palace room

The Room of Eurus Holmes

I happened upon this rather by chance and then it struck me as highly interesting. Here we see Eurus’s room in the very moment she sets fire to Musgrave Hall, i.e. this happens shortly before she is removed to an institution, right? 

According to what we are told this is the room of a 5- or 6-year-old “era-defining genius, beyond Newton”. A girl who taught her older brother to play the violin. Who was “aware of truths beyond the normal scope”. Whose “abilities were professionally assessed more than once”.

So what would we expect to find? Books, for sure. Maps. Scientific equipment. Maybe an early personal computer. A violin, for heaven’s sake!

If she had been professionally assessed more than once as Mycroft says, the experts would surely have told her parents how to promote her skills and support her thirst for knowledge. And there would have been evidence in her room because this is the moment before she leaves. 

But what we see is a very ordinary room: a blackboard, a doll’s house, stuffed animals, a bedspread with stars on it, plastic boxes with toys - nothing in this room does speak of the extraordinary abilities of Eurus, it does not reflect what we are told about her in any way. What we see is a lonely little girl drawing violent pictures of her older brother, playing with matches. 

So, again, we have the choice between sloppy set design and EMP? Eurus = Sherlock? Would love to hear your thoughts. 

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The Amber Room (or Yantarnaya Komnata) is a world-famous chamber decorated in amber panels backed with gold leaf and mirrors, located in the Catherine Palace of Tsarskoye Selo near Saint Petersburg. Originally constructed in the 18th century in Prussia, the Amber Room disappeared during World War II and was recreated in 2003. Before the room was lost, it was considered an “Eighth Wonder of the World.”



Top 10 Favorite Castles or Palaces (in no particular order)

1.  Alcázar of Seville, Spain
2. Château d’Ussé, France
3. Château de Chambord, France
4. Red Fort, India
5. Palace of Versailles, France
6. Schönbrunn Palace, Austria
7. Moscow Kremlin, Russia
8. Catherine Palace, Russia
9. Buckingham Palace, England
10. Neuschwanstein Castle, Germany

Bugaria’s pretty big. By bug standards, at least. That’s why the Ant kingdom, with the help of some worms, has taken it upon themselves to build tunnels connecting the land.

That’s right, this is our fast travel area - The Ant Mines! At least that’s the PR given by the Queen.

In truth, the whole project started as a small effort to find more of the shining crystals you can see. The big blue crystal in the middle shoots up, decorating one of the Ant Palace’s rooms!

 The mines are full of different characters that are all invested in reaching a certain part of the world. Although at the start of the game, most areas are closed off, there is a method for you to speed up the tunnel’s progress…!?

 We don’t want to show everything here today, but we’re hoping that even the fast travel area will be a memorable place with characters you care about a tiny bee bit.

 Happy exploring!