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Congratulations!!! You deserve all this followers, if not even more ♥ For the headcanons: The Rampion Crew + favorite food

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Cinder: Sweet rolls. She was never allowed to have them as a child growing up in Adri’s household, but as queen, she has an unlimited supply and discovers that they really do taste as good as they smelled back when she pined over them on market days.

Kai: Any deliciously greasy street food he can get his hands on. Half the fun of his clandestine trips out into New Beijing is stuffing himself (and the pockets of his hoodie) with unhealthy treats that would never ever be served at the palace. Steamed meat buns, grilled tofu on a stick, heaps of noodles in sticky paper cartons—Kai loves it all.

Thorne: Steak. Waffles. Sometimes steak AND waffles eaten in the same fashion as chicken and waffles. Though nobody else’s recipe compares to the waffles Janette made for him when he was little, Thorne still orders them wherever he goes. 

Cress: Fresh vegetables bursting with flavor. Any dish that’s heavy on the spices and layered with a complex combination of ingredients. Spicy foods are a favorite, too (Thorne is actually a little bit terrified by the level of heat Cress likes in her food). After seven years of bland, freeze-dried meals, Cress just loves flavor. Lots of flavor.

Scarlet: As much as she loves the veggies she grows, she has a guilty pleasure: the sweet Parisian pastries she grew up with before she moved to the farm. Flaky pastry, rich dark chocolate, light, airy cream—she doesn’t get them often, but from time to time she indulges herself.

Wolf: Tomatoes, of course. He eats them raw, cooked, chopped up in salsas and chutneys, and every other way he and Scarlet can think of. While he does love their flavor, his love of the fruit stems more from the memories associated with it than with its actual flavor.

Winter: Sour apple petites. She’s loved them ever since she was little and that’s never going to change. Also, she enjoys sharing them and attempting to convert her friends into petite fans. So far, Jacin is her only success.

Jacin: Homecooked meals like the ones his mother made when he was young. Once he became a guard, his diet shifted to bland, institutional foods and later to the rich, luxurious fare at the events he accompanied Sybil to, but he missed the simple, but flavorful food of home. Roast, potatoes, homemade bread—the basics.

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Anon, you know the way to my cold, dark heart.

Gives nose/forehead kisses: Pat. Listen, he might have to go up on his tiptoes to do it, but he’s going to kiss Jonny on his stupid, scrunched up nose, okay. It’s going to happen.

Gets jealous the most: Oddly enough, Jonny used to have this problem.  Before he found his inner zen and started running barefoot through the desert.  Sometimes, he’d think that that awful feeling in his gut was related to something he ate, but it was actually just the searing rage he felt whenever someone else looked at Kaner’s curls.

Picks the other up from the bar when they’re too drunk to drive: They avoid doing this, for the most part, these days.  But Jonny used to be number 2 (after his mom, he’s not a total moron) on Kaner’s speed dial even before they started hooking up for a reason.  Usually, the car ride home involved a lot of “dammit, Kaner” and Jonny smacking his shoulder to keep him awake, but hey.  Free ride home.

Takes care of the other on sick days: Jonny tries to shove his organic remedies at Pat whenever he’s sick, but Kaner is actually the better caretaker, all things considered.  He feeds Jonny his mom’s soup recipe and not tasteless broth, for one thing.

Drags the other person out into the water on beach day: Jonny hoists Kaner up fireman style and drops him very, very unceremoniously into the water before Kaner can even take off his shirt.  He’s such a romantic.

Gives unprompted massages: Jonny, mostly because he likes the stupid noises Kaner makes.

Drives/rides shotgun: No one is driving Kaner’s Hummer other than Kaner.  Which is fine by Jonny, because he refuses to drive that dumb, loud, environment-killing machine.  He also keeps sending Pat links about hybrid cars.

Brings the other lunch at work: Kaner is a little bit obsessed with the Palace Grill, and they have about one thing Jonny will eat off the menu, so he’ll sometimes pick up food on his way to practice.  If Jonny doesn’t want it, Pat doesn’t mind eating it himself.

Has the better parental relationship: Jonny will never admit it, but his parents love Kaner.  Especially his mom.  Jonny doesn’t know how he won her over, but she’s been on the Kaner train since they were still teenagers and she doesn’t seem to be getting off anytime soon.  Seriously, she calls Pat more than she calls her own son and they definitely know how to spend money when they shop together.  It’s okay though, Jonny has had a group text going with Kaner’s sisters for years.

Tries to start role-playing in bed: Kaner tried once.  Jonny pushed him out of the bed.

Embarrassingly drunk dancer: Pat has this covered, for sure, but Jonny isn’t so innocent himself here.  The thing with Pat is, he doesn’t need to be drunk to dance.  Jonny finds him dancing by himself in the kitchen at least three times a week, and that’s before he’s even had any coffee.

Still cries watching Titanic: Kaner, and Jonny definitely makes fun of him for it.  Which loses him at least one blowjob every time he laughs.

Firmly believes in couples costumes: Jonny is a stickler for this one.  If they’re going to a Halloween party (and they go to several), then they need to match.  And no, they’re not repeating outfits, Kaner, he doesn’t care how no one from one party will be at the next, that’s not the point.

Breaks the expensive gift rule during Christmas: Jonny on their very first year together, and he hasn’t agreed to adhere to an expensive gift rule since.  It’s not his fault Kaner has expensive taste and he likes to indulge him.  It’s also not his fault Kaner wastes his expensive taste where it doesn’t really even matter, like on huge, tacky cross necklaces or velvet-covered lounge chairs.

Makes the other eat breakfast: Jonny makes sure Pat eats breakfast, but Pat hardly agrees to eat whatever Jonny puts in front of him for breakfast.  Oatmeal is one thing, but he cuts Jonny off there.

Remembers anniversaries: Both of them are surprisingly good about this.  They’re organized and adult enough to remember these things now, even if they forgot the first few.

Brings up having kids: Kaner, actually.  Jonny’s been thinking about it for a while, but of course Pat is the one who actually brings it up to Jonny.

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