Valéria Character Questions

Thank you @rakaeltowers for tagging me!

I bet you all thought I was going to do this meme for Aranya, as usual? WRONG! You’re getting one of my secondary characters, little Valéria this time!

One picture you like best of your character’s FC:

Taylor Momsen. Waaaay back when she was tiny and adorable and playing Cindy-Lou Who, that is. Present-day Taylor Momsen is very much NOT a future face fit for my itty-bitty paladin-in-training. Nope. Nuh-uh. Hell no.

(Absolutely no offense to the fabulous @ayamicross, who rocks Momsen’s current face as a femme fatale. Though it does make me wonder how Ayami would react ICly to seeing this little girl?)

Two headcanons you have for your muse that you never told anyone:
1. Valéria loves the cold and enjoys going on trips to Northrend to train as a paladin, rather than always staying in Silvermoon City or Hearthglen.

2. She’s a glutton! LOVES food!

Three things that your muse likes doing in their free time:
1. Spending time winning over the hearts of Aranya’s friends and associates, like the warlock lord Kethron Thorne.

2. Helping people. Valéria LOVES helping out and contributing, doesn’t matter much to her what the chore or task is, and she likes to make people feel better and happy. She proved to be a healing prodigy by the age of six.

3. Reading every book she can get her hands on, basic combat training (think second-degree yellow belt), coloring pictures, and making up stories about the dragons she knows.

Two things your muse regrets:
1. Valéria is way too young to have any serious regrets.

2. Maybe falling asleep too soon to see Greatfather Winter leave her something under the tree.

Two phobias/fears your muse has:
1. Seeing Aranya scared. Aranya is among the strongest, bravest, most heroic persons in Valéria’s whole world. She’s on the pedestal of Minn’da. If Aranya is scared, then Valéria is deeply perturbed and afraid. It’s another reason for Aranya to always put on a brave face.

2. Deep water, steep slides, more physically intimidating feats. 

Mentions to @rhovinthorne for his warlock, Kethron, but I’m tagging him to do this for any of his toons that he’d like to *cough* Korwen please! *coughcough* Also tagging @vorigoth (for Vori and Korsyn) @laceandhalos @azerothiantales @rolandnaerth @ayamicross (because why not?) and @xarriel-valmere!



I think I phased into a quest I didn’t have/finish yet so she may not be visible to everyone in the hall.  As far as I’ve figured out, the first time you’re supposed to meet her is in Dalaran where she has a quest called “Holy Steel.”  By the look of things, the Silver Hand is about to recruit a night elf priestess-turned-paladin.  

Could mean night elf paladins in the future? (PS don’t ask about Julia’s model size it’s bugged lol)