pakistani embroidery



When ideas are born it seems as if they appear from nowhere. But look closer and you’ll see a carefully woven combination of elements that invite their arrival.

Marium Ullah’s simple, bold yet intricately embroidered designs are a perfect example of just this. Her newly created venture “Needle Town” was born from the deep connection with her Pakistani heritage and cultural background.

Growing up in Manchester and studying in London, she wanted to bridge the gap between the worlds that she inhibited through her designs and accessories. 

 “The name ‘Needle Town’ is a literal translation of the name of the village that my family are from in Pakistan which is known for it’s seamstresses and garment work.” 

Marium would visit annually and began to realise the lack of infrastructure and access to education that was available to women and young girls.

From starting the designs as a hobby, more and more of Marium’s friends began to ask to buy pieces of her work. With a father experienced in international business and her sisters into fashion and design, Marium began to take her venture more seriously after graduating. 

Always staying close to her roots, she is now working on making Needle Town into a social enterprise back in her hometown in Pakistan, employing women under fair trade values, and helping them to make a living and afford education for their families.

Marium also makes custom designs, like the one Seetal sports above. 

“My advice to any girl who wants to pursue their passion and creative ideas is to Think about how it can make a positive difference to others and how you can give back." 

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 - Aaminah & Seetal