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(1/2)I really like what P5 did with Futaba's Palace and Shadow. It is very important to understand that people aren't always in control of themselves and it is not their fault they aren't. I think Futaba has PTSD or a similar disorder that affects her perception, as such, her Palace isn't a manifestation of some delusion of grandeur but a result of a trauma. Her Shadow isn't hostile, I think the spikes and such are representation of Futaba's defense mechanisms being triggered involuntarily.

(2/2)Finally, her Shadow shows that not only bad things are repressed. Futaba WANTS to know/accept the truth (and thus she wants to accept her Shadow), she just can’t in her state of mind. So her Shadow urging her to accept it, instead of going berserk ala P4, makes perfect sense. I can even argue that it tried to help the Thieves, since it was actually in her interest to help the real Futaba.

I *do* think Shadow Futaba’s attempts to kill the party are more than just a defense mechanism. After all, while you are right and she does contain a lot of “Shadow Gold” as Jung called it (hence the gold on her design, much like the gold on Teddie’s and Metis’ designs), she still also contains Futaba’s suicidal urges as well, seeing how she outright speaks about them. That’s because Shadows do not need to make sense within themselves; they’re not based on logic, but random collections of inferior mental functions.

Shadow Futaba is one of the most interesting Shadows seen so far, I totally agree with that! She wants Futaba to die, but she also wants her to be saved and live. She wants to stop the party from helping her, but she also wants them to help her. That perfectly illustrates what you said about Futaba being not in control of herself. Even within her unconscious, two very different mindsets are in conflict, since Futaba does not know what she actually believes. The things she’s been forced to believe and those she actually does believe are constantly in conflict, fighting. You partially *can* see that with Shadows in P4 as well (especially when they’re accepted and agree with the reinterpretation of the feelings they contain given by the host), but it’s never been as strong as with Futaba before. 

I mean, there’s no question she has PTSD. She saw her mother first mentally degrade into Apathy Syndrome, then die by stumbling into a road. I mean, Futaba already had problems even before that. I think a solid case could be made for her being somewhere on the autistic spectrum (however, while I am on the spectrum myself, I am NOT a doctor, so I am not about to diagnose a friggin’ fictional character), at very least, she always had issues with not fitting in socially due to how her mind works. The PTSD was the straw that broke the camels back, really, and what gave her Hikkikomori Syndrome (I’m not sure if it’s directly addressed in the English version, but in the Japanese, she’s confirmed to have it.) Hence, her situation is pretty complex. She already thought the world hated her beforehand, so it must have been pretty easy for the government agents to make Futaba believe that her mother hated her, too. The groundwork was, unfortunately, already there, right within her Shadow. However, Futaba is also incredibly self-aware and bright, so the truth was always right there, in her mind, too, and it became part of her Shadow because Futaba became unable to tell what’s real and what’s not.

I agree, Futaba’s Shadow not going berserk makes perfect sense, however, there also was a chance it might have gone. It was 50/50. It all depended on how Futaba interacted with it. Had she triggered the side of it that contained her desire to die and then rejected it, it would have transformed, just like the Shadows in P4. However, Futaba remained focused on her goal, focused on the truth, focused on what she really needed, and finally broke through the illusions, all without needing to have  them run berserk…. Probably because they already kinda ran berserk all the time, in the form of the fake Wakaba her mind created. 

Futaba’s Shadow is a wonderful example of how complex and contradictory Shadows can be within themselves, and I think it’s one of the best things about Persona 5 in general. 

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Hey love your blog so how would the Phantom Thieves react to finding out their S/O has a palace(or shadow)? Thanks you're one of my favorites writers!

 JDFKHVKJLKFGH I’m honored that someone so wonderful and kind considers me as one of their fave writers???? Thank you for the request!! Please enjoy! WARNING: there’s mention of abuse and drugs, so please read at your own discretion.

Edit: I reworded part Futaba’s a little because the phrasing was a bit odd. This takes place AFTER her Palace. Thank you @sasgalula for addressing it! I hope it’s a bit more clear now!


  • He suspected nothing at first.
  • But then he began to notice that S/O’s behavior became very peculiar.
  • They attempted to disguise it behind an inauthentic smile, but Akira knew better. 
  • S/O was more pessimistic than ever, and they had inevitably pushed him away.
  • He was determined to ease their mind, so he switched on the Metanav and entered their name.
  • It was a hit.
  • Akira felt his heart sink, but he knew he needed to do this. He bit his lip and anxiously named different places.
  • The app confirmed the keywords ‘S/O’s room’.
  • So they have Palace…
  • His worry drove him to hectically input a plethora of words; he needed to ascertain the ‘what’ now.
  • Something S/O had said in the past from when their behavior began to morph stuck out in his mind.
  • “I guess I’m really trapped here, aren’t I?”
  • He broke out into a cold sweat as he spoke the next word.
  • “Prison.” 
  • Reality rippled around him, and he dashed to S/O’s house post-haste.
  • But what greeted him wasn’t a house.
  • It was in fact a massive gilded prison with an absolute lack of windows and a grand door that could only be the entrance. It almost appeared to be a sanctuary.
  • Akira dropped his gaze down at his clothes. He had transformed into Joker now, and he felt a twinge of pain at the fact that S/O saw him as a threat.
  • But he was to determined to change their heart, even if he had to accomplish it alone.
  • So he did. 
  • But all that was inside the decorative prison was a desolate void.
  • Akira held his breath and ventured on.
  • I will steal your heart no matter what it takes. 


  • The couple had been fighting ceaselessly. 
  • They argued in circles about trivial matters, and then S/O would isolate themselves due to their guilt.
  • Upset and clueless as to what else to do, Ryuji fired up the Metanav and spoke only their name.
  • The app replied with an an affirmative chime.
  • Their location was in Mementos.
  • He was relieved that a Palace was nonexistent, but he was also angry that he was incapable of preventing them from concocting a Shadow.
  • Damn it, I shoulda done something sooner!
  • Ryuji considered asking for assistance from Akira, but he came to the conclusion that he needed to fight this battle one-on-one.
  • He made his way to Mementos without a word.
  • Without a navigator to guide him, he experienced difficulty in finding them. 
  • Fortunately, they weren’t very far from the entrance.
  • When he encountered them, he was determined to settle this with words. Even though it was only S/O’s shadow, he couldn’t bring himself to harm them.


  • Even though she saw it coming, Ann was shocked when she discovered that S/O had a not a Shadow, but a Palace.
  • They had been prone to apathy lately, shrugging off the suffering that life inflicted on others because “it had nothing to do with them”.
  • It was a stark contrast to how they usually were; Ann figured something bad must have triggered the sudden change in attitude.
  • But she never thought it would lead to them conjuring a Palace.
  • I’m going to get you back, she thought, nodding with a fierce conviction.
  • She figured out the ‘where’ easily enough, but the ‘what’ was a bit more difficult.
  • She racked her mind for possible answers, but ten it hit her.
  • “I’m drowning in a mess of my own problems, I don’t need to worry about anyone else’s.”
  • “Underwater.”
  • She felt reality distort around her, and she was suddenly plunged into the depths of the sea. 
  • The fact that she could actually breathe pacified her, and the surrounding area was actually quite beautiful, but only one thought came across her mind:
  • I have to save them!
  • She eyed the utopia in the distance, and she made her way over there.
  • Don’t worry, S/O. I’m coming!


  • S/O had been gifting him with numerous art supplies and snacks with no context, so he should have known then.
  • But he chose to avert his eyes, thinking that it was impossible for S/O to perform such a criminal feat.
  • Yusuke couldn’t deny it anymore when followed them to the store and caught them in the act of thievery.
  • His heart shattered.
  • When they visited him at his dorm, he confronted them about it. 
  • “What are you thinking?! Did you not consider what would happen if you were caught?”
  • S/O tried to justify their argument, but Yusuke was having none of their excuses. 
  • They stormed out with tears in their eyes, and he was tormented by it.
  • He quickly pulled up the Metanav app to input their name.
  • Yusuke silently rises and exits his dorm room. Heavy rain drenches him as he journeys through Shibuya and warps to his destination.
  • Mementos.
  • Very well. If you’re going to continue stealing supplies, then I will just have to steal your heart.  


  • Makoto knew that S/O was treated harshly at home.
  • She wasn’t blind. She saw the bruises.
  • What she didn’t expect was for their name to trigger a response from the Metanav.
  • “This must be a mistake…”
  • She wanted to deny any possibility of them having a Palace, but it was difficult when the evidence was staring her in the face.
  • But why them? Shouldn’t their awful parents have one instead?
  • Makoto types their names in, but Shadows are the only result she receives.
  • Sill in disbelief, she ponders potential keywords for S/O, and it hits her.
  • “Mountain.”
  • …S/O always talked about how living at home was an “uphill battle”.
  • When the Metanav affirmed the keyword, Makoto felt her insides burn with rage.
  • It wasn’t directed at S/O, but at the people that caused them to develop a Palace in the first place.
  • She was transported to the Metaverse, and she didn’t have to search very hard.
  • It was a dreary sight; fog was surrounding the mountain and it seemed as though time had stopped.
  • Makoto let her anger fuel her as she ascended up the Palace.
  • S/O… Once I’m finished here, I’ll deal with the people that did this to you. 


  • When she found out that S/O had a Palace her mouth went dry, and she wanted nothing more than to hold them and comfort them.
  • She knew better than anyone else how painful it was to retain so much distortion, having had a Palace herself.
  • Futaba also knew how amazing it felt to be free from such contorted desires, so she was even more motivated to save S/O from themself… just as the Phantom Thieves had done for her.
  • S/O had been depressed for a while now, feeling lost and like their life had no direction…
  • Wait… could it be…?
  • “Is it… a maze?”
  • Ding.
  • Futaba’s eyes started to water, but then she shook her head and wiped her tears.
  • “No… I can save that for later. Right now, I gotta go save them!”
  • Since her Persona had no offensive abilities, she had to request assistance from Akira. He accepted without hesitation, and the two teleported to the Metaverse.
  • She glared at the Palace as though it was her worst enemy.
  • “Let’s do this, Joker.”


  • Haru noticed that S/O had been participating in very sketchy things at night.
  • They always told her they were “out” or that they were working at the convenience store, but when Haru questioned one of the employees there, they said that they didn’t know anyone named S/O.
  • That’s when she decided to follow them one night, and she saw the drug exchange.
  • When she inquired them about it, they just told her to stay out of it and that it was ‘none of her business’.
  • Haru launched the Metanav and stuttered out their name.
  • She expected it, but a look of hurt and disappoint still washed over her face.
  • She traveled to Mementos without another word. The sooner the problem was dealt with, the better.
  • I want to know why you’re doing this… and why it’s bothering you so much. I want to help you, S/O… so please let me.
Am I the only one annoyed about how some LoZ fans treat Zant?

I’ve seen alot of people call him disappointing and too crazy/insane.

But seriously,

have you guys 

even been paying attention

to what he did.

These scenes pretty much showed Zant’s TRUE personality: an arrogant, calm, collected,sinister, cunning tactician.

Oh, and does anyone remember what the Light Spirit said to Link at Lanayru spring about the Fused Shadows?

‘’Those who do not know the danger of wielding power will, before long, be ruled by it.’’

Let’s not forget that he said that quote along with a creepy vision that was enough to bring the holder of the Triforce of COURAGE to his knees.

So after Lakebed Temple, Zant stole the Fused Shadows from Midna.Then, once you find him at Twilight Palace, he acts like a huge psychopath.

Think about this for a second. 

Everything from the beginning all the way up to before the Stallord fight was Zant’s real character. But he didn’t know how to properly control the Fused Shadows and was corrupted into a lunatic as punishment.

To sum things up: Zant was not always a crazed and pouty manchild, guys.


Have you seen this?? How can you NOT LOVE Miles Kane? He is the man. He is a rock’n roll god.. He is pure heavenly.


Where are we going? by venlani


Actual flower child Alex Turner 🌸

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Send ‘Palace’ + a number and I will explain;

Based off the Palaces in Persona 5;

  1. What the my muse palace look like
  2. The keywords to get into the palace
  3. What their treasure is within the palace
  4. What the treasure take form after being taken out of the palace
  5. How the shadows look like 
  6. What their shadow self look like + how they behave
  7. Which sin they represent the most

(The thieves enter a strangely deserted Palace)

Ryuji: “What, there’s no Shadows here? I think maybe nobody’s home…”

(Shadows start charging at their general direction)

Ryuji: “Contact! Lots of contact!”

Ann: “No Shadows! You had to open your mouth!”

If you’d like a visual: