You call your self a friend? HAHAHA! Okay.

Feeling ko matagal na'kong patay. Bakit? Kasi matagal na pala akong binabackstab e. Alam nyo yun? Haha. Actually hindi lang ako, kaming lahat. How?

Let’s just say there’s this girl named “DER” . She’s pretty, yes. She’s sexy, yes. But her attitude? A BIG PILE OF SHIT. Why? Let me enumerate. 

  • She’s a flirt.
  • She’s a big fat liar.
  • She hid all the flaws she have.
  • She wants all attention (specially boy’s)
  • She tries to be somebody she can’t be.
  • She fights back when you’re not looking.
  • She always act innocent infront of others.
  • She makes us (her friends) look like we’re a bad person.
  • She wants everyone to be on her side.
  • She wants pity so that she would look like the kind one.

See? Are those good characteristics of a friend? Almost two years! Almost two years that B.O.G.S was together. And yet, we we’re too dumb to realize that she was using her ‘trick’ on us. Stupid us. Well, all along we’ve known her for lies. All the things we know about her was only made up! Hahaha. Silly right? She’s a good liar. Actually, a VERY GOOD. She acts professional, really. And I hate it. Now, what did she do? Our group was almost dissolved. She was the only problem on the group and she made it worse. She made us believe in every single lie she had said. She’s so great. VERY. You know? She haven’t gone to school for these past few days. Maybe her FAKE ILLNESS attacked her again. Imagine, she said she was confined only for a day! Is that even possible? lol. Her attitude is really tiring. She wants everybody to be on her side. That btch. An attention whore. She’s tiring. She really is. I don’t even remember how we became friends. Ahh! I remember, I was once trapped in her lies ;)