pakistani shoes

The Peshawari Chappal Controversy!

English designer Paul Smith finally gives credit where its due. Due to a lot of feedback received from Pakistanis, Paul Smith changes the description of the sandals to “inspired by Peshawari Chappal”.

I think its admirable that he did that.

However, there is no way I would pay 600 bucks when I can get high quality peshawari chappals from Pakistan for $10. lol.


Zara Shahjahan’s “Love Bug” collection at PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week held last week in Lahore.

Zara Shahjahan always manages to bring something new to her lively, flirty and unique sense of style. A week ago if someone told me to wear a bug shirt, I would refuse right away but now I WANT TO WEAR BUGS and cockroaches! lol