palace of the governors photo archives


Waffle gardening is a traditional farming method used by the Zuni people of New Mexico to grow crops in semi-arid environment. Each square plot has berms about 10-12 cm high, the depressions efficiently capture and hold rainwater and retard evaporation.

Top photo, by Jesse Nusbaum, 1911. From the Palace of the Governors photo archives

Bottom photo, by Edward Curtis, c. 1927, via Library of Congress.

Auto salvage dealer and part-time inventor Leopold E. Garcia of Bernalillo studied engineering and sculpture at UNM. In 1954, he debuted “Bubbles,” a cut-down Ford made from $800 worth of spare parts. He considered it the prototype for a car that could be made in New Mexico. He later renamed it Chic-ito. It won trophies at the State Fair and at sports car shows in Des Moines and Sioux Falls, Ind., plus the 1955 Motor World Fair at Indianapolis.
E.W. Northangel shot this image of Garcia with it in 1956 at Coronado State Monument (now Coronado State Historic Site). Palace of the Governors Photo Archives 127466.