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Ah words can’t describe how much I loved this getting ready session with Maham from the summer. The lighting, the ambiance, the amazing MUA, and such a perfect bride <3 
Can’t wait for our next bridal session later this month! :D


Got to do some fun things today with an old high school friend! 

It was beyond freezing but thankfully, my friend and photographer, Michelle, made the time to come out and take some shots for me! Thank you for letting me drag you around and wannabe model for a bit! :) 

Here are some deets!

Sweater: Primark 

Shirt: Kohls thermal……. (lol)

Pants: Thrift (old school Madewell) 

Shoes: Topshop 

Choker: Forever21

Pendant Necklace: Mama’s from Pakistan

Bag: TJ Maxx


- mayun


I was recently having a conversation with a close friend, and she told me about this really heated discussion she had with her grandfather one day, during the course of which he told her how women of his generation, during their young days, had so much more style and elegance than the women of today. He also went on to say how everybody nowadays looks “mass manufactured” and lack grace and individuality. She of course immediately took offence to this statement, and knowing her, playfully gave him an earful for saying this. But later, when she did repeat this episode to me, she admitted, that it did make sense to her what he was trying to say. He was merely trying to point out the lack of uniqueness in the style of women today. Everyone wears the same things, in the same way. There’s no different characteristic to it. I of course, immediately understood the point he was trying to put across as I’ve had similiar conversations with people in the past.

It always breaks my heart to see the lack of imagination when it comes to style. Every second girl I see on the streets is in a pair of jeans and a top. It’s become boring in the attempt to make it “causal”. One can only wear what’s available to buy, yes. But that said, one can always find unique ways of fusing things and create an individual style. Like her grandfather said, not everyone has to look “mass manufactured”. No matter how much you hate “dressing up”, or claim to be somebody who is “not defined by the clothes he/she wears”, the fact remains that when you head out, you are going to put some clothes on you, so why not make it interesting to look at? Why not look at it as a medium of self-expression? Because everything said,  being visual beings, the first thing anyone notices, and the first thing that non-verbally makes an impression is always what you’re wearing.

My rantings aside, coming back to this post, I collaborated with a Pakistani photographer, Mehlum Sadriwala for this shoot. Mehlum is my first friend from across the border, and hails from Karachi. In retrospect I realize, Mehlum and I were more excited about this Mumbai-Karachi collaboration more than the actual shoot, because India-Pakistan is always such a sensationalised subject! Haha. Also, it me realize how redundant this whole animosity situation between our two countries is, because it was absolutely beautiful meeting Mehlum. And it never made a difference, the fact that he was Pakistani.

3 Pakistani Fashion Photographers you should know about…

What is the job of a fashion photographer? To capture images of a product being advertised? While some photographers tend to do just that without any vision or conceptualization of a narrative.. some photographers, like the ones listed below, know exactly how to mix their art with photography. Even though they take up projects that are commercial in nature, its hard to tell that there is a product being sold.

  • Abdullah Haris

Abdullah Haris is a filmmaker at heart and his love for mix media art and philosophy shows in his fashion shoots. Not only does he manage to enhance the beauty of the clothes, he uses models as part of a narrative, as art and as human beings who are pouring out their souls to his camera

  • Muzi Sufi

Muzi is new in the Pakistani fashion scene but she has made her mark through her soft, dream-like photographic vision. If there is one photographer in Pakistan that can make the most hideous clothes look good, it is Muzi. Her subjects are always independent and on a self discovering journey. 

  • Nadir Firoz Khan

Nadir’s photography involves simple concepts and settings with results that are of high quality. it also helps that his partner in crime and wife, Maha Burney, is a stylist and an art director. This killer duo makes high fashion look easy and effortless. 

Seen in Sost, Gilgit Baltistan, Pakistan.

We arrive at Sost. Tired. Hungry. Excited about travelling on to Khunjerab. After taking some snaps of the surrounding mountains we started looking for food. There weren’t a lot of shops along the patch of Karakorum Highway passing through Sost, so we naturally came across a shack which had samosay and rolls arranged in its window. Coming up to the shop we an old man busy frying samosay in the wok. I was suddenly reminded of Gandalf. The baba jee was busy in arranging the fried stuff in piles on the tray in the window while also keeping an eye on the samosay in the wok.

Upon seeing such people I am always amazed at how disciplined they are, how much hard work they do in their daily lives and how much less they make, and yet the level of contentment in their faces and their manner is astounding. Wish all of us get to learn the values of hard work, discipline, and contentment from such precious people.

Photo © Afrazov