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yeah aight pal im a bay area native come through

North Bay Wild Fires

As a native to this part of California, I feel obligated to share this news. (I’ve gotten my information from local officials and KRON 4 news, if anyone’s wondering.)

On October 8th, at approximately 9 PM, just off Atlas Peak R, a massive wildfire lit up Napa County. Strong gusts of wind raging 50 MPH (which have been reported to have been 79 at the highest) spread embers of this fire throughout the area – just as a barrage of other fires sprung up practically all around the state. Many, if not all, of these fires have yet to be contained, and they only continue to ravage acre after acre of land – from Santa Rosa to Los Angeles and cities and towns in between. Sonoma. Napa. Anaheim. Orange County. Sulfur. Seven counties are in a state of emergency.

Much of California is currently on fire. And the places that aren’t? You can smell the smoke from over 60 miles away, and air quality has plummeted.

As of now, the death toll is believed to have risen to 13, and approximately 150 people have been reported missing. Thousands of people are being evacuated, and thousands of which have lost their homes and businesses. Last I checked, 1,500+ structures have been burned, and that number is only going to grow.

The situation is getting worse. Skies are orange and gray, the air is thick with smoke, and ash is falling – people are losing everything. As the situation worsens, evacuations are expected to continue throughout the affected counties. I’ll keep updating as the day continues.

LOCATION: med bay
DATE: August 28, morning
STATUS: closed to @pyrecoren

He shouldn’t have been so goddamn concerned about anything but the wires and tubes spreading like tentacles from the various battered parts of his body, and yet here he lay, jaw clenched and eyes boring insistent holes into the ceiling above him. Fingers absently tugging at a loose string on the thin blanket tucked snugly about his hips, he counted the spots on the usually-pristine ceiling; he could only imagine what the minuscule spots must be. It was surely a much better use of his mind, counting spots on the ceiling, than wasting his energy on what plagued him - what should, by all accounts, not be at the forefront of his mind. He could barely sit up without his head spinning, churning, threatening to tumble onto the sterile floor beneath him, and yet he felt he had so much to do, so much that he was obligated to fix. That would much rather have ignored in favor of the string in the blanket and the spots on the ceiling. 

This was what he got for caring, he supposed. It was always so much easier to detach than to meddle - and here he was, deep in the throes of meddling, from which he could not emerge. 

God, he needed more sedatives. Where was Cypress? 

As he turned his eyes to the door, desperately seeking the blessed distributor of all things numbing, he caught a glimpse of the very man he had been hoping to avoid. The monitor at his side flared, as residual resentment prickled, untemptered, at his bruised ribs. Teeth grinding, his eyes lingered, cacophonous contradictions spiking the monitor and tightening his grip upon the blanket. One the one hand, he might have quite liked to leap from his sick bed and strangle Pyre for what had been revealed to him prior to the mission, but by the same merit, he’d have also relished the opportunity to commend him for the way he’d endured the mission - and for the brief moment of camaraderie and understanding they’d shared before Thane himself had run into the fray. There was nothing like a shared perspective down the end of the gun to bring men together; and there was nothing like cold reality to pull them apart once more. He couldn’t decide which would stick. 

Coren -” he felt himself speak, voice a low hiss, made rough by pain and uncharacteristic confusion, “- you alive over there?” There was no turning back from this, it seemed; with great difficulty, he took hold of the side of the mattress and pulled himself up, propping on bruised forearms and craning the crick in his neck. “Hey kid -” he spoke again, clearing his throat, “- wake up. Wanna talk to you.”