palace of shadow

“Around sunset, we emerged from the trees into a little glade where the snow lay in heavy, perfect drifts that glittered in the fading light. We slipped into the stillness, our footfalls muffled by the snow. It was late. I knew we should be making camp, finding shelter, Instead, we stood there in silence, hands clasped, watching the day disappear.”
- Leigh Bardugo, Shadow and Bone

Am I the only one annoyed about how some LoZ fans treat Zant?

I’ve seen alot of people call him disappointing and too crazy/insane.

But seriously,

have you guys 

even been paying attention

to what he did.

These scenes pretty much showed Zant’s TRUE personality: an arrogant, calm, collected,sinister, cunning tactician.

Oh, and does anyone remember what the Light Spirit said to Link at Lanayru spring about the Fused Shadows?

‘’Those who do not know the danger of wielding power will, before long, be ruled by it.’’

Let’s not forget that he said that quote along with a creepy vision that was enough to bring the holder of the Triforce of COURAGE to his knees.

So after Lakebed Temple, Zant stole the Fused Shadows from Midna.Then, once you find him at Twilight Palace, he acts like a huge psychopath.

Think about this for a second. 

Everything from the beginning all the way up to before the Stallord fight was Zant’s real character. But he didn’t know how to properly control the Fused Shadows and was corrupted into a lunatic as punishment.

To sum things up: Zant was not always a crazed and pouty manchild, guys.

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Any more head canons? Even if they're not zutara its ok bc honestly your headcanons are so fun to read :)

  • They can’t get out of bed in the morning without having sex. Zuko swears its Katara’s beauty. Katara’s become suspicious that Iroh is putting something in their tea. (She never says anything, however).
  • It is a one hour flight from the Capital to Ember Island via Druk; Zuko frequently takes Katara for evening dates or weekend getaways. 
  • Katara adopts a cat. It follows her around the palace, so she names it Shadow. 
  • Zuko erects a teaching hospital in honor of his wife on their 2nd wedding anniversary (because he’s extra)
  • Katara, for all her good intentions, cannot find gifts that Zuko likes/wants, so eventually she ~settles~ for handwritten letters. He dies for these. She learns that words of affirmation is his love language. 
  • Somehow, on the weekends, Katara has managed to convince Zuko of the benefits of sleeping in past sunrise.
  • They have picnics in the gardens all the time; so often, in fact, the chefs and staff have taken to setting up lunch outside if the weather is nice
  • They frequently take cooking classes together; Zuko discovers he has a knack for baked sweets; Katara discovers this to be handy during her pregnancy.
Imagine meeting Loki at a ball in the Asguardian palace

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Loki stood in the shadows, watching the dancing and the mingling people.

He was more then content to stand by and avoid everyone. He never truly fit in anyway, and after a while had ceased trying to.

By now he knew it never really did any good.

No, most times at affairs like these he would go and do what was expected of him, stay on the sidelines as much as possible and leave the first moment he could.

This time though was different.

She had caught Loki’s eye from the first moment he’d seen her and he couldn’t seem to look away. From his position by the pillar he watched her dance with Fendral, his eyes tracking her as they had all evening.

Hearing the song ending and seeing the couples curtseying Loki made his move.

He started walking toward your distant figure, intent on asking you to dance.

Loki got there not a second after Fendral walked off, and asking, he was relieved to hear you accept and give him a graceful curtsey.