Kings of the North. Elizabeth Moon.

Not those kings! This is also a semi-medieval/semi-fantasy series of books but quite different from George R.R. Martin.

The story here has moved to hints about Alured the Black as a villain and hints about Dorrin Verrakai’s royal heritage (maybe). Lots of hints and threads loose here (as befits a middle book). 

A really good, solid story that is so engaging I am having trouble stepping away to sleep. So…. perfect!

Echoes of Betrayal. Elizabeth Moon.

So all along I thought this was a trilogy. It wasn’t till about 100 pages into this book when I realized that all the plot points could not possibly be revised in only one book.


I love this series and am so glad there is more to it. So many hanging threads now: who is the traitor in Lyonya? Where is Paks? What is Alured going to do next? Who is using the gnomes tunnels?

I can’t wait to find out

Oath of Fealty. Elizabeth Moon.

I realized yesterday that I have read everything Moon has ever written, most of it several times. Mostly I loved the space opera (the Serranos and the Vattas) - such great women characters and intrigue and space battles - exactly the thing I love best. I don’t know why I keep resisting the fantasy books written by my fav authors but I do. I have avoided this second half of the Paksennarion universe story for no apparent reason. And I loved the first three books! Oh well, better late then never. 

These are great fantasy (with not too much magical stuff)/medieval fiction in a really well developed world. The characters are good and flawed and the storytelling is so engaging that I can’t put them down. It is a good sign for me when a book has multiple viewpoints and I can’t wait to get back to the last one (and that the switching isn’t frustrating because they are all good).

I tend to be impatient with multiple threads, always wanting to know how they all come together before I can enjoy the story. This is the very rare book/author that I enjoy enough to let it all happen at its own pace.