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“If you even think about glitzing up my designs, I’ll pull your guts out through your mouth and harvest you for parts.”

Thought I’d whip up a gijinka design for Zhir since I redid her dragon. Couple of key factoids:

> Born in Bryndharth’s underbelly, Zhir fell ill at an early age and lost the use of her legs. 

> Her skill with tools and affinity for scrap heaps helped her assemble her leg braces, an invention which eventually led her to be hired as chief engineer under the new government.

> She hates anything fancy or rich. As a result, she takes pride in her slapdash designs (and in being as vulgar and unpleasant as possible). No one else can do what she does, so this behavior seldom has consequences.

> Never bothers to learn anyone’s real name, giving them tool-related nicknames instead.

Thoughts and Dreams

A Moon Lovers/Scarlet Heart Ryeo Fanfic

Goryeo Set - AU. Wang So and Hae Soo contemplate their impending marriage as they get ready to meet for the very first time… at their wedding. Fluff. No angst of any kind. Basically, what if Soo and So never met before, and fall for each other at first sight on the day of their wedding

“Do you know anything about him, Unnie?”

Myung Hee paused in the middle of packing the last of Hae Soo’s ribbons and hair ornaments in a pretty, carved box. “I’ve only met him a few times, Soo-yah. I know what everyone else knows.”

“He’s the fourth son of our King, grew up in Shinju as an adopted member of the Kang Clan, and has distinguished himself in battle,” Hae Soo recited. It was the same things she had been hearing since the King announced the marriage three months ago.

She knew there was more, things she had only caught in half whispers when she took lessons at the Damiwon with Court Lady Oh to learn palace etiquette.




“That’s right, a powerful man with two powerful clans behind him.” Myung Hee said in a tone that admonished Soo to remember that.

Like she could forget it when everyone kept reminding her of it. Queen Hwangbo barely spared her a glance when the announcement was made. Queen Yoo – Prince Wang So’s mother – hadn’t even acknowledged her when she had gone to pay her respects; and Princess Yeon Hwa threw it in her face that she wasn’t fit to join the royal family each time they crossed paths these days.

“I’ve asked Jung and Baek Ah and even Eun.” Soo said, naming the youngest princess, who most often were in residence in the palace and whom she had befriended over the years.

“Come here, let me brush your hair.” Myung Hee said when her cousin paused. Soo complied and sat on a stool before her. “And, what have they told you?” She asked curiously.

“Jung said he’s a good fighter and general.” Jung had said it in an almost detached, impersonal tone though the 4th Prince was his full brother. However, his voice held a hint of reluctant, begrudging admiration. “Baek Ah said he’s hard to get to know, but can be kind if a bit possessive of what he regards as his.”

‘Wait until you meet him, Soo-yah, give him time. He has seen and done things you and I can’t even imagine’, Baek Ah had added.

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#Thisweekinhistory the Hippodrome Theater opened in 1905. It was the brainchild of Frederick Thompson and Elmer S. Dundy, famous for creating Luna Park at Coney Island. It was designed as a “gigantic toy” for the masses with low admission prices aimed at bringing in middle class New Yorkers, who were excluded from “legitimate” Broadway theatres due to cost. Additionally it was planned a as high tech amusement palace complete with electricity used in every conceivable way at the time. With a seating capacity of 5,200and a stage 12 times larger than any traditional Broadway house, it was a massive place. The stage could hold up to 1,000 performers at a time, or a full-sized circus with elephants and horses. There was also an 8,000-gallon clear glass water tank that could be raised from below the stage for swimming-and-diving shows. The four-hour premier show featured a re-enactment of the Battle of Andersonville, a parade of cars driven by elephants, musical interludes from a chorus of 300, an equestrienne ballet, and high-flying acrobats. Basically something for all five senses.  For a time it was both the largest and most successful theater in #NYC, three million people visited in the first year. It featured lavish spectacles until the end of World War I, and then the Hippodrome switched to musical extravaganzas, including Good Times which ran for 456 performances from 1920-21. #FunFact: A young Cary Grant, made his American stage debut as a stilt-walker in this production. This is also the place where Harry Houdini famously made an elephant disappear. However, the Hippodrome’s huge running costs prohibited it from financial success. It became a location for vaudeville productions, then budget opera performances, then a sports arena. By the end of the decade, with real estate values in the area rising, a theater on the site no longer made sense. In 1939, the Hippodrome was torn down. .
Wurts Bros. (New York, N.Y.)
6th Avenue between West 43rd and 44th Streets. New York Hippodrome.
DATE:ca. 1910


TITLE: Measurements

CHAPTER NO./ONE SHOT: One shot bonus part!

AUTHOR:  chris-venom

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine being the daughter/son of the palace tailor and blushing every time you have to take Loki’s measurements, much to Loki’s amusement. 


NOTES/WARNINGS: Hey all! I know it’s been a long time since I posted my one shot titled Measurements, but I was politely asked to write a second part! Sorry it’s so late!

The biggest fear I had for tonight was getting past my father. But as night approaches, he leaves to run some errands. Despite this load off my shoulders, my hands still shake.

I spent the rest of the day polishing the two brother’s armour, taking extra care with Loki’s golden helmet. It glistens brighter than it ever has when I’m finished with it.

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