palace of popes

Sala Regia- The Vatican

The Sala Regia, or Regal Room, is a state hall in the official residence of the Pope, the Apostolic Palace. The room houses the papal throne. Traditionally used for the reception of Royalty, its most common use in modern day is for music recitals.

Robespierre on War and Peace (18 December 1791)

To war! cry the Court and the Ministry and their countless partisans. To war! The cry is taken up by large numbers of good citizens, prompted by a generous impulse and more prone to yield to the enthusiasm of patriotic feeling than to reflect soberly on the mechanism of revolutions and on the intrigues of their rulers. Who will dare to resist the compulsion of this cry? No one, unless it be those who are convinced of the need for mature deliberation before embarking on a step so fateful for the safety of the State and the future of the Constitution, those who have observed that it is to the precipitation and enthusiasm of a moment that have been due the measures which, by promoting the plans and increasing the power of our enemies, have been the most disastrous and the most compromising to our liberties; those who know that the part that it behooves all true lovers of their country to play is to sow in one season in order to reap in another and to seek in experience the triumph of truth.

I do not come here to applaud momentarily popular opinions, nor to flatter those in authority; neither do I come to preach a doctrine of cowardice, nor to advise a fainthearted policy of weakness and inertia. But I come to expose a deep-rooted conspiracy, with which I think I am somewhat familiar. I, too, want war but in a way demanded by the national interest: let us first destroy our enemies within and then march against the enemy without, if any still remains.

The Court and the Ministry want both war and the execution of the plan they propose to you. The nation will accept the war if it is the necessary price of liberty; but it wants, if possible, both liberty and peace and it rejects any plan for a war whose object might be to destroy liberty and the Constitution, even if it is put forward under the pretext of defending them.

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