Allura is gonna end up wearing crocs and knee high socks bc she saw that they were “crocs” aka a shortened name for earth crocodiles which are feared and ferocious creatures therefore these “crocs shoes” must be very intimidating and cool, the socks are just because she loves earthling socks

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Companions as moive/ tv characters? with pictures/ gifs pls? <3

Ada: Wall-e (Wall-e)

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Cait: Domino Harvey (Domino)

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Codsworth: Carson (Downton Abbey)

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Curie: Amelie (Amelie)

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Danse: Wardaddy (Fury)

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Deacon: Rick (Rick and Morty)

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Hancock: Raoul Duke (Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas)

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MacCready: Jake (Adventure Time)

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Nick: Sherlock (Sherlock)

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Old Longfellow: Blondie/ The man with no name (The Good, The Bad and The Ugly)

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Piper: Agent Carter (Agent Carter)

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Preston: Terry (Brooklyn Nine Nine)

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Strong: Shrek (shrek)

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X6-88: T-800 (Terminator)

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Maxson: General Patton (Patton)

Or: Leonidas (300)

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Teen Titans Voltron Au

Shiro: Robin
So Shiro and Robin are both team leaders, and they both care and protect like all of their teammates individually. They also take time to check up on each of them and see how they’re doing. And they are both very caring and they have ties to the enemy Robin to Slade just as Shiro does to Zarkon. (Also would Shiro look better in Robin’s Nightwing outfit??)

Keith: Raven
They both are more reserved than their other teammates. And they still know how to how to have a good time, but they do keep their emotions in check. They’re the more serious ones of the group, but they are really good in a fight and they can always be trusted to watch your back.

Lance: Beast Boy
These two are the pranksters of their teams. They always know how to lighten the mood with a good joke, and there never afraid to back down from a challenge. They love working with their team and although they can be stubborn at times they’re always there for their friends.

Hunk: Cyborg
For a while I thought Hunk would be a good StarFire, but then I thought of how close beast boy and cyborg are just as hunk and Lance are close. And cyborg is also the engineer of the group just as Hunk was an engineer for the garrison. They are also both the really trustworthy and dependable ones of the group, these two are the ones that you can always rely on in any situation and they are always ready to listen.

Pidge: Starfire
Pidge and StarFire have a lot in common, well more than you would think. They both have families that are in space, of course Starfire’s aren’t held captive by an enemy. The two of them are also really the glue that keeps the whole team together. Also just as Pidge met Hunk and Lance after they were already friends StarFire joined the team after it Had already been formed.

So that’s the headcanon, tell me what you guys think of it, and if it’s worth drawing

The Expulsion by TyphonArt

“When we decide a paladin is ready to finish their training, after many years in our covenant,
they are obliged to make a pilgrimage to the Surface, and reach the end of the stairs.
Without any weapon, they must force the undead giants to leave them alone, using nothing more but their faith.
Only then we know they are pure in his heart and will help the underworld…”

Elder Paladin Osthryd

Team Voltron as happy things

Hunk: when an old golden retriever rests his head on your lap, laughing so hard with a friend that your sides ache, the first bite you take of an oven warm homemade cookie, watching fireworks with your best friends, hugging someone you love tightly “just because”

Keith: sitting with your best friend in your car at night time talking about the origin of the universe, getting a new tattoo that means a lot to you, dying your hair a different color, movie marathons on rainy days with your best friends, eating Chinese take out while watching game shows with your friends

Lance: stargazing with your friends while laying on a trampoline and counting how many shooting stars you see, the cool feeling of relief you get when you walk inside an air conditioned building on a hot day, getting as many toppings as you want on your frozen yogurt, eating watermelon at your younger sibling’s little league game, when a classic song comes on the radio and you and your best friend do a dramatic performance of it while driving down the road

Allura: laying in a warm bubble bath after a long day, the scent of your favorite perfume, when your hair falls perfectly in the way you want it, the scent of brownies baking in the oven, finding your new favorite starbucks drink

Pidge: the coolness of aloe vera on a sunburn, buying new school supplies, taking photos of a sunset, when a cat purrs while you pet it, waking up in the middle of the night and realizing that you still have four hours left to sleep before your alarm

Shiro: wearing your favorite outfit in public, snowball fights on a day that school gets canceled for bad weather, getting your eyeliner wings perfect on the first try, cuddling close with someone you care about, when you try to tell a joke but you can’t get the words out cause you’re laughing too hard 

Coran: blowing out birthday candles while your closest friends and family members clap, looking at old photos in a photo album, acing that test you studied super hard for, meeting new people while hunting pokemon, opening presents on Christmas morning