Temples of Knowledge (Series 8)

1. Chatsworth House, Derbyshire, England 

2. Library from the East, University Club, New York, NY 

3. Queen’s College Library, University of Oxford, England

4. Library of Parliament, Canada

5. Edinburgh Library, Edinburgh, Scotland. 

6. The Theological Hall, Strahov Monastery Library, Prague

7. Marsh’s Library. Dublin, Ireland

8. Stanford White Library, Bronx, New York City

9. Shiba Ryotaro Memorial Museum Library, Osaka, Japan

10. Biblioteca Civica di Fermo, Fermo, Italy


Blenheim Palace by Olivia Notter
Via Flickr:
Woodstock, England | January, 2018


                                                   Ad Libitum

1. Château de Chenonceau,Loire Valley ,France 

2. Winter Palace, Saint Petersburg, Russia

3. Gallery Pierre, Versailles, France

4. Venaria, Turin, Italy

5. Palais Garnier, Paris, France

6. Grand Kremlin Palace, Kremlin, Moscow, Russia

7. Sala Grande Galleria, Palazzo Colonna, Rome, Italy