This is the call of the P A L A D I N : to protect the weak, to bring justice to the unjust, and to vanquish evil from the darkest corners of the world. These holy warriors are equipped with plate armor so they can confront the toughest of foes, and the blessing of the Light allows them to heal wounds and, in some cases, even restore life to the dead.

All of the RPG class soaps and roll-ons are now up in the shop!

Each soap comes with a d20 embedded within, so when you’re finished getting clean you can finish off your enemies! Treat yourself or your gaming group, and smell like your favorite class while slaying Kobold or just running errands.

DM: There are many kinds of DMs, but they all seem to have two traits in common: wanting everyone to have fun, and delighting in the torture of their players. We decided to focus on the darker side, bringing together deeper scents like whiskey, clove, and a hint of patchouli to create a mysterious and almost spicy scent. It’s like that sinking feeling you get when your DM is smiling as they ask you to roll initiative…
Paladin: A holy knight in shining armor imbued with divine spellcasting abilities, Paladins are both lawful and good. Sandalwood, lemongrass, green tea, and ginger come together to create a scent that is softly masculine, clean, and complex. 
Mage: Whether they know magic from years of studying, were born with innate magical powers, or perhaps even made a pact with an otherworldly being to be able to wield spells, all magic users make a great addition to any gaming party.
Enigmatic just like most mages themselves, this scent is a mysterious vanilla blended with the soft cotton of mage’s robes.
Ranger: Use this fragrance and you won’t have to worry about staying downwind while tracking! A mixture of woody and herbal notes, this scent is perfect for all of those who love wilderness survival, beast mastery, laying traps, and all other Ranger type skills.
Druid: Wielding nature based spells and normally able to shapeshift, Druids are a fun mix of healer, dps, and tank. Druids are my personal favorite class to play if only for their ability to communicate with (and summon) animal companions. This scent is a mixture of earthy and woodsy notes; cassia trees, herbs, and old barnwood. A hefty dose of nature with a bit of a mystical twist, I can imagine this is how a druid might smell (though perhaps only -clean- druids)
Cleric: Healers belonging to sacred religious orders, Clerics are a staple of any gaming party. This scent is something similar to what a cleric’s temple offerings might smell like. Calming, pleasant, herbal… absolutely perfect for any healer!
Rogue: Rogues are like the cats of classes - sneaky, nimble, silent, and capable of a swift and mortal attack when you’re least expecting it (seriously, I thought he *wanted* to be pet on the belly. How was I supposed to know it was actually an offer to turn my hand into a scratching post?!)
The embodiment of flickering shadows, the whispers half heard, and the soft click of a lock opening, this scent is a combination of exotic floral notes with a hint of musk and rosewood.
Bard: A versatile class to say the least, bards are generally either a blessing or a curse to have in your party. Charisma being key to any bard, this scent captures the playfulness and whimsy of the musical magic of the class. Sweet berry notes with a base of pine and cedar make for a unique blend that is sure to captivate any audience almost as well as a lute can (which is a good thing, since this particular bard thought it would be a good idea to use their lute to fight off a bugbear…..)