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Here comes the rush before we touch, come a little closer

The doors are open, the wind is really blowing
The night sky is changing overhead

Kennenlernen (Yoongi x Reader)

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No one would have ever known he was someone you technically were never supposed to meet. You’d crossed paths months ago, when you’d attended one of their concerts out of town and decided to make the trip into a full weekend getaway. You’d bumped into the group at a museum, and you’d never forget, third floor, east corner in the West African exhibit. You were admiring a particular piece and low and behold, Yoongi, Namjoon, and Jungkook came meandering through. You were shocked to say the least, and hastily bowed a full 90 degrees. Your friends quickly bowed as well and they bowed in return, seeming surprised that American girls had greeted them so formally.

The exchange was quick, but all it took was three minutes for you to express your love of Yoongi’s production style, the 808s you noticed he managed to always include in the tracks he produced and the emotional element that was never absent in his songs. You’d exchanged email addresses to keep in touch and you prided yourself on the cool manner in which you handled the exchange.

Two weeks later, you mustered up the courage to send him a message, a short one just inquiring into his well-being. A week later he replied, apologizing for the gap between him receiving the message and the reply. He said he was working on a song, thought you might like it, and asked if you would like to hear it once it was complete.

You were ecstatic. You loved his music, loved his works, although you barely knew him. You exchanged intermittently and finally three months later he sent you the completed product, along with an invitation to call him with any critique or feedback. You were flabbergasted he’d even invited you to do so. You listened to the track that night, and fell in love with his creation.

You hesitated to call him and instead emailed him your longest message yet, not holding back in expressing how you felt about the piece. You imagined his pale slender fingers firmly releasing the keys of his piano, sometimes gently, almost sorrowful, and other times in frustration, almost angst. You could always visualize how he built his songs from scratch, first the heavy pulsing of the bass drum, beautiful staccatos of the violin over a metronome keeping time. A guitar in the chorus, never losing the pounding of the drums. The bass guitar assisting in adding a deep undercurrent to the melody that stirs your soul and the whine of the electric guitar leading the song to a crescendo. And finally, his haunting emotional utterings of difficulty and triumph, swirling throughout the notes.

Little did you know, Yoongi was over the moon when he read your detailed response after remembering to check his email after he’d pulled an all nighter working on another song. It was six in the morning and he was reading your message, understanding majority of it even though it was all in English. In your email, you’d also included your phone number. He knew it was wild, but he decided to add you as a contact through Line anyway. He was so tired, so very tired, but wanted to hear your voice. You were on your way out of work on a Friday and your phone began to ring, signaling an incoming call. You recognized Yoongi calling as you’d instantly added him back as a friend and your heart began to race.

You picked up and said a hesitant hello. He breathed out, and you heard his deep raspy voice for the first time in 111 days respond to you. “Y/N, when can I see you?”

You were so, so taken aback and you stuttered over your words before you could formulate a reply. In the meantime, he chuckled at your reaction.

“Erm, we can try video chatting? But Yoongi, isn’t it…hmm…14 hours…6 am? What are you doing up? I know you’re not a morning person,” you replied and promptly wanted to kick yourself. How could you call him out when you barely knew him?

A low hum and he finally said, “Then you know I’m usually up then Y/N. Our schedule ends early tonight. What are you doing tomorrow afternoon?” You almost looked at the phone like the thing was possessed and even stopped your trek to your car.

“Nothing planned at all.”

“Good, be ready, I want to see you.” This time you almost buckled to the floor.


“Wifi means we can meet on the screen right? See you at 12pm your time,” and the call disconnected after he gave another low chuckle. You couldn’t take this. You were dying, his voice sounded so lovely in your ear. You knew from listening to his logs that you liked his voice out of all the boys the most when he was simply speaking, but talking to him personally was beyond surreal. The possibility of speaking with him almost kept you awake that night but you managed to finally drift off to sleep.

The next day, you were ready, and true to his word, he called you. You could only shyly smile and he found it cute how you tried your best to converse with him past your nervousness. You didn’t talk long, only 30 minutes, and then he was bidding you goodnight, or a good day rather. You bid him goodnight in return and placed a hand over your heart, taking note of how hot you felt.

The months wore on, one after another, and here and there, when you could, you and Yoongi spoke with each other, video calling and continuing to email when life was especially hectic. You grew closer gradually, sharing things with each other, and before you knew it 18 months had passed since you’d met him.

“Yoongi?” you asked one day, lying flat and looking at your phone to his face directly opposite yours. You could see into his eyes, and it almost felt as if he was with you physically. “When will you return to the states for another concert hmm? You’ve had three album releases since then and I want to see you perform your new solo in person,” you enthusiastically shared.

“Hmm, really?” he hummed in his low voice, his hair falling into his eyes. He’d kept it black after dying it a couple more times and you felt it was the best color on him.

“Yes, Bangtan is the best live,” you complimented, playfully shooting a couple finger hearts his way. He pretended to fall off to the side and you laughed heartily. Yoongi was such a cutie, even if he never admitted it.

“How would you like to come here?” he asked suddenly, straightening up. You froze, your smile instantly wiped clean.

“To Korea?” you asked. You almost couldn’t believe what you’d heard. You and Yoongi were definitely close, but you had shied away from bringing up going to see him personally.

“Yeah, fly here and come see me at the concert personally?” he finished it as a question and peeked up at you almost hesitantly from beneath his bangs.

“Yoongi, I’d love to visit Korea,” you responded, almost breathless at the possibility. You’d be wanting to visit and had quietly began saving six months ago. You wanted to say “visit you” but dared not hope so hard that he was dying to see you in person as much as you were to see him.

“Good, great!” he ran a hand through his hair messily, and grinned, his gums showing and teeth flashing, and if you hadn’t already admitted that you were maybe in love with a man more than halfway around the world, you would’ve admitted it in that moment. “It’s in two months, first show of the tour. I’ll buy you a ticket here, and I can come get you from the airport,” he said this all quickly and you could only stare at him.

“What Y/N?” his question shook you from your state of shock.

“Yes, yes Yoongi, I’ll be there. But wait, you don’t have to buy me a ticket! I can-“ He cut you off before you could finish.

“You’re coming to see me Y/N, so I’ll pay for it. Plus it’s not like I can’t afford it.” You attempted to whine further, but he was having none of it. “I’ll buy it and send you the details.” You could only smile and thank him profusely before he had to leave for another schedule. You waved goodbye and wished him a great day.

Yoongi was true to his word and brought you a plane ticket. You were able to take a week off from work and looked forward to the visit very much. It wasn’t your first time flying internationally, but you still felt butterflies in the pit of your stomach all throughout the flight. You managed to sleep, get some reading done, and catch up on your favorite k-drama that had fallen to the wayside, but when you touched down in Korea, you almost felt sick to the stomach.

You willed yourself to calm down, especially because you were meeting your friend that you had known for a long while now. You had no logical reason to be nervous. Yet you knew there was no way to shrink back from the feelings overtaking you. You retrieved your bag from baggage claim and hesitantly made your way to the arrivals area. He’d said that he would pick you up personally, having his own car and had cleared the second half of his day.

He was nervous too, he couldn’t remember when he was last this nervous. He worried if now after so long, if he was too short, or if you didn’t see him in a special way. But he considered you special and knew that he had to do, or say something, anything to let you know. He saw you step foot into the arrivals area from his seat by the window, and could tell right away that you didn’t see him. He found it adorable how you were dressed in a big hoodie, and had on practical sneakers and looked so small in the huge arrival area. He decided to sneakily make his way to you.

You had stopped in front of a directory sign to make sure you were in the right place. Your nerves were making you second guess the plain English that was present on the majority of signs. You felt a presence beside you suddenly and turned, ready to bow and greet in Korean. You could tell it was him right away and stood in shock.

He lowered his face mask and put his shades up on his snapback and before you could stop yourself, you hugged him tight, winding your arms around his neck. He held you easily and buried his face in the crook between your ear and neck. He wanted to say it was to continue hiding his face from any prying eyes, but really he wanted to take in your scent. It was as he imagined, even after the long flight, sweet, fresh, and comforting.

You finally pulled back and looked him full on in the eyes. You searched his, your hands still on his shoulders grasping tight to make sure that this all remained a reality. Something in him broke and he leaned forward, just enough to brush his lips against yours, just to make sure the spark he’d felt these 18 months was real, tangible. He instantly warmed and withdrew, a million questions in his eyes mirroring yours. At a loss to do anything different, you decided to just hug him again, and pressed another kiss to his cheek. He smiled wide at that, and decided that he would make the most of this week to know you even better, and to finally make you his.


((also awh, i’m sorry to hear that. here’s a little message from the boys to hopefully help u out  a bit!! i hope you get that all sorted out anon! :>))

Well, infiltration of evil organisations can be difficult, gotta keep your identity secret and be careful with you speech and gotta be observant and always on guard and it’s difficult 

but it’s nice to unwind a bit while investigating strange new Pokemon belonging to said evil organisation, right?

Except the partner of Type:Null doesn’t exactly do hugs…

last valentine’s day i ran into my ex for the first time since our breakup and had one of the most awkward conversations i have ever had with another person……. the valentine’s day before THAT i was wallowing in the most gut-wrenching unrequited love i have ever experienced.

so uh. bring it on, universe.