Muniba Mazari, a wheelchair bound painter whose twitter bio reads, “ An optimist who is physically challenged & differently able.” 

“Although it is hard to paint being a paraplegic, it is not easy to paint with a free mind when you are wheelchair bound, yet I know it is the only way through which I can spread the message of strength and courage. So I forget my pain and paint for myself, I paint for people as I believe in spreading the message of ‘Never Give Up’.”

Dear White Friends,

I will never forget how you made fun of my “smelly” food or my henna “that looked like poop” or the “weird” clothes that my mother and grandmother would wear. What makes it so great now that you want to eat that same food, get henna tattoos, and wear those same clothes? Just because you have no culture doesn’t allow you to undermine and steal from others cultures as you please. 

Sincerely, Your Pakistani friend

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I wanted to do a little feature on Krizmah bags for a long time because they are everything I love in handbags - they tell stories, illustrate a rich heritage and most importantly use women artisans on the ground to not only empower them economically but also allow them to tell their own stories through the images depicted on the bags. 

“Living with otherwise limited opportunities to improve the quality of their lives, KRIZMAH allows these mothers to embroider at home, without neglecting their daily housework and responsibilities. KRIZMAH is also providing scholarships to the daughters of these women, so that they benefit from a stronger education and secure a finer future for themselves and eventually their own families.”

Krizmah roots come from a valley located in Pakistan called, Chitral. The handbags tell tales of the traditions and history of Chitral through illustrations of local customs, beliefs, folklore, and Polo, a game very much part of the culture of Chitral that is still alive in this beautiful mountain valley. Chitral is home to one of the worlds highest polo ground in the world and the people of Chitral breathe this game like others breathe football or cricket. 

“Echoing the unique stories and aspirations of the hands that constructed it, each piece is an absolute original.”

Stop trying to make minorities your fucking accessories…

No one wants to be your
“Token [insert racial minority] friend”
Or your
“[minority sexual orientation] best friend.”
Or even your
“[minority gender] best friend.”

So stop! If you were as progressive as you’d like to believe you wouldn’t feel the need to prove it with a minority on your wrist… (and this goes for all people)

‘My Pakistani Love For You’ Tag.
  1. How are you?
  2. Which part of Pakistan are you from? City and state please. 
  3. Do you say Pakistani or Paki?
  4. If you say Pakistani, do you approve of people saying ‘Paki’?
  5. Have your traveled with PIA? 
  6. Which famous international known Pakistani, makes you proud?
  7. Do you support any Pakistani political party?
  8. Name the most Pakistani thing you own.
  9. First word that comes to mind when you think of Pakistanis.
  10. Tell us a random time you encountered another Pakistani aunty, uncle, relative etc. 
  11. What is the weirdest thing a non-Pakistani has asked you about Pakistan?
  1. Karachi vs Lahore?
  2. Paan vs Hookah? 
  3. Rickshaw vs Chingchi Rickshaw?
  4. Shezan vs Rooh afza
  5. Pakoras vs Samosas
  6. Bazaars vs Malls? 
  7. Summer (Aam life) vs Winter (Chai life)?
  8. What do you have with Chai?
  9. Lawn vs Chiffon? 
  10. Longest time you have gone through load shedding?
  11. Weirdest thing you’ve read on a car? 
  12. Weirdest thing you’ve seen while traveling or at the Bazaar?
  13. Have you ever bargained at a shop?
  14. Have you bought anything from a street vendor? What?
  1. Favorite Urdu word? 
  2. Favorite Pakistani catchphrase/saying?
  3. Favorite Pakistani curse word?
  4. Favorite Pakistani food/dessert?
  5. Favorite Pakistani monument/mosque/location?
  6. Favorite Pakistani historical figure?
  7. Favorite Pakistani cricketer?
  8. Favorite Pakistani song?
  9. Favorite Pakistani quote?
  10. Favorite Pakistani movie/drama?
  11. Favorite Pakistani actress/model? 
  12. Favorite Pakistani actor/model?
  13. Favorite Pakistani fashion statement/trend?
  14. Favorite thing about Pakistani weddings?
  15. Favorite Pakistani conspiracy theory?
  1. Pakistani do ______ better. 
  2. Truck Art is _____. 
  3. Pakistani men look great in _____. 
  4. Pakistani women look great in ____. 
  5. Pakistanis should continue ______. 
  6. Pakistanis should stop ______. 
  7. Pakistanis should start ______. 
  1. If you could trade places with another Pakistani, who would it be?
  2. If you could travel anywhere in Pakistan, where would you go?
  3. Recent news you received about Pakistan?
  4. If you could change one thing in Pakistan, what would it be? 
  5. On a scale of 1-10, how Pakistani do you think you are?
  6. Nostalgic Pakistani memory?
  7. What makes you Pakistani? 

So I tag ALL Pakistanis to spread positivity! I love my non-Pakistanis also, but I wanted this tag to be for my Pakistanis! TAG 5 PEOPLE! 

I tag: rishtaywaliaunty, fypakistanallthingspakistanicelebs, gha-yal, desigirl90, jusaunia just-the-way-youre-not, ae-min theguiltycrown For always being active on my posts, being lovely and patriotic from what I can see! 

if you are here because of my post about pakistani people

I have provided the links of where I got each and every single picture from.

Sure, you guys might find the original source for some of them, but keep this in mind:

  • I wrote the post five minutes before getting dressed to leave for a party
  • I don’t have time to check for the primary source of every single thing I upload on here

the point of the post was to show people that Pakistan is a diverse nation full of many different ethnicities. it is wrong of us to stereotype all Pakistanis as looking a certain way. sure, some of the photographs might not be of Pakistani people, but even if I did change them to pictures of actual kids from the same ethnic background, the message would still be the same.

so stop sending me those shit asks making it sound like I am some sort of an evil blogger out to deceive the general unsuspecting population of the internet

you know what? forget the fucking pictures. let’s talk about the actual PEOPLE for a second.

there. forget the pictures. lets pretend they’re all fake and I invented those people in my head

but can we please at least fucking acknowledge the existence of the aforementioned people?!

no one will remember the specific faces of the people in the pictures, but people will remember their characteristics (the texture and color of their hair, the color of their eyes and skin, and other unique physical features). 

that’s literally all I wanted people to get from my post.