this way,” she paused and looked down at her hands. “I don’t expect you to forgive what I’ve done. But I will tell you why.”

Farla ran, she had to find Isamu. She didn’t know what was going on, all she knew was Zarkon wanted Voltron and control the universe. She just prayed to the gods that Isamu left untouched. She wouldn’t know what to do without the red paladin. And she stopped as she saw the dead body of Isamu, she felt her tears come down her eyes. And turn to see Zarkon, the weapon was from altean that stabbed Isamu in the stomach. No blood on Zarkon’s hands, “I found him like this. I can’t find black but we have blue and red lion. Yellow and green lion crashed landed.” Farla didn’t care for the lions, she couldn’t stop crying.

Haggar stopped and looked at Lance, there was no pain on his face.

“When I found out about you, I had to protect you. I didn’t know what would Zarkon do to you.” He listened quietly, “I didn’t want to send you to Earth. I wanted you to stay with me and maybe Lotor as well. But you were safer there, but the blue lion grew fond of you and I knew you will come back one day. Though as the blue paladin, but I knew you wouldn’t come back to me.” Lance felt his heart ache, “Yes…I do want you by my side but…I also want you to be happy.”

“I’ll give you three choices Lance. 1) I could erase your original memories and you could stay with me. 2) I could erase the new ones and you could go back to being normal or the closes to it. 3)..” Haggar paused and bit her lip.

“3) you could suffer in pain with all the memories and die slowly and painfully.”

There’s a rumbling in my head, it’s getting louder and louder
     There’s a shaking in my bones, it’s getting stronger and stronger
           There’s a hunger in my heart, it’s full of promise, promise
                There’s an itch under my skin—it’s under my skin, under my skin
                                                             'Cause I just wanna feel something real.

mutantgurls  asked:

Last, role reversal voltron au. You can switch any characters u want.

ooooh, don’t hand me so much power, ill go crazy with it.

i’ve seen alot of fics and art of where Lance and Shiro switch places, and they are a dream come true for langst writers ( and shance shippers) everywhere. i personally love them!

but what about Lance and Matt switching spots?

like Matt is great friends with Shiro, but has always struggled with getting out of the cargo pilots classes to be able to show that he’s capable of so much more; and Lance being a great engineer and scientist who is pretty nerdy, but still the same lovable goof ball who loves anything to do with space exploration.

Lance would go up with Matt’s dad and Shiro and we would follow the usual plot, just with Matt being the Blue paladin instead of Lance.

but also, REBEL LANCE!!!!!!aaahhhhhhhh!!!!! the idea in itself is great and beautiful and SO unexplored!

think of a roughed up Lance being saved by rebels, an joining them in their fight against the galra. learning how to fight with all sort of different weapons. helping them with maintenance on their ships but also bringing a light hearted air into the rebel cause, helping older fighters relearn how to relax, and reminding the younger ones to not let the war diffuse their sense of humor and enjoyment in life. (plus him in that rebel armor would look hella good on him ;)) and just Lance and Shiro bonding! they were on a spaceship for 6 months, they’re going to get close with one another. 

and Matt helping Pidge to find their father, helping her sneak into the garrison, searching for clues of anything about him while they fight to save the universe. i do imagine Matt to be kinda like Lance, always the first to tell a joke and has insecurities about his piloting skills, always comparing himself to Shiro and striving to do better. but not the kind to really flirt with anyone. he qould be the one that alot of aliens would be super into and they try flirting with him, but he’s as blind as a bat when it comes to that kind of stuff, so he takes it all in good and pure strives, never realizing he’s leaving a trail of broken hearts behind him.

thats all i really got on this right now, thank you so much for the prompt! i loved it so much!

xxxgreekgeekxxx  asked:

How would the companions react to prewar aquariums and zoos, and which exhibits would be their favorite.

Cait: she’d be a little bored with the idea of seeing animals in cages and would complain when Sole actually made her tag along but she’d change her tune when she’d come across the bears, she loved seeing them but she’d end up yelling at them wanting them to fight “Come on! Fight eachother already!!@

Codsworth: he’d enjoy the idea of everyone going to the zoo and his favorite place would probably be the aquarium, he’d love going through the halls that are just a huge fish tank. He’d love the colorful fish the most. “This is magnificent! Such beautiful creatures”

Curie: Much like codsworth she’d love the aquarium the most but she’d love swimming with the dolphins the most, when Sole brought up the idea Curie was confused but once they got in the water with the sweet animals she did not want to get out. “But do we have to leave? They are just so cute non?”

Danse: he’d be a little irritated and would be a little grouchy as they walked through the zoo. He’d lighten up once he and Sole would come to the lions, he thought they where really cool and internally he was really excited but he stayed cool ok the outside and just admired the large animals. “Outstanding! They are truly amazing creatures”

Deacon: he’d freaking love it, his favorite exhibit would be penguins, definitely penguins. He’d try to get in the exhibit with them but sole would quickly drag him away much to his disappointment. “Come on boss! I just wanna join my family”

Hancock: he’d be cool with the idea of going to the zoo and he’d really like walking around seeing all the different animals and fishes, but his favorite would be the sloths. They where just so chill. “My type of peoples or well animals”

MacCready: he’d whine a little when Sole would drag him to the zoo but he’d actually turn out to like it. His favorite exhibit would be the pandas, they where just so big and cute and they looked so cuddly. “They’re just so freaking cute”

Nick Valentine: he wouldn’t mind going to the zoo although he’d prefer to be doing other things. He’d walk around and admire all the different animals but his favorite would probably be the birds. “Wow, someof them can talk”

Piper: she’d love all the animals but her favorite would be the sea lions. "Oh my gosh blue! Look at how cute they are!!”

Preston: he’d love it, he’d excitedly go to every exhibit and he’d love all the animals but his favorite would have to be the giraffes. “Look at how long they’re necks are! Wow they’re so cool!”

X6-88: he wouldn’t really care and he’d have a frown on his face the whole time sole dragged him around the zoo. He’d probably like the turtles though.

Gage: he wouldn’t really like the idea of walking around watching animals but he’d have a decent time and he’d find that he loves sharks. “Wow, look at it’s teeth, that’s badass damn!”

Alright im sorry if this was trash please forgive me T_T i tbh haven’t been to a zoo or aquarium since i was like 6