Twenty-five Percent

I though of this while I pakred my car lmao.

Keith-centric bc I love my boy and him meeting his Modern Au mom from another reality and him realizing he is loved already. Also, excuse the draftiness.

They say 25% of your personality comes with you from birth and stays with you for the rest of your life. That’s is something concrete. Unchangeable.

The other 75% is made up as you go. Where experiences, bonds and people make a contribution to who you are.

Slav had told them that in every reality, that 25% never changes. That it’s a part that all of their realities share and where they can find a piece of themselves no matter what.

In this reality, though, Keith can’t find that 25% of himself. Not when he wakes up warm in a bed, surrounded by posters and high school trophies.

Not when there are photos on the desk, filled with familiar faces and frozen smiles.

Not when he’s walking down the unfamiliar halls, photos of barbecues and trips all over the wall, photos of himself, his other-self, young and happy, always in the middle of two adults who match the smile on his face in every single one of them.

No. Keith can’t find himself in this reality, but he wants to.

He ends up in the kitchen, the sounds of clattering and movement catching his attention and then he’s turning the last corner and he freezes at the entrance, heart on his throat.

There are a few things Keith remembers from his childhood and from his mom. Short hair, dark purple skin, golden eyes, maybe even the blurry version of a smile and humming on the background. It’s not much, but it’s the only thing Keith had when he was a kid so he held onto the faint memory of her after she left.

But the woman in front of him is not an alien. She’s tall, short light brown hair, fair skin with amber eyes but there’s no doubt inside him and he knows who this is.

This is his mom.

“Hi, sweetheart, good morning, ” she greets when her eyes meet his own, as if it was the most natural thing in the world, “Everything okay? You look a little pale; did you stay up all night watching documentaries about the big butterfly again?”

Keith can’t move. Can’t talk. Can’t do anything more than stare at her big eyed and he feels how by every passing second his eyes get wetter.

She must have notice before the next thing she does is leave her task to turn around and face him fully, a concen warm expression in her face.

“Kei -”

There’s a wet sob and then Keith is launching himself forward, wrapping his arms around her middle and hidding his face on her neck, arms tighten in fear she will disappear.

His mom, because this is his mom, doesn’t questions him, despite the worry he feels from her. She just hugs him back and brings him close, her small hand rubbing soothing circles on his back as she hums under her breathe.

He allows himself ten ticks. Ten ticks because they are slower than seconds and Keith deserves these lasting few moments with his mom, even though he knows it’s not his own but she’s the closest thing he will ever get.

The closest thing he will ever get of feeling protected and warm in a motherly embrace, the only moment he will know what it feels to be reassured as he lets himself be vulnerable and be comforted by someone who loves him.

The one time he will get kissed on top of his head in a motherly way and Keith’s choking up with feelings.

He allows himself ten ticks.

The team finds him way too soon after that, late at night, bringing his other-self with them, and Keith shots the small house behind him a look; a house that holds none of his memories and yet he feels nostalgic and sad to leave it, because that was his ‘what if’ and his ‘could’ve been’, that house was his home but not really.

It’s somehow bittersweet but something he takes a small comfort on.

The team gives him space, allowing him to met properly his other-self before they go. His other-self looks like him but at the same time he doesn’t; this Keith has shorter hair and his eyes look lighter, taking a more greenish color in them than blue, not to mention he has a small scar over his eyebrow.

Keith wonders what kind of scars one can get that don’t come from war; probably from moments like riding a bike or playing outside with friends.

Keith wouldn’t really know about that.

His other-self stays quiet though, not sure of what to say or what to think, but Keith’s mind is running with questions, words unable to get out because they are all a mess mixed with feelings.

He settles down with one question, at the end, because it’s only one question that has been haunting him all his life and he has been looking the answer for.

“What is it like?” he asks then, quietly as he rubs his thumb against his index finger unconsciously, “What…What is it like to be loved? To have a family?”

His other-self looks surprised at the question, eyes softening with understanding before he looks behind Keith and smiles reassuringly at him. “I think you already know that.”

Keith blinks before he turns around, following his gaze and his breath hitches when he sees his team waiting for him a few feet away, all of them patiently and looking at him warmly.

“Yeah,” Keith breaths out, flashing a quick smile to his other-self over the shoulder as he stars walking towards his tea- his family, “Yeah, I do.”


Thought it’d be nice to share these shots I took of the Citigroup Center building  CatCo building from my last trip to Los Angeles. I wasn’t able to go during the day, and wasn’t able to walk up to the building, but for the few minutes I pakred across the street, I was able to get the whole building. 

It’s a beautiful building, with its reflective sides that truly shine at night. I hope one day I can go back do a real shoot. 

fuckin long time ago vol1

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  1. Sharp Edges - Linkin Park
  2. Battle Symphony - Linkin Park
  3. Talking To Myself - Linkin Park
  4. One More Light - Linkin Pakr
  5. Back From The Dead - Santa Cruz
  6. Fire Running Through Our Veins - Santa Cruz
  7. Voice Of The New Generation - Santa Cruz
  8. Bad Habits Die Hard - Santa Cruz
  9. Voice Of The New Generation - Santa Cruz
  10. Breathe - Santa Cruz

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go to hell//listen here!!

songs to listen to when you’re angry

shut up//blink 182, puke//eminem, I don’t like you whatsoever//major league, hate (I really don’t like you)//plain white t’s, I hate everything about you//three days grace, down with the sickness//disturbed, heartless//adtr, one step closer//linkin pakr, last resort//papa roach, seventy times 7//brand new, choke//red jumpsuit apparatus, thanks for nothing//sum 41, gives you hell//all american rejects, ha ha you’re dead//green day, go to hell//go radio