I have read quite a few FanFics where Dib captured Zim after Zim had been knocked out or went to “sleep” And Me being the Canon junkie that I am wanted to do my own interpretation of what would happen If Dib dared to capture Zim after he was knocked unconscious.

Even if the Organic brain is knocked out the Pak brain will still protect the Body shell. It was seen in the deleted scene of “Abducted”… Zim gets knocked out after going through some fire and the Pak saves his life.

Now For my fan theory. I think the Pak brain is more ruthless then the organic brain, considering in the Script of “ 10 minutes to doom” When it latches on to Dib, Dib seems to only want to destroy and carry out Zim’s greatest desires without question or hesitation.

I think Zim’s Time on Earth has Corrupted his Organic brain and caused him to care about Dib and the other residents in some small way, as seen in “Mopiness of Doom” But The Pak wouldn’t have morals and would do whatever it takes to protect the body shell and achieve its objective of destroying the filthy earth.  

That’s just my theory though


I made this PAK for my roommate’s Invader Zim cosplay. I cut a piece of thick foam board in a teardrop shape in order to get it to lay flat on her back. The rest is stuffed with poly fil to make it rounded and very light! 

I used extra fabric from the dress sewn over elastic bands for the straps so they would blend when she’s wearing it. This was a fun challenge and I’m so happy she loves it! 

* I also made the Gir plush she is holding, find my post about it here.


Slovenia, 1945. German train laden with PaK 38 AT guns and captured Italian M15/42 tanks. The tanks originally equipped the Italian Royal Army (“Regio Esercito”). After the Armistice of Cassabile, they were commandeered by the Germans and pressed into service, after being denominated “PzKpfw 738(i)”.