more deed of paksennarion gushing

honestly i love paks so much. she is so oblivious and so good and pure and i love her. like every time someone implies that that sure is a fine feller you’re with *winkwinknudgenudge* and she like lowkey contemplates fighting them i am like. yes. paks. my child. i love you. and her judgement is so bad. like holy shit paks you’re a paladin where is your wisdom score but nope. she just. does not listen to her gut. sketchy elf lies to you and leads you into an evil ruin? sure maybe there’s treasure. everyone in the town treats you with suspicion? what do you mean they think I’m a spy?!?! obviously-magical medallion saves you from death multiple times? i’m going to take this off because it freaks me out. paks. paks. my child. why the fuck would you do that. 

and she’s so obviously aro-ace and it gives me so much joy watching her walk around and do things FOR GOODNESS and form all these meaningful relationships with people she meets and NOT HAVE TO DATE ANY OF THEM. like every time she meets a new male character i’m like “yup this is the love interest” and then paks becomes friends with them and then goes on her merry oblivious way without ever considering any kind of romantic contact and i just. paksennarion. where have you been all my life

Kings of the North. Elizabeth Moon.

Not those kings! This is also a semi-medieval/semi-fantasy series of books but quite different from George R.R. Martin.

The story here has moved to hints about Alured the Black as a villain and hints about Dorrin Verrakai’s royal heritage (maybe). Lots of hints and threads loose here (as befits a middle book). 

A really good, solid story that is so engaging I am having trouble stepping away to sleep. So…. perfect!