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My son (7) wanted to cosplay Keith in his Paladin form for Momocon this year. He wound up winning in the costume contest! Thanks to all the awesome people who made him feel so loved and appreciated. ❤️

His page is over at:


🖤🎵"May I hold you as you fall to sleep,
When the world is closing in,
And you can’t breathe here,
May I love you, may I be your shield,
When no one can be found,
May I lay you down" 🎶💖


Voltron Paladin Armor Tutorial Part 2: Construction Part 1

This is the 2nd part in a complete EVA foam Voltron Paladin Armor Tutorial.  See links below for the rest of the tutorial. Feel free to message me with any questions you have. 

This is my first cosplay tutorial so I would love any feedback. If you use this tutorial, I would love to see the armor you make!

Part 1: Materials and Pattern Making

Part 3: Construction Part 2

Part 4: Patterns: Helmet

Part 5: Patterns: Chest 

Part 6: Patterns: Legs

Part 7: Patterns: Arms

Part 8: Patterns: Belt


I’ve been remaking parts of my paladin suit since the original pieces were not up to par with my own standards 😓💦 My technique/process was flawed and I’m slightly embarrassed I didn’t figure it out the first time around… Basically you can see the old ones in the bg that have fabric creases in them because the vinyl is not secured to the foam. This happened only when wearing it all together due to the stress of things so it wasn’t an obvious problem at the beginning. I now figured out a way to make the tube armor pieces the way I want AND secure it to the foam throughout…. Just wish I didn’t have to make them twice haaaa… Otherwise there were only minor adjustments to these. (I wish I knew of a better way to make the round bits on the shin guards but alas) I know they will hold up much better but I’m still nervous about the wear and tear on this costume, ahhhh..

With some other adjustments and fixups, I will be wearing paladin Keith Friday (and maybe Saturday?) evening at Katsucon next weekend…!

“I’m waiting for it, that green light, I want it..“🚦
Here’s some Klance, since it’s Monday, and sometimes we all just need something NICE on a Monday, ya know??
Keith: @akrcos
Lance: me

Excited for Season 3 of Voltron!!!!

Some stuff I’m curious about if we’ll see in season 3:

  • Will Allura have more change of clothes and hairstyles?
  • Which lion is Allura piloting?
  • How will Lance & Keith interact with Lotor?
  • Will we see Keith’s galra form?
  • Will Hunk and Shay reunite?
  • How does Pidge react with Shiro not there?
  • Will Lance have a more developed backstory on his life before becoming a paladin?
  • Where’s Shiro?
  • Does Coran’s role stay the same?
  • Who are the half galra generals and is there one that is good?
  • Will there be a romance starting or an official couple?