palace waywards


‘Yes you, Miss’ he waved the prince come closer.

“There’s me of course– I say, that’s me sharing the rumor from me to you now.

“Or should I say that’s me wanting to share a juicy bit of gossip I heard. What’s a rumor after all, if you’ve got no one with whom to part it with.” He toyed with the idea then, the mischief such hearsay was likely to cause among Kou’s residents– if old wives tales held in them that tendency of being already less than reliable, what sort of outcome could he expect presently. Emerging even now, further-still, from a certain second-hand gaggle of maids and wayward palace servents.

“So it goes I guess, er- so I’ve heard, Kouen, the bigger of the guys in line- is going to be forced into a marriage one of these days, I mean that’s none of my business it’s just one of those things you hear in passing-”

The mere fact that there were rumors spreading around the palace was alarming. Of course some rumors were common; Kouha experienced that all his life about his own person. But now rumors about his heavenly lineage were spread to people who apparently didn’t even recognize him as the youngest son of said family?

He stared in growing uneasiness at this disheveled man while he babbled and babbled on. How did he even come to be this deep in the palace? It was new to Kouha to hear of servants, who didn’t belong to his own household, to be allowed such leisure about their appearance.

Well, at least the type of rumor in detail wasn’t that bad. Still, rumors weren’t good, and so Kouha lifted his fist in a swift motion and aimed for the guy’s temple, wanting to knock him out with a precise hit. Taking him out was the safest action for now. Once he’d have him tied down in a secure place and asked a few people, he still could decide what to do then.