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Correct me if I'm wrong but. Do we ever find out what happens when someone dies in a Palace? Not like, a shadow self getting offed like if someone were to die there like spoiler seems to have? I don't think we did find out. The body didn't appear in the real world so it makes me wonder.

The topic is never really brought up in game, since no murders actually happen *in* the palaces, but I’d assume that something similar to the TV World would happen, since dead human bodies are physical mass, which shouldn’t be able to exist on its own in the subconscious realms.

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Have you seen this?? How can you NOT LOVE Miles Kane? He is the man. He is a rock’n roll god.. He is pure heavenly.


Actual flower child Alex Turner 🌸

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Am I the only one annoyed about how some LoZ fans treat Zant?

I’ve seen alot of people call him disappointing and too crazy/insane.

But seriously,

have you guys 

even been paying attention

to what he did.

These scenes pretty much showed Zant’s TRUE personality: an arrogant, calm, collected,sinister, cunning tactician.

Oh, and does anyone remember what the Light Spirit said to Link at Lanayru spring about the Fused Shadows?

‘’Those who do not know the danger of wielding power will, before long, be ruled by it.’’

Let’s not forget that he said that quote along with a creepy vision that was enough to bring the holder of the Triforce of COURAGE to his knees.

So after Lakebed Temple, Zant stole the Fused Shadows from Midna.Then, once you find him at Twilight Palace, he acts like a huge psychopath.

Think about this for a second. 

Everything from the beginning all the way up to before the Stallord fight was Zant’s real character. But he didn’t know how to properly control the Fused Shadows and was corrupted into a lunatic as punishment.

To sum things up: Zant was not always a crazed and pouty manchild, guys.

“Around sunset, we emerged from the trees into a little glade where the snow lay in heavy, perfect drifts that glittered in the fading light. We slipped into the stillness, our footfalls muffled by the snow. It was late. I knew we should be making camp, finding shelter, Instead, we stood there in silence, hands clasped, watching the day disappear.”
- Leigh Bardugo, Shadow and Bone

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Any more head canons? Even if they're not zutara its ok bc honestly your headcanons are so fun to read :)

  • They can’t get out of bed in the morning without having sex. Zuko swears its Katara’s beauty. Katara’s become suspicious that Iroh is putting something in their tea. (She never says anything, however).
  • It is a one hour flight from the Capital to Ember Island via Druk; Zuko frequently takes Katara for evening dates or weekend getaways. 
  • Katara adopts a cat. It follows her around the palace, so she names it Shadow. 
  • Zuko erects a teaching hospital in honor of his wife on their 2nd wedding anniversary (because he’s extra)
  • Katara, for all her good intentions, cannot find gifts that Zuko likes/wants, so eventually she ~settles~ for handwritten letters. He dies for these. She learns that words of affirmation is his love language. 
  • Somehow, on the weekends, Katara has managed to convince Zuko of the benefits of sleeping in past sunrise.
  • They have picnics in the gardens all the time; so often, in fact, the chefs and staff have taken to setting up lunch outside if the weather is nice
  • They frequently take cooking classes together; Zuko discovers he has a knack for baked sweets; Katara discovers this to be handy during her pregnancy.

Im enjoying the everloving fuck out of persona 5

there’s just ONE thing that bothers me, though

so, okay, Kamoshida is portrayed as being morally corrupt, partly because he views the female volleyball team as sex objects and sexually assaults Shiho and maybe Ann, right? And it’s super fucking creepy and wrong that he does that, right? He has disembodied female torsos everywhere in his palace and his shadow Princess Ann is vapid and clad in a teeny bathing suit and he’s a big creep for sexualizing teenage girls, right? 

But… the GAME is totally fine with sexualizing Ann. It’s okay she wears a skintight bodysuit with a tittywindow and for most of her animations in battle to be mildly to fairly sexualized, with the most obvious being the frankly fucking ridiculous pose she stands in when its her turn to fight. This is a character who otherwise is NOT portrayed as being a overtly sexual person, let alone someone who likes being sexy for sexy’s sake. If anything, from the beginning Ann only seems frustrated at best and uncomfortable at worst about how people tend to think about her because of her looks (both from her being very pretty and from her being mixed).

Just, like… okay, I don’t know her deal, MAYBE she opens up about enjoying her body and her beauty for her own sake, and the other girls have nice costumes, so it’s not a rampant thing. But it does smack of ‘there’s gotta be at least ONE sexy teenage girl in the group’

It just took the edge off of the whole point of ‘look how AWFUL this fucking guy is for being an abusive creep’ and then turning around and going ‘but check out the ass on this 16 year old, huh?’

 Ok so i was watching Blaze and Blue’s co-op walk through, and they got to a part were the mods had some very choice words:

Obviously I had no idea what they’re saying, but they mentioned Morganthe and since I love to dig up possible theory fuel, I went searching around for a possible translation.

So apparently, that bit of text is called the “call of Cthulhu”, which is what Cthulhu’s followers would chant. Here’s the original text: “Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn." 

The above translate’s to: "In his house at R'lyeh, dead Cthulhu waits dreaming.”

KI replaced the words “Cthulhu” with Morganthe and “R’lyeh” with Shogg. 

So, the Wizard101 translation would be “In [her] house at Shogg, dead Morganthe waits dreaming.”

Okay, now here comes the fun part- deciphering the text. 

“R’lyeh” is the OG text is a fictional lost city, sort of like Atlantis. So, for the sentence to make complete sense, Shogg would have to be a place as well.

So, what is a Shogg? Well, this took a lot of digging around to find out, but the best match I can find is that, in R'lyehian (the language the Spawn are speaking in), Shogg roughly translates to “realm of darkness”. 

So! The full Wizard101 translation would spell out as “At [her] house, in the realm of darkness, dead Morganthe waits dreaming.”

Holy cow guys. That is some heavy stuff right there. 

I personally would take this as, she awaits the young wizard in her shadow palace, but even though she dreams, she is still ‘dead’ in a sense? Like the shadow that shrouds her really has drained her of love and live, so her true soul within dreams on. Wow. Very, very clever KI.

Also i’ll be crying into a tub of ice cream for the next week because of this :)