Oath of the Miracle

( @knightposting requested an oath based on stealth. i still wanted to keep the “lawful” part of the paladin class, so idk if this was what you expected buuut)

Miracles are often considered the work of the gods, whether the person asked for them or not. A poor family finds their pantry filled with food, a person who has not eaten for days finds money on the street, an abusive patron disappears or is replaced by a just one. The gods can’t always help everyone in need, and that is where the paladins bound to the Oath of the Miracle come into action. They are rarely seen in battle (if at all) as peace is usually settled before anyone knows there was even a confrontation.


Small actions change the world
Sometimes small actions are the ones that change people rather than a big show of goodness. The small push someone needs to do good or the removal of the obstacles stopping them can ensure that person does good and help others for the rest of their life. 

Unseen but fair
Your talents are to be used for good. You shall pass unseen, yes, but you shall leave everything as you found it and only leave good behind you. 

Do not take shelter in the sidelines
Direct action should be the last resort but if an injustice cannot be solved in a discreet or indirect manner, then you should act to prevent it. At the end of the day, you are a servant of justice. 

The greatest story never told
Your actions should come from a place of altruism. No matter how great the deed, you are not to take credit for it nor will you request compensation or a reward. Knowing the world is a better place because of your actions is reward enough.

Oath of the Sisterhood

(I know, I now, no one requested this one. I’ll get to the requested ones but I had this one int he back of my head and I needed to write it after all the shit going down in my country) 

Paladins bound to the Oath of the Sisterhood are always women who swear this oath in the name of a goddess. They can be found travelling alone or in diverse groups, but it is said that when they unite in battle they are unstoppable. 


Harm to one of us is harm to all of us
All women, bound to the Oath or not, are part of the Sisterhood. As such, they are to be protected. This is especially true to those unable to defend themselves or who don’t believe they deserve to be defended. This is especially true for those whose voices cannot be heard, as you shall be their mouthpiece. 

You shall not close the gate 
You shall not ask for proof of belonging, you shall not impose your definition of what womanhood is. Everyone who calls themself a woman in need of help is to be helped. We are all part of the Sisterhood. 

For any attack against the Sisterhood, a punishment
The laws of men are flawed and sometimes corrupt. No one who harms a member of the Sisterhood is to walk free. No woman will suffer alone. No crime will be left without retribution. 

Over all, the Sisterhood
Petty disputes are to be left out. Irrational prejudices against other members of the Sisterhood are to be put aside in times of need. When we fight, we fight together. 

(if it wasn’t clear enough this is not for terfs as terfs cannot be paladins kthnx)