Daily Shorts...

19-May-2011 | Christopher Doyle

While I have every intention of writing to my usual length and depth on current foreign policy events, work load and a lack of time have conspired against me. So…here are the topics about which you should be reading more information:

In the al Qaeda hot seat…

Saif al-Adel aka Mohammed Ibrahim Makkawi, an Egyptian has been named interim leader of al Qaeda in a move that may prove fatal to the chances of Ayman al Zawahiri ever fully taking the reins. Keep an eye on updates as the fledgling group looks to reinvigorate the faithful. In the meantime, read more on al-Adel in this excellent background piece, “Saif al-Adel and the death of Daniel Pearl” by Asra Q. Nomani on 

Turmoil in Takhar…

Anti-NATO protests in Afghanistan are picking up steam with now 16 people dead and scores injured as tempers flare as a result of a raid in which members of the Afghan National Security Force (ANF) and ISAF killed 4 people including two women. NATO insists that they were targeted militants and all were armed while the Afghan government insists that only one was a known militant and the others happened to be killed indiscriminately. This situation is still developing so expect more boiling to come.

Meanwhile in Paktia…

Militants stormed a road construction site killing 35 construction workers and guards. No one is yet claiming responsibility but Noorullah Bidar, the head of the construction company working the US backed project put the blame on the Taliban. More here.

Presidential Inconsequence…

President Obama had what was supposed to be a major speech today billed as a reset in relations between the United States and the quickly evolving Middle East. Essentially the President said nothing new so if you missed it, don’t waste any time tracking down information. If you caught it, well, chalk it up to an hour of lost time you’ll never retrieve. Suffice to say that the most notable aspect of the speech was how late Obama was in getting started.

Impending doom…add zombies…

“..and the dead shall rise first in Christ” or so says that passage that some claim spells the end of days this coming Saturday, May 21, 2011. Not sure the significance of the date but some sources are suggesting zombies, so get ammo and get excited. Rifles for long range target practice, shotguns for close quarter’s defense. If it get’s barren enough, I’m going for the local armory in search of .50 cal Barrett sniper rifles…just because. For preparation, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have put together a guide called Preparedness 101: Zombie Apocalypse.

I Panic

I panic
and feel sick when I hear the word bitch
no woman should be hurt by this
ugly little word.
I panic
and keep myself hidden in a burqa
so you won’t sin when you see
my innocent body.
I panic
and am afraid to be myself, to choose my life,
because your culture says
I can’t.
I panic
and am sad when I see you support
other girls but neglect
your sister and wife.
I panic
and am angry when you give advice
in public that you won’t implement
at home.
I panic
and am powerless when you take my freedom
with the lie that you trust me
but “society is bad.”
I panic
and go silent for fear
of being burned, hanged, or even killed
by you.

By Sayara
Photo by Basetrack 18